Balanced Craftwars Overhaul: All Eggs Guide (Easter Event 2024)

Buckle up. We’re passing the trial with these eggs.

Balanced Craftwars Overhaul: All Eggs Guide (Easter Event 2024)

There are a lot of eggs to grind in Balanced Craftwars Overhaul with the Easter Event 2024. We’re going to show you where the eggs are and what they look like and help you with collecting them. Because oh boy, do we have a lot of eggs to collect. All for the freebies. Let’s go!

All Easter Event Eggs Guide

Not going to lie, some of these eggs can be insanely hard to grab. While some of them are simply static eggs, others have means to protect themselves. And if you’re not careful, they will one-shot approaching players. Immediately after using the egg to teleport here, be alert! We’ll show you what the eggs look like and their spawn rate.

Eggs With Random Spawn Rate

  • Normal Eggs. We all know this one. Upon spawning on the Easter Gathering island, it’s all we see. It has the highest spawn rate and you can literally just stand and collect them as they fall from the sky.
  • Hollow Egg (1 in 10). They’re pitch black. Easy to spot during the day. Gives Pungent Meat.
Normal Egg and Hollow Egg in Balanced Craftwars Overhaul.
  • Slime Egg (1 in 10). Easy to find because of the jumping noise they make. Gives Slime Bait.
  • Golden Egg (1 in 50). Shiny golden egg with a slightly rarer spawn rate.
Slime Egg and Golden Egg.
  • Essence Egg (1 in 50). Essence egg looks a little like normal eggs due to the white shade they have. But Essence eggs come with swirly patters on their shell.
  • Suspicious Eggs (1 in 50). Easy to spot with the black mist they’re covered in.
Essence Egg and Suspicious Egg.
  • Ninja Egg (1 in 75). This egg can be annoying as it will keep shooting you projectiles that hits for 90 each until you find it. And if it spawns at annoying spots, you’re going to have a bad time getting it as you need to touch it a few times. Gives Ninja’s Sais.
  • Invading Egg (1 in 100). Deals 50 damage per hit when player approaches it. Gives Mini-Ufo.
  • Heavy Egg (1 in 100). Slams down every second and one-shot players when hit.
Heavy Egg and Invading Egg.
  • Warrior Egg (1 in 150). Slash for 20 damage when approached and needs to be touched a few times. Gives Warrior’s Spirit.
  • Ranger Egg (1 in 150). Deals 90 damage per shot after aiming. Gives Sharpshooter’s Eye.
Warrior Egg and Ranger Egg.
  • Summoner Egg (1 in 150). Spawns 3 Chicken Conscripts that shoots at the nearest player.
  • Wishing Egg (1 in 175). Has a bright trail when dropping to ground. Make sure to chat “I wish for a Wish Egg” before collecting it. Gives Wishmaker.
Wishing Egg and Summoner Egg in Balanced Craftwars Overhaul.
  • Fox Egg (1 in 175). To get this egg, fish for a bomb fish and throw it at the egg.
  • Bunny Egg (1 in 175). Will only spawn after you click on a carrot appears under a tree. The egg will actively shoot player and deal 50 damage per hit. It’ll also roll away when approached. Gives Bunny Transmitter.
Bunny Egg in Balanced Craftwars Overhaul.
  • Badlands Egg (1 in 300). Badlands Egg will send you to the void when collected. Reset character to escape. It also gives Entropic Mass.
  • Space Egg (1 in 300). Space Egg spawns meteors when collected. It can also be otherwise found in Starfall Canyon map near the Among Us. Gives the Void Centauri.
Badlands Egg and Space Egg.
  • Cleansed Egg (1 in 500). A light path egg with starry glow.
  • Blinding Egg (1 in 1000). Another light path egg with blinding rays.
Cleansed Egg and Blinding Egg in Balanced Craftwars Overhaul.
  • Corrupted Egg (1 in 500). Corrupted egg has a slight purple mist around it which has otherwise normal color egg.
  • Endarkened Egg (1 in 1000). Endarkened variety is black egg with deep purple mist. Easy to spot during the day but hard to find when it’s nighttime.
  • Legendary Faberge (1 in 10k). A faberge, or jeweled egg, with reddish glow. Very fancy design you can’t miss.
  • Mythical Faberge (1 in 30k). Mythical is bright purple with bright mist.
  • Divine Faberge (1 in 100k). Divine has a darker hue with darker purple mist.

Specially Obtained Eggs

Below are eggs that don’t randomly spawn, but instead can only be obtained via special means.

  • Reborn Faberge (from Admin).
  • Egg of Infinity (spawned by admin or after update). This is a special egg that only spawns when there’s an update. The game also sends a notification when the egg spawns.
Egg of Infinity in Balanced Craftwars Overhaul.
  • Chocolate Egg. Spam-click any oven you can find in any house until they spawn the Chocolate Egg.
  • Dream Egg. Go to the cauldron and put in 2x Starlight Fish and 1 Angel Fish in this order. Click on the spoon to stir it, then drink it by left-clicking it from your inventory. You’ll get the Dream Egg, Electric Sheep Armour and Electric Sheep Horns.

NOTE: For the Dream Egg, you need to have the Atlas, Uriel, Beelzebub, Astaroth, Benedictus, and Alrasid badges.

Chocolate Egg and cauldron for Dream Egg.
  • Marinus Egg. You have a 2% chance of fishing out this egg.
  • Godslayer’s Faberge. Once you have collected all the other eggs above (excluding the Faberge series, Infinity, Cleansed, Corrupted, Blinding, and Endarkened Eggs), go to the portal big portal to fight the bosses. Winning gives you the egg, Godslayer’s Armour, Godslayer’s Helmet, Godslayer’s Armour (Vanity), and Godslayer’s Helmet (Vanity).
  • Ore Egg. Chance to get when mining ores.
  • Toasted Egg. Located under the lava near the Hydra Boss location. Gives you Omellete.
  • Holographic Egg. Sits on the table in the ARES Dungeon inside the room with multiple computers. Gives you Simulation Dummy.
Toasted Egg and Holographic Egg.
  • Parasitic Egg. Let the parasites in ARES Dungeon kill you to spawn the egg. Respawn and get the egg which also gives you a Leech Gun.
  • Nuclear Egg. When a Nuclear Slime in Irradiated Biome or Slime Bait explodes, it’ll drop the egg. Avoid the explosion. Gives Humanity’s Malice.
Nuclear Egg in Balanced Craftwars Overhaul.
  • Flora Egg. Let Nympha kill you in Nature Biome while you’re trapped in her vines. Gives Crown of Roses.
  • Shatteregg. This egg is a reward after you defeat Fiscus which Boss Teleporter is the Suspicious Egg. Gives Shatteregg World and Ominous Dark Egg.
Flora Egg.
  • Consumer of Realities Egg. Requires all 6 shards and a win against Gilgamesh. Gives you Gilga Jr.
    • Achat Shard is in Fire Biome.
    • Shesh Shard is in ARES Dungeon near the Holy vs ARES area.
    • Shtayim Shard spawns nearby after you kill the Hydra boss.
    • Shalosh Shard is in the Stronghold at the end of the Hallway after the First Praetor.
    • Chamesh Shard is on the right side of the library in Stronghold.
    • Arba Shard (shown below) is at the area with wall drawings near the Enchanting Table. Stick to the left wall to find your way to the Enchanting Table. But instead of dropping down, you go left.
Arba Shard location near the Enchanter.
  • Limbo Egg. Still in The Beneaths, you can get Limbo Egg by killing a Creepy or sacrificing a player/summon to a creepy.
Limbo Egg in The Beneaths.

With that, we’ve concluded the egg guide including the Easter Event 2024 in Balanced Craftwars Overhaul. We also covered how you should pick your class in the game. Make sure you know what your choice means!


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