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BDO: Heidel Ball Predictions & Beginner Silver Making Tips

Get ready for that ball!

Black Desert Online is one of those MMORPGs that are still standing at the time where the genre isn’t in its best place. The game still gets frequent content updates and the player base is still a sizable amount in the MMORPG space. New players are still jumping into the game and since the game can be fairly complex, they can get pretty confused on what to do. In this guide we’ll go through one of the newest events, the Heidel Ball, as well as some grea silver making tips for new players of the game.

Heidel Ball Predictions & Beginner Silver Making Tips For BDO

The Heidel Ball is fast approaching and with that the developers are teasing in new content for the players. There’s plenty of predictions out there but most people believe that one of the new content updates is going the be a new class.

Not only that but there’s talks of new dungeons, new raids and new PVE zones to check out. It’s all speculation for now but one thing’s for sure, the players are excited on what’s coming next.

On to the silver making tips. There’s a lot of ways you can get silver in the game, but for new players all of those ways can get daunting and confusing.

One of the ways to get easy silver is to exchange your energy into Realizations of Energy, these can then be sold for easy silver since they’re always at high demand.

Source: Jonlaw98 – YouTube

Another way to get silver is to always get your daily and weekly boss scrolls. These scrolls can then be used to run through bosses which can be a great source of silver. It may take a while to take them on but it’s all worth it.

Lastly are fame levels. Getting your fame up to certain levels will give you a nice passive income of silver per day. Having high fame on all the 4 paths gets you a chunky stack of daily silver.

Congratulations you now know some great ways to get silver in game, as well as some predictions on the next content drop.

Many thanks to Jonlaw98 for showing everyone how to get easy silver, if you need more tips or information then go check their video out here: Heidel Ball Predictions & Beginner Silver Making Tips | Black Desert

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