BEAR* Roblox: How To Get The Evil Bear! Gear

The power of the Bear in the palm of your hands!

You can now escape the Bear in style when playing BEAR* Roblox! There are new gear and other cosmetic items added to the game. Some of these require you to go through a secret obtainment process and certain steps that you need to follow. So, it can be difficult to figure out how to get them.

One such gear item is the Evil Bear! Gear. Equipping it allows you to carry around a miniature version of  the Bear when playing the game.

In this guide, we will show you exactly how you can get this gear item. We highly recommend getting it as it is free of cost and does not require much effort to get. Let’s dive in and find the Evil Bear!

How To Get The Evil Bear! Gear

To get the Evil Bear Gear, you will first need to go to the Stone Industry Plant – N map. So, vote for it at the start of the match. Additionally, you will need to spawn in as a Survivor for this entire process. 

Voting for Stone Industry Plant in BEAR*.

Once you spawn in, immediately head towards the garage nearby. Go through the garage door and turn right. You will see a small doorway that you can walk through.

Walking towards a garage door in BEAR*.

After that, turn left and exit through the other garage door. Keep going straight until you see a stairway leading up. 

Going through garage in BEAR*.

Go up this stairway and enter through the doorway ahead, which leads to the large building.

Going up stairs in BEAR*.

Go through the first door in front and through another door a bit to the left ahead. Keep going straight and you will come across another stairway that leads up to the second floor.

Going to second floor in BEAR*.

Go up the stairs and turn left in the hallway. Keep going ahead, and the first door on the left will lead to a room with a Christmas tree.

Underneath this Christmas Tree, you will find a Bear plushie lying on the ground. Approach this plushy and click on it.

You will immediately get the Evil Bear Gear as the plushy spawns in your hand. It will also make some creepy sounds signaling you did the process correctly.

Clicking on bear plushie in BEAR*.

Once you have collected the Gear, you can safely return to the lobby. Once you’re in the lobby, go to the Gears menu. You will have the Evil Bear! Gear ready to equip! 

Equipping Evil Bear! Gear in BEAR*.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Evil Bear! Gear in BEAR* Roblox. A great addition to the game that you can get for free with a simple obtainment process. Just make sure that you spawn as a survivor, and you will be able to get it pretty easily!

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