Bee Swarm Simulator: All New Buffs Complete Guide & How To Use Them

Get these buffs when you can to maximize the bonuses!

Bee Swarm Simulator All New Buffs Complete Guide & How To Use Them

If you want to maximize your character in any game, one of the main things to do so is through buffs and bonuses. That’s why you’ll want to know how these bonuses work as well as where and when to use them.

In Bee Swarm Simulator, a recent patch has introduced a couple of bonuses that your character can get. Some of them are small buffs while others can increase your resource production! You’ll want to know what these buffs are if you want to be more efficient!

In this guide, we’ll show you what the new buffs in the game are. We’ll go through what they do and where you get these buffs. Now, let’s see how these new buffs work so we can get those numbers up!

All New Buffs Complete Guide & How To Use Them

With each update in Bee Swarm Simulator, comes new changes as well as new content. For the recent patch, there have been additional buffs and changes to existing ones. Don’t worry, every single one of the changes increases to bonuses while the new buffs are great too!

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Whirligig Buff

The first new buff in the game is the Whirligig, which you get when you use the item with the same name. When you get the buff, you’ll get a +0.1% Convert Rate at Hive, but you can stack it up to 100%.

This buff isn’t that useful for anyone not using a Blue Hive because the other hives don’t convert that often. Along with the small buff, it’s more of just a bonus when you’re using this item.

Bee Swarm Simulator Whirligig

Puppy Love Buff

The Puppy Love Buff isn’t a new one in the game and has always been there when you have a Puppy Bee. The buff increases your bond with some bees and that was about it.

With the new update, this buff offers more now by also increasing the Bee Movement Speed as well as the Gather Amount by a duration depending on the level. This is great for any Hive and now makes the Puppy Bee a great unit to have!

Bee Swarm Simulator Puppy Love

Gifted Tabby Bee Buff

When you have a Tabby Bee, you can get the Tabby Love Buff that will increase your Critical Chance and Critical Power. With the new update, when you have a Gifted Tabby Bee and get max stacks for Tabby Love, you’ll also get a +1% Super-Crit Chance.

Getting Super-Crit Chance bonuses is rare in this game, so if you need it, then a Gifted Tabby Bee is a must-have!

Bee Swarm Simulator Tabby Bee

Puffshroom Blessing

Another new blessing or buff is the Puffshroom Blessing, which can stack to 100 and can last up to 3 hours. As you increase the stacks of the blessing, it’ll give you a percent bonus for each of these stats:

  • Unique Instant Conversion
  • Pollen
  • Capacity
  • Honey From Tokens

This is a must-have buff for White Hive users because of the Pollen and Honey bonuses. The Unique Instant Conversion is also good for Red Hives, so keep that in mind!

Bee Swarm Simulator Puffshroom Buff

Wind Shrine Buff

The last one on the list is a buff that always has been there, but the bonuses are now bigger. When you get Winds stacks from the Whind Shrine, you’ll now also get a bonus percentage of White Pollen. As you can tell, this is great for White Hive users!

Bee Swarm Simulator Wind Shrine

Those are all of the new buffs and changes to existing buffs in Bee Swarm Simulator. Now, go out there and try to get all of them! Do you want more bonuses? Check out our How To Easily Craft Gummy Mask Guide for more details!


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