Bee Swarm Simulator: Complete Beesmas Guide

Be prepared for the upcoming Beesmas 2024!

Players of Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator are up for another round of Beesmas. This is an annual event that usually opens from December through March, where players can dive into the yearly festivities on their favorite bee simulator platform. 

The past 2 years have given players different items and exciting events, so this year’s Beesmas shouldn’t be any different.

While the patch hasn’t been released, there are still ways for players to prepare for this update. Given this, we’re here to give you the Complete Beesmas Guide for Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator.

Complete Beesmas Guide

Bee Swarm Simulator’s developer Onett has been going crazy with updates on the test server the past few days, so players can expect Beesmas 2023 to go live very soon.

In the last 24 hours, players have noticed 55 updates on the BuzzTest2 server

With these updates, we can expect that Onett is in the last stages of testing for this season’s Beesmas update.

We can expect a whole bunch of content to come with this new patch, so players should start prepping for this Beesmas.

Bee Swarm Simulator Beesmas

Update Your Hive

An updated hive will make it easy to beat the quests this Beesmas. Players might find some quests difficult due to an outdated hive, so give yourself a fighting chance and try to update your hive while waiting for this event to release.

If you need help on upgrading your bees, why not read our guide on how to get more Gifted Bees here?

Get At Least 35 Bees

As much as possible, try to get yourself at least 35 bees. This is because you can get started and unlock all the quests when the update comes.

This makes it easy to just grind through the entire Beesmas event without having to stop and get more bees in between.

Save Some Eggs

Similar to the past Beesmas events, free stickers will be littered around the map that players can collect. There will also be a sticker printer where players can donate eggs and get more exclusive stickers. 

You can donate common eggs to the sticker printer but these will give you the stickers you can already collect from the map. Because of this, save rarer high-value eggs to get better stickers this Beesmas. 

Some examples of high-value eggs are the Gold Egg, Diamond Egg, Star Egg, and Gifted Gold, Diamond and Mythic Eggs. These should give you rarer stickers in return.

You can get eggs in random drops from Tunnel Bear, Snow Bear, Shadow Bear, the Werewolf, and other big boss fights.

Bee Swarm Simulator Eggs

Donate To The Sticker Printer Immediately

On that note, when Beesmas actually comes, donate to the sticker printer as soon as you can. Onett himself has mentioned that he will be dropping the sticker update first, so you can get a headstart on this early.

Doing this will give you a much-needed boost during the event itself. Try to start getting the boosts off the tree early because you can only donate every 15 minutes. 

Getting these boosts will make it easier to grind honey in the game. It’s recommended to get more decent stickers over trying for one great boost at a time, so just donate whatever eggs you can and drop a rare egg every once in a while.

Kill The Stump Snail

That’s right. Get into the Stump Snail field and try to kill it. This may take some time, especially if you’re a newer player with lower-level items. 

Killing the Stump Snail may result in a random drop of Supreme Shell Amulet with fantastic stats. One of the more overpowered stats that this amulet provides is an additional 63% Stump Field Pollen.

Additionally, you can also collect a sticker from the Stump Field that provides an extra 5% Stump Pollen. This means that in total, you can get an additional 68% pollen from the field.

Supreme Shell Amulet Bee Swarm Simulator

Just keep in mind that if you want to get stickers from other big enemies, make sure to recharge first. This means that if you’ve beaten the Stump Snail and collected the sticker, try to stay away from other bosses like the King Beetle and Tunnel Bear first. 

Get Your Planters In The Field

There are resources that Onett is probably going to give players this Christmas that you will need to save up for. Try and grind your Planters and harvest as much Nectar before the event releases. 

Make Sure You Get The Side Spare Quests Done

Make sure you get at least the first line done so you get the first translator. When it’s this close to Beesmas and you only have one translator, give it to Stick Bug. This is because Stick Bug is going to be important this Beesmas. 

Doing this will give you a chance at a random drop that could give you a Stick Bug Cub Buddy. This is projected to be the hottest item this Beesmas. 

Additionally, if you rank in the top 100 Top Stick Bug Fighters leaderboard, you might receive a Stick Cub buddy sticker

Bee Swarm Simulator Quests

Just wait for the day to end and check the board. If you do the Stick Bug event early and get a subpar score, you could still land on the leaderboard.

Be active in the Trading Hall as well. If you’ve got extra stickers go ahead and share them on the board for people who aren’t so lucky.

And that’s it for our complete Beesmas guide for the Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator. We’re glad that Onett has been feeling better enough to start working on the update, and while there isn’t any set date for the patch release, we can expect Beesmas to come very soon.

If you want more things Bee Swarm Simulator, head over to our Best Guide To Farm Star Jelly and learn how to farm for this important resource. 

Feel free to leave a comment below and we wish everyone a pleasant holiday season. Happy swarming!

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