Ben 10 Alien Destruction: All Aliens Guide & Showcase

There’s a total of 7.

Ben 10 Alien Destruction: All Aliens Guide & Showcase

The new Roblox game Ben 10 Alien Destruction has several aliens that you can turn into. Players can morph into them and fight with the same skills the game is inspired from. We’re going to show you what these aliens look like and what they can do here.

The game is still in its very early stage, so we’re definitely going to see a lot more new aliens in the future. Buckle up!

All Aliens Guide & Showcase

Currently, there’s a total of 7 aliens that you can turn into: CannonBolt, Articguana, Ditto, Upchuck, Buzzshock, Feedback, and Wolf Blitzer.


The Cannonbolt is the classic alien form. You can turn into a ball which is another way to attack people aside from your M1s. This also allows you to move really fast.


Next is the Articguana which specializes in using sub-zero temperature skills. You can freeze others and shoot mid-range cold spikes.


The Ditto is another alien that you can turn into. And it works exactly like the original as you can make multiple clones of yourself. You can also use it to attack others and they’re very indiscernible, pretty neat!


Upchuck is another alien form that you can turn into, but unfortunately, you can’t really do anything with him.


We also have Buzzshock alien form in the game.


We also have Feedback in the game. But it currently can’t do anything right now in the game as well.

Wolf Blitzer

Finally, the Wolf Blitzer. This is an alien that you can get from doing the Forever Night raid which is the giant wall with steel gate next to the city.

Don’t worry, the game is planning to add a lot more in the game. You can see from the names in the Ominitrix that you can’t transform into just yet.

Can’t wait to turn into one of these aliens? Here’s how you can raise your Mastery level in the game. And those are all the aliens that you can turn into in Ben 10 Alien Destruction.


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