Best Cable Management Clips for PC

Tidy up that mess with these cable management clips!

Owning a PC is great because you get to do lots of things on it. Work, gaming, movies music, and other things. But one thing a lot of PC owners tend to forget and leave out is that cable management for PCs is atrocious.

While you’re putting together your PC, you won’t stop to think about what the cables will look like after you’re done. And when you do finish putting together your PC, you’ll find that all of the cables are spewing around everywhere, making a mess.

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Now some people will try to fix the cables in their PC, but will ultimately just leave it alone. After all, they’re just cables. I’m sure they won’t get damaged, right?

Well, it’s a 50/50 chance. Sometimes the cables will be damaged, sometimes they won’t, so many often manage their cables with clips to avoid the possibility of cable damage. After all, any percentage of your PC is at risk of being damaged is enough for you to take action.

If you’re looking for some top-notch cable management clips for your PC, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best cable management clips for your PC right now.

Top 5 Cable Management Clips for PC

Managing the cables of your PC requires some durable items that will stick to the surface of your PC no matter what. With that said, it has to be heat resistant (as your PC will no doubt heat up when it’s on) and must also hold the cables together. Most people would normally go with zip ties as their method of managing their cables, which is a valid and common way of going about it.

But if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require you to squeeze cables around with zip ties, then we have accumulated a list of some of the best cable management clips that you can use for your PC. Here’s a quick look at the cable management clips you will be seeing in the list:

Best Cable Management Clips for PC Items Per Purchase Sizes Available Color Options Buy Now
Viakly Self Adhesive Clips 30 pieces per purchase Has bigger sizes for different cable sizes Has 5 different color options
TidyHelper Adhesive Cable Clips 60 pieces per purchase Has bigger size for bigger cables Has 3 different color options
XHF Adhesive Cable Clips Option for either 60 pieces or 120 pieces Has bigger sizes for different cable sizes Has 3 different color options
SOULWIT Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips 50 pieces per purchase No other sizes available Has 2 different color options
N NOROCME Cable Management Kit 192 pieces of different items in total Kit has different sized clips for cable management No color options available
Best Cable Management Clips for PC Items Per Purchase Sizes Available Color Options Buy Now
Viakly Self Adhesive Clips 30 pieces per purchase Has bigger sizes for different cable sizes Has 5 different color options
TidyHelper Adhesive Cable Clips 60 pieces per purchase Has bigger size for bigger cables Has 3 different color options
XHF Adhesive Cable Clips Option for either 60 pieces or 120 pieces Has bigger sizes for different cable sizes Has 3 different color options
SOULWIT Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips 50 pieces per purchase No other sizes available Has 2 different color options
N NOROCME Cable Management Kit 192 pieces of different items in total Kit has different sized clips for cable management No color options available

1. Viakly Self Adhesive Clips

Viakly’s Self Adhesive Clips don’t actually apply themselves to the surface you stick them on. They do, however, stick to a surface very well. With every purchase of this item, you will get 30 pieces of these clips that you can use to stick inside your PC and manage any cables that are wildly flopping around like they’re tentacles.

Viakly offers different sizes to hold your cable. They have the 0.3”, 0.4” (which is the standard), and 0.05”. Not only do they offer different sizes, but you can also select different colors and designs. You can choose between Black, Brown, White, Grey, and even Translucent if you want to make it look like your cables are being held up by magic.

The quality of the clips is fantastic too, being 100% industrial strength nylon, which is highly resistant to heat and has great insulation, which makes it perfect to place inside a PC. And if you still have some more clips left over after you’re done managing your cables in your PC, then you can use these clips to manage the cables on your workstation. After all, there are 30 pieces of them.

What We Like

These cable management clips are simple and to the point. Being able to stick these clips on any surface allows you to manage your cables even better than zip ties, which are usually much harder to work with.

They are also resistant to heat and have great insulation, which is what you should be looking into when you are thinking of cable management clips, as your PC will get hot and sometimes, the average clip is not enough.

What We Don’t Like

While the clips themselves are great, the other size options are barely noticeable to the average consumer. The standard 0.04” is good, but it seems like a weird choice to opt for 0.03” and 0.05” when the difference in size is quite literally minuscule.


While the different sizes don’t really make a difference, it does what it’s advertised and that’s what’s important. Not only that, but it’s premium quality that helps with surviving the heat that’s usually found inside PCs, especially gaming PCs with high-end hardware.


  • Sticks to any surface thanks to the adhesive underneath
  • Clips are better for cable management than zip ties
  • Made to withstand high temperatures and has great insulation
  • Offers different colors and a translucent design


  • Other sizes besides 0.04” aren’t necessary
Viakly Self Adhesive Clips.

2. TidyHelper Adhesive Cable Clips

TidyHelper has its own adhesive cable clips, and they are actually very good. Similar to other adhesive cable clips, you will be sticking these clips on a surface and leaving them there. Then, you will use the clips to hold your cable and more.

Simple as that. For TidyHelper’s cable clips, what makes it stand out is the amazing adhesive on the back.

If you’ve used different items with adhesives in the back, you will often find them to stick to the surface and hard to remove.

When you do remove them, you will find that the adhesive has stuck to the surface too much that it left a mark, or it can sometimes rip off the paint of the surface. With TidyHelper’s adhesive clips, you won’t have to worry about that, as the adhesive clips are easy to remove if you want to move it somewhere else.

They also offer different options as well. The small adhesive clips are around 1.18 x 1.57 x 0.04 inches, while the large adhesive clips are 4.17 x 4.17 x 0.71 inches, which is a larger difference. However, if you want to use the bigger adhesive clips, then you will need to make another purchase. If you make a purchase, you can only buy either small or large.

You cannot mix the two, so if you want to use large adhesive clips with small adhesive clips, you will need to cough up some extra cash.

If you do buy these adhesive clips, please bear in mind that the small adhesive cable clips will contain 60 pieces in total, and buying one set of large adhesive cable clips will get you 45 pieces in total. You can also have the option to choose between Black and White, or the Clear option if you don’t want to see them on your PC.

What We Like

These clips actually are fantastic and easy to use. Not only that, but they are still super sticky even if you remove one of them to move it to another spot. Most adhesive clips would immediately stop working after you remove them one time. But not these adhesive clips, which add a lot of reusability to the product.

What We Don’t Like

While the adhesive clips themselves are good and the small and large sizes are equally good, you will need to spend some extra dough if you want to mix them up together. There is no bundle where you can get 30 small pieces and 30 large pieces of adhesive clips. If you’re going to want different sizes, then you will have to purchase one large set and one small set.


Besides having to spend extra cash on buying two sets of adhesive clips with different sizes, these adhesive clips are high quality and can last a long time on your PC.


  • Super sticky adhesive that doesn’t rip off the paint on a surface
  • Can be removed and moved to another spot
  • Has different sizes to accommodate larger cables


  • Have to purchase a small set and a large set if you want to use both sizes for cable management
TidyHelper Adhesive Cable Clips.

3. XHF Adhesive Cable Clips

XHF Adhesive Cable Clips are some of the most highly purchased items when people are working on cable management in general. Whether it’s for your PC or for just cables under your desk, XHF’s Adhesive Cable Clips are very durable and can handle cables that are much heavier than the normal weight. So much so, that you can use this for other things like improvised coat hangers for your coats and keys.

Another thing that’s great about this is that you have other sizes available as well. You have the standard 3/4” and the larger 5/8”.

You can also choose between getting 60 pieces (which is the standard) and getting 120 pieces if you plan on using more in the future, like building someone else’s gaming PC. There are also different colors to choose from between Black, White, and a Clear option.

One thing that does have a downside to this though, is that the sticker that’s covering the adhesive is hard to remove. It apparently sticks too well to the adhesive, thus requiring a bit more effort to remove the sticker that covers the adhesive.

What We Like

The durability and strength of these adhesive clips can let you hang a coat on it, so imagine this adhesive clip being able to hold up heavy cables for your PC.

It’s also made out of good, premium materials that ensure that it will last longer than the average adhesive clips. It also offers much bigger sizes should you have any larger cables that the standard size can’t hold.

What We Don’t Like

Removing the sticker from the adhesive clips is a challenge, and while it’s admirable that they ensured that the adhesive is super sticky and will not deteriorate after a long time, XHF should make their stickers easy to remove so that it won’t waste the time of any customer that’s trying to finish managing their PC’s cables.


Regardless of the hard-to-remove sticker from the adhesive, this is a fantastic product that can handle heavier cables and even objects. If you do plan on purchasing this item, you might need to get something thin like a knife to remove the sticker.


  • Incredibly stick adhesive
  • Durable quality
  • Has larger sizes for larger cables
  • So strong it can hold heavier objects like coats


  • The sticker can be hard to remove
XHF Adhesive Cable Clips.

4. SOULWIT Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips

Now admittedly, there are some adhesive clips that, for some reason, do not have the ability to be closed. When you want to manage your cables, you want to make sure the items you are using for cable managing (in this case, adhesive clips) are able to secure the cables nicely and it won’t fall off.

This is why SOULWIT’s Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips are great because they make sure that anything between the clips is nice and secured.

The adhesive clips are just like any other: they are able to stick on any surface with the adhesive and you can then place cables in the clips to hold them.

However, most clips don’t allow you to close to secure the cables firmly, which is why SOULWIT’s adhesive clips are fantastic, as they add that extra level of protection that gives you a sense of peace.

However, due to the design of the clips, there are some downsides that may turn people away from this product.

The clips are made only with small cables in mind. If you were to place a cable that’s thicker and try to close the clips, you would undoubtedly snap the clip off and break it. The material may withstand the temperatures of a PC heating up, but the material is still plastic, which is still easy to break if you apply enough force to it.

What We Like

The clips being able to close around cables is an added layer of protection that gives people reassurance that their cables will be well kept inside their PC. And even then, you can use these clips for other things to clip around your own home.

What We Don’t Like

The clips themselves are great for holding smaller cables, but you are going to have a tough time trying to fit in bigger cables. The plastic material can withstand the heat of a PC heating up, but forcing the clip to close around a bigger cable might just break the clip instead.


While it cannot hold and secure bigger cables, it’s still great to use as you can still be reassured that smaller cables won’t fall off and damage anything in your PC.


  • Can securely hold cables together by closing around it
  • Withstands the heat of a PC, even high-end PC’s that generate more heat


  • The clip is not capable of closing around larger cables
  • The plastic material can break easily if you’re not careful
SOULWIT Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips.

5. N NOROCME Cable Management Kit

Managing cables in your PC sometimes isn’t as simple as it sounds. Sometimes, you will need to manage some cables differently than others, and some cables are too big for you to use regular adhesive clips.

This is why the N NOROCME Cable Management Kit is perfect for those who need an abundance of cable management items at all times. This is especially useful for those who build PCs for a living.

This kit features 192 pieces of different items: 4 Cable Sleeves (20in L x 0.4in), 20 reusable wire ties, 35 Cable Clips, 11 Cord Holders, 2 Self Adhesive Cable Tie Rolls (each roll is 11 inches), 20 Cable Zip Tie Mounts (3.54L x 1.1in), 100 Cable Fastening Ties (all are 7.87in L x0.12in). All of these items have different uses that you can use for PC cable managing, as well as even for other cables in your household.

The best part about this is that it’s all at an affordable price. While some items will charge you more for only 30 pieces, N NOROCME’s Cable Management Kit will provide you with more items at an affordable and reasonable price.

What We Like

Having so many different cable management items can help you make sure that your cables are secured nicely. Not only that, but you will be getting this cable management kit at an affordable price. You will rarely find a bundle of items like this on sale, so it’s genius that N NOROCME was able to put this out on the market.

What We Don’t Like

There aren’t a lot of different color variations. You will either have Black or Clear that are included in the bundle of items. It’s also said that some of the adhesive clips aren’t sticking long to the surface, so there will potentially be an issue with some of your adhesive clips.


This bundle of items is fantastic all around. It’s rare to find something like this for sale for cable management, as you mostly have to buy each of these items individually.


  • You get to have all of the cable management items you need in one kit
  • Affordable price
  • Premium Materials
  • Great if you build PC’s for a living


  • Set colors for all kits
  • Some adhesive clips might have issues sticking to a surface
N NOROCME Cable Management Kit.


Best Cable Management Clips for PC: N NOROCME Cable Management Kit

N NOROCME’s Cable Management Kit is an all-in-one deal. Not only will you be getting all of the items listed to help with cable management, but you will also get them at an affordable price.

Some might say that they’re not charging enough for the kit, but that doesn’t matter as the kit itself is useful for those who like to build PCs for a living.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are cable management clips necessary?

Cable management is not necessary. In fact, some people have PCs that have messy cables hanging out of the back of their computer. But it does help lessen the chances of damage your cables will experience if they’re managed correctly.

2. What are the best cable management clips?

It is the N NOROCME Cable Management Kit that contains 35 Cable Clips and other management items.

3. Are cable management clips safe?

Yes, they are. You just have to make sure that when you manage your cables, you don’t angle them in a weird way that will bend them too much.


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