Best Karaoke Speakers in 2023

Sing to your hearts content!

Sometimes, it’s nice to get together with some friends and hang out. Catch up on what’s going on in life after a busy week or so.

When you meet up, you get drinks and food and have a great old time as you celebrate meeting up with each other and having fun like old times. But you know what can make this even more fun? Singing to your heart’s content in karaoke with your friends.

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Everyone has a good time when singing karaoke. And you know what’s the best part about karaoke? You don’t need to be a good singer to do karaoke!

The purpose of karaoke is to have fun and destress, and boy is it a fun way to destress after a long and busy week. With that in mind, here are some of the best karaoke speakers you can get for the next time you meet up with friends.

Best Karaoke Speakers in 2023

Now, shopping for a karaoke speaker isn’t that simple. Sure, you can just buy a speaker and microphone and call it a day. But you are missing out on some quality karaoke speakers if you don’t really look into what makes the karaoke speaker that much better than the others. Of course, you shouldn’t buy the most expensive ones either, as some of them are just expensive because of the brand name.

There are a lot of karaoke speakers from different brands, and each of these brands have things that make their product much better than the other. Here is an overview of the karaoke speakers we picked out that we think are the best of the best:

Best Karaoke Speakers in 2023 Batteries Dimensions Microphones Buy Now
RHM Karaoke Machine No battery, plug in only 17 x 12 x 11 inches 2 wireless microphones
Moukey Old Double 10” Woofer Karaoke Machine Rechargeable battery 14.45 x 14.45 x 24.65 inches 2 wireless microphones
EQKK Portable Karaoke Machine Rechargeable battery 18.11 x 8.85 x 10.8 inches 2 wireless microphones
JYX T9 Karaoke Machine Rechargeable battery 10 x 11 x 24 inches 2 wireless microphones
EARISE Vigorowl T65 Portable Karaoke Machine Rechargeable batteries 11 x 8 x 13 inches 2 wireless microphones
Best Karaoke Speakers in 2023 Batteries Dimensions Microphones Buy Now
RHM Karaoke Machine No battery, plug in only 17 x 12 x 11 inches 2 wireless microphones
Moukey Old Double 10” Woofer Karaoke Machine Rechargeable battery 14.45 x 14.45 x 24.65 inches 2 wireless microphones
EQKK Portable Karaoke Machine Rechargeable battery 18.11 x 8.85 x 10.8 inches 2 wireless microphones
JYX T9 Karaoke Machine Rechargeable battery 10 x 11 x 24 inches 2 wireless microphones
EARISE Vigorowl T65 Portable Karaoke Machine Rechargeable batteries 11 x 8 x 13 inches 2 wireless microphones

1. RHM Karaoke Machine

If you’re looking for a karaoke machine that is sleek and nice to look at, easy to use, and can fit in the racks of your TV desk, then the RHM Karaoke Machine is the top choice for you.

This elegantly designed karaoke speaker comes in wooden, white, and gray colors to suit your aesthetic needs. Not only that, but it also has two wireless microphones that you can use.

What’s even better is that these two wireless microphones have buttons that you can press without the need for a remote, since the microphones are essentially your remote. Need to adjust the echo? Click on the Echo Adjustment button. Want to increase the volume because the music is too low? There are buttons you can press.

The best part? These microphones are UHF (ultra high frequency), meaning these microphones will have a more stable connection to the speaker compared to other microphones.

What’s great about this karaoke machine is that it also functions as a speaker as well, and it looks like an expensive speaker that you find in high-end stores.

This speaker has 4 modes that you can access: Music Mode for when you want to listen to music, the classic Karaoke Mode for when you’re in the mood to sing, Cinema Mode for when you’re watching the latest action-packed Marvel movie, and Classical Mode for when you want to listen to some Mozart or Bach.

What We Like

The RHM Karaoke Machine offers great sound with its 40W subwoofer while still maintaining a sleek and stylish design. It can also be used for other things like movies or just music, all without looking ugly like some karaoke speakers. Not to mention its small size, which can be surprising since its volume is very loud despite its size.

What We Don’t Like

This karaoke machine is unfortunately only usable when plugged into an outlet. Compared to other speakers that feature a rechargeable battery, the RHM Karaoke Machine can only work when you plug it in a socket. Not only that, but no other wireless microphones are compatible with the speaker, meaning that if one of your mics bites the dust, you will need to contact RHM for a replacement if it’s still under warranty. It’s also very expensive.


Despite the lack of a rechargeable battery and other mics being incompatible with the speaker, it is still a solid speaker to have. It sounds good, it has a lot of features, and it’s multi-purpose.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Can be used for other media like music and movies
  • Microphones function as remotes as well
  • Small yet powerful
  • Comes in three different colors


  • No rechargeable battery and can only be plugged into an outlet
  • Other wireless microphones are not compatible
  • Very expensive
RHM Karaoke Machine.

2. Moukey Old Double 10” Woofer Karaoke Machine

The Old Double 10” Woofer from Moukey is a big speaker that can get the party going with its bigger size and flashing LED lights. While the design is basic, it does its main function well: bringing great sounds to a karaoke party. This bad boy comes with the speaker itself, two wireless mics, and one remote to control the speaker.

This speaker is equipped with two 10-inch woofers that really bring the bass and treble into the party. Its powerful sound will be able to fill an entire room with noise as you and your friends sing to your heart’s content.

Not only that, but the speaker has LED lights that react to the beat of the music while changing color as well, bringing some vibrant vibes to your party.

It comes with two wireless microphones and a remote. Unlike the RHM Karaoke Machine, the Old Double 10” Woofer lets you use wired microphones so you can sing with two more people.

However, like the RHM Karaoke Machine, the wireless mics only work on the Old Double 10” Woofer, and you will need to contact Moukey for help to get replacements if they break.

The speaker also has a rechargeable battery, which means you can take this speaker anywhere with you after giving it a full charge. It has a 10-hour battery life that allows for 10 hours of music and signing with your friends.

What We Like

The larger size of the speaker allows for more woofers to be in it, which is why there are 10-inch woofers inside. This means double the fun as you can blast music and sing with your friends. The speaker lets you plug in two wired microphones so that two more people can join in, allowing for four people to sing.

Not only that, but the LED lights bring some life to the party with the way it changes colors synced with the music which is incredibly nice.

What We Don’t Like

Despite the praise for the LED lights, there is no way to set the color to one only. You can only turn the LED lights on or off, but you do not have the option to set it to one color.

Not only that, but customers have reported that the rechargeable battery life can shorten from 10 hours to 45 minutes the more it is used, to the point where it is much better to just leave it plugged in.


It is overall a great speaker to have. While the design is basic and boring, it does its job well. It can play music and karaoke well, so that’s the only important part here.


  • 2 10 inch woofers
  • Able to have a maximum total of four microphones connected to the speaker
  • LED lights that change color to the beat of the music


  • Cannot set the LED lights color to one single color
  • Battery life might dwindle the more it is used
  • Expensive
Moukey Old Double 10” Woofer Karaoke Machine.

3. EQKK Portable Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machines are a little expensive these days due to the components that go into making them. If you have more than one woofer in your speaker, then you’re guaranteed you’ll be paying a lot for it. However, there are some speaker systems that don’t charge you an arm and a leg, and EQKK’s Portable Karaoke Machine is one of them.

It is a lot smaller compared to the other karaoke machines, and you can see it since it sports only one 10-inch subwoofer in the front. It’s perfect mostly for small gatherings and outdoor get-togethers, and you’ll find that you’ll have a hard time filling an entire house party with this one speaker.

It comes with two wireless microphones and a remote that you can use to control the speaker. It also has a charging cable to let you recharge the rechargeable battery when you need to take this speaker somewhere else.

The main selling point for this speaker, however, is the size. Compared to other speakers, this one can easily fit in the back of a car with plenty of space for other people. It also weighs only 7.9 lbs, which can easily be carried around by a child with the handle. That’s why this is perfect for outdoor outings, as you won’t really need a large and heavy karaoke machine for such an event.

What We Like

The size of the EQKK Portable Karaoke Machine is a highlight for those who want to purchase a karaoke machine that doesn’t require any heavy lifting.

The singular 10-inch subwoofer is perfectly fine if you’re planning a small gathering and the fact that it’s smaller means that it won’t consume too much of the battery life. It’s also much cheaper compared to the other speakers.

What We Don’t Like

Since the machine is indeed smaller, it does mean you won’t be able to fill a house party with this one single machine.

That is if you are planning on getting multiple of the EQKK Portable Karaoke Machine. The sound quality also isn’t as good due to only having one subwoofer, and the more you raise the volume, the more crackly it sounds.


This is a great speaker to have, and the price is very reasonable. Just don’t expect too much, as this is just a speaker with one subwoofer, you won’t get to blow everyone’s minds away with this.


  • Smaller in size, perfect for carrying
  • Great for outdoor gatherings
  • One 10 inch subwoofer
  • Only weighs 7.9 lbs
  • A lot cheaper
  • Consumes less battery


  • The sound quality isn’t good when the volume is raised
  • Cannot fill up an entire house with music
EQKK Portable Karaoke Machine.

4. JYX T9 Karaoke Machine

The JYX T9 looks like a gaming PC with large RGB fans in the front, and it looks pretty cool. This is a portable speaker that can be rolled around like a carry-on luggage bag.

It features the speaker itself, 2 wireless microphones, and a remote. It also has two 8-inch woofers in the front that has lights around the speaker units that change color to the beat of the music.

The speaker is a lot more compact compared to the Moukey Old Double 10” Woofer speaker, which is incredible because, despite the smaller size, it is able to fit in two 8-inch woofers to the front, all while still having colorful lights around it for extra fun.

It also has a remote that you can use to control remotely if you don’t want to use the buttons that are at the top of the speaker.

The JYX T9 has some incredible kick to it due to its amazing bass sound. You can really feel the vibrations in your chest as you sing out loud with your friends and family with the 2 wireless microphones that are included with the speaker.

But if you want to have more than two mics playing, you have the option to plug in two wired microphones so more people can join. You can charge this speaker prior to any event you’re going to thanks to its rechargeable battery.

What We Like

The size of this speaker allows for the JYX T9 to be easy to carry to different locations. Not only that, but it’s big enough to allow for two 8-inch woofers for better sounds.

The LED Lights are great to have when you’re in a dimly lit party, allowing you to change to a set of pre-selected colors. Battery life is no issue, and this thing can run for a while before needing to recharge again.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, there seems to be something wrong when you put this at max volume. When putting the sound in max, it tends to crackle a lot, giving off an annoying sound. It also doesn’t support a TV connection like other speakers prior to this, making this speaker a 100% karaoke speaker-only device. The LED lights also have no way of turning off, leaving you with no choice but to have the lights on at all times.


If you’re looking for a speaker that you can bring with you no problem to future events, then this is it. But if you’re thinking of using this for your TV, then you are out of luck. This is just for music and karaoke only.


  • Compact size, great for carrying
  • Two 8-inch woofers
  • LED lights can change to pre-selected colors
  • Great battery life


  • Only really usable for music and karaoke sessions
  • LED lights cannot be turned off
  • The sound can crackle a bit when at maximum volume
  • A little expensive for its features
JYX T9 Karaoke Machine.

5. EARISE Vigorowl T65 Portable Karaoke Machine

The EARISE Vigorowl T65 is another portable speaker that really focuses on premium sound and smaller sizes, all at an affordable price.

No one really needs to have a large karaoke machine at home if they don’t plan to use it every day, and do you really need a portable karaoke machine the size of a backpack. That’s where this puppy comes into play.

The EARISE Vigorowl T65 is a very portable karaoke machine that only does it what the name says: karaoke. It can let you play music like a speaker, as with every karaoke machine. It’s incredibly easy and simple to use, not really requiring much thought behind it as its functionalities are just the basics of karaoke.

It comes with the speaker itself, 2 wireless microphones, 1 USB charging cable for the speaker itself, and two removable batteries. Yes, this speaker has one thing the others don’t that makes this portable speaker so appealing: an extra battery pack. That way, if one battery pack runs out of juice, simply swap it out with the spare and you can continue charging the battery again.

What We Like

This is a true, portable speaker that is easily carriable without having to sacrifice the sound quality. The extra battery pack is also an incredibly nice touch, as having only one battery pack isn’t enough, considering that battery health can deteriorate over time.

What We Don’t Like

While the size is commendable, it does lack power behind the sound. While the EQKK is perfect for small gatherings, the EARISE Vigogrowl is only useful if you are having a small gathering without people talking. The sound cannot carry over loud places.


Despite its weak sound that struggles to carry over loud areas, it does the job of being an amazingly portable device at an affordable price.


  • Small, able to carry with one hand no problem
  • Great sound quality despite the size
  • Extra battery pack for when the first one runs out
  • Affordable price


  • Sound is too weak
EARISE Vigorowl T65 Portable Karaoke Machine.


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Thinking on it now, the RHM Karaoke Machine is by far the best of the bunch. While it does not have a rechargeable battery and cannot be brought to outdoor locations, it is still an excellent karaoke machine that offers different uses for it besides just being a karaoke machine. And while the price is a lot higher, it is certainly worth it knowing you’re not just buying a karaoke machine, but a speaker for other use as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Karaoke Machines good to have?

If you and your friends have a love for singing, yes. It’s a great recreational activity to help bring people together.

2. Which is the best Karaoke Machine?

The best one of the bunch is the RHM Karaoke Machine.

3. Should I go for a big karaoke machine or a small one?

It’s mostly just preference. If you don’t see yourself doing karaoke that much, then a small one is fine, considering that you will most likely hide it after its use. But if you’re the type to have friends and family over for fun, then a big karaoke machine helps keep the fun levels up high.

4. Is a Karaoke Machine worth buying in 2023?

With the world slowly going back to normal, karaoke places are going back to business. If you want to go out with friends and do karaoke, you can do that. If you want to buy a karaoke machine so you and your friends can stay at home and karaoke there, that’s possible too. It’s just a matter of whether you’re going to be using it a lot or not.


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