Best PS5 Trigger Extenders

Improve the feel of the DualSense’s triggers.

The PS5’s controller, the DualSense, has relatively small triggers. They’re good, for sure, but some people might wish they had bigger triggers.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to expand the triggers with a variety of aftermarket trigger extenders! You can use them to give you a wider motion range and also more space for your finger to rest on.

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There are a lot of trigger extenders to choose from as well, but we’ll narrow it down for you in this article! We’ll cover some of the 5 best PS5 trigger extenders available.

Top 5 Best Trigger Extenders for PlayStation 5

The majority of trigger extenders for the PS5’s DualSense controller come as part of accessories kits. As such, you can usually expect to get them alongside other add-ons, like thumbstick grips.

However, some kits include multiple pairs, while others include just one. The length of the extenders also varies, so keep that in mind!

This little chart shows the basics of all the trigger extender kits we’ll be detailing further in this article.

Best PS5 Trigger Extenders Trigger Extender Material Included Trigger Extenders Buy Now
ECHZOVE PS5 Trigger Extenders Silicone One short pair One long pair
PlayVital Blade Plastic One short pair One long pair
MENEEA Accessories Kit Bundle for PS5 ABS Plastic One short pair One long pair
Cabuas Accessories Kit Bundle for PS5 ABS Plastic One long pair
IFEEHE L2 R2 Trigger Extender Analog Extender Button Kit ABS Plastic One short pair
Best PS5 Trigger Extenders Trigger Extender Material Included Trigger Extenders Buy Now
ECHZOVE PS5 Trigger Extenders Silicone One short pair One long pair
PlayVital Blade Plastic One short pair One long pair
MENEEA Accessories Kit Bundle for PS5 ABS Plastic One short pair One long pair
Cabuas Accessories Kit Bundle for PS5 ABS Plastic One long pair
IFEEHE L2 R2 Trigger Extender Analog Extender Button Kit ABS Plastic One short pair

Best Overall: ECHZOVE PS5 Trigger Extenders

ECHZOVE’s trigger extenders are our choice for the best overall package on this list: affordable, well-made, and functional!

This set of trigger extenders is made out of silicone and comes in two shapes, a short one and a long one.

They’re quite easy to install, as you just have to peel off the adhesive on the bottom and slide them over the triggers. They seem to hold quite well and don’t seem to come off accidentally.

Additionally, this kit comes with two pairs of grips for the thumbsticks. A short anti-slip pair and a tall one meant to give you easier control of the sticks with less movement of your thumb.

They’re a nice bonus, all things considered!

We really have no complaints with these trigger extenders, or the thumbstick grips either. It’s well made, easy to install, functional, and fairly priced!


  • Includes two different pairs of extenders
  • Includes two different pairs of thumbstick grips
  • Easy to install
  • Fair pricing


  • No notable flaws
ECHZOVE PS5 Trigger Extenders, PS5 Trigger Extenders and PS5 Controller Thumb Grips

Most Stylish: PlayVital Blade

Function isn’t everything to some people, style is also important! PlayVital’s Blade line of trigger extenders offers both function and style.

These plastic trigger extenders are available in a large variety of colors: 14 as of this writing. Surely they must be available in at least one color you like?

They’re made of sturdy plastic and the bundle includes two pairs of trigger extenders for L2 and R2. One is relatively short, while the other is quite long and almost doubles the trigger’s area.

Additionally, there are two pairs of extenders included for L1 and R1 as well. Both pairs make L1 and R1 a tad thicker, but one pair is thicker than the other. You don’t need to use them if you just want the L2 and R2 extenders, either!

Installation is fairly easy as well, thanks to the bundle of adhesive stickers included. They feel quite solid once they’re put on, so no issues there either!


  • Includes two different styles of trigger extenders
  • Also includes extenders for L1 and R1
  • Large variety of color choices
  • Easy to install


  • No notable flaws
PlayVital Blade 2 Pairs Shoulder Buttons Extension Triggers for ps5 Controller, Game Improvement Adjusters for ps5 Controller

Best Accessories Kit: MENEEA Accessories Kit Bundle for PS5

If you want a bit more than just the trigger extenders, MENEEA’s accessories kit might work for you.

This accessories kit includes the following add-ons for your PS5 controller: 2 pairs of trigger extenders, 1 pair of non-slip thumbstick grips, and 2 D-Pad button caps.

All of the add-ons are made with strong ABS plastic, so they’re quite resilient just like the default triggers! As usual, one of the pairs is short while the other is longer and nearly doubles the triggers’ size.

As for the other parts of this bundle, the thumbstick grips feel like they allow you to have a better grasp of the sticks than the default. Your thumbs should slide less, even when you’re sweating during an intense match.

The D-Pad button caps, on the other hand, allow you to change the form factor and feel of the DualSense’s D-Pad. We prefer the default, personally, but it’s nice to have options!


  • Made with sturdy ABS plastic
  • Includes two styles of trigger extenders
  • Includes one pair of thumbstick grips
  • Includes two D-Pad button caps
  • Easy to install


  • No notable flaws
Accessories Kit Bundle for PS5 Compatible with DualSense Controller, MENEEA Thumb Grips Sticks Joystick + L2 R2 Trigger Extender+D-pad Button for.

Alternative Accessories Kit: Cabuas Accessories Kit Bundle for PS5

This accessories kit is a unique one, and it’s best fit for those of you who might need an actual hardware replacement for a key part of your triggers!

Besides just having external add-ons, this accessories kit comes with a set of 10 high-quality trigger springs. These are an internal, and important, part of both of the controller’s triggers.

However, as you can imagine, these are quite hard to install! We did say they’re internal, right? You’ll need to open up your controller!

Nonetheless, they’re quite useful if your controller’s triggers are faulty for some reason and you want to do some DIY fixing.

Besides that, this kit comes with 4 colorful thumbstick grips and a pair of long trigger extenders. They’re quite nice and easy to install, but we do wish there was more than just one pair of trigger extenders!


  • Cheaper than similar products
  • Includes one pair of trigger extenders
  • Includes replacement trigger springs
  • Includes two pairs of thumbstick grips


  • Installing spring trigger replacements requires opening your controller
  • Only one pair of trigger extenders
Accessories Kit Bundle for PS5 DualSense Controller, 10pcs Spring Trigger + 4pcs Silicone Thumb Grips Joystick Caps + 1pair L2 R2 Trigger Extender

Best Design: IFEEHE L2 R2 Trigger Extender Analog Extender Button Kit

This list is almost at its end, but we still have one more trigger extender to cover! IFEEHE’s trigger extender kit is the one we consider to have the best design.

This trigger extender pair is made out of resilient ABS plastic and has a unique anti-slip design.

The top of the trigger has a mesh-like design that makes it easier for you to rest your fingers on the trigger without accidental slips. Plus, it looks cool!

The outer rim of the trigger is also painted in one of 4 available colors to give it a unique look.

As for the length, it’s relatively on the short side as far as trigger extenders go. Nonetheless, it adds enough to be a nice expansion of the default triggers.

Now, you might be wondering why it’s not higher up in our recommendations when it’s so good. Well, there are two downsides: it’s expensive and it only includes one pair of triggers.

Simply put, you get more bang for your buck with the other kits we’ve already covered in this list. That said, the quality of this pair can’t be overstated. It’s extremely good, just relatively pricey!


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Made of strong ABS plastic
  • Unique anti-slip design
  • Best build quality in this list


  • More expensive than similar products
  • Only includes one pair
L2 R2 Trigger Extender Analog Extender Button Kit Anti-Slip Replacement Parts for PS5 Edge Controller

To Sum Up

ECHZOVE’s PS5 Trigger Extenders are our best overall pick, as they strike the best balance of design, function, and price.

Of course, we’re also quite fond of PlayVital’s Blade trigger extenders! They feel quite nice and we appreciate the variety of colors we get to pick from.

MENEEA’s accessories kit is also a very solid choice if you need more than just trigger extenders. It’s a solid bundle!

Alternatively, Cabuas’ accessories kit is perfect if you need trigger spring replacements as well, but it only includes one pair of trigger extenders.

Last but not least, IFEEHE’s trigger extender would be our best choice if it was either cheaper or included another pair. It has the best design and build quality, but the other kits offer more for the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make my PS5 triggers better?

Apart from tweaking the Trigger Effect Intensity from the Settings, you can also add trigger extenders that will provide a better grip.

2. Do PS5 controllers have trigger stoppers?

Standard PS5 Dual Sense controllers don’t have trigger stoppers. But you can always get the pro controller called Dual Sense Edge, which includes trigger stoppers on the side.

3. Do PS5 triggers break?

The PS5 introduced adaptive triggers, and they are very high-quality. The chances of breaking the trigger are small, although some users are reporting the trigger malfunctioning or breaking.


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