Best Teams (Update 13.5) in Anime World Tower Defense

New update, new team.

Good units to win in Anime World Tower Defense Update 13.5.

There’s a new 13.5 Update that’s shaken up the meta in Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD). Taking a small twist on the old and popular Tower Defense game mode, players can instead have anime characters as their towers. If you’re looking for the best team setups to clear out your games, I’ll provide you with a list!

Best Teams for Update 13.5

There are a lot of solid teams that you can play in the game and dominate most rounds with. For a summary, we’re going to talk about these 3 meta categories.

Spiritual Sensitivity

One can say this category is really amazing in every aspect. It is a flawless team that has all complete types that are also part of the meta. There are definitely specific waves where different teams will perform better, like this guide on the best Metal Rush team. But if you wish to have a team that can do anything and everything pretty well, it’s the Spiritual Sensitivity.

  • Yukka
  • Tamer Suguro
  • Bloody Brother
  • Zombie Pledge
  • Unlimited [Honored]
  • Lightning Amber
  • Peem
  • Visionary [Imagine]
  • Gambling Sorcerer
  • Judge
  • Besto Friendo
  • Ratio Sorcerer
  • Koji [Serious]
  • Exorcist Flame
  • Tamer Fuko [Divine]
Spiritual Sensitivity team units in Anime World Tower Defense.


Within Youth is a long list of amazing units. Power Reaper, Lord Sombra, Yukka, Tamer Sugure, Peem, and SR++ Royal Girl or Noelle, making this a nuclear team for Infinite and Metal Rush as well.

Youth category team units in Anime World Tower Defense.

Spirit Warrior

Ichigo Blanco which is the new secret leader is the revamped Spirit Warrior makes this one of the best team. The Gilgamesh or King of Heroes unit is another sole reason that just makes Spirit Warrior great. Ice Shinigami, or Rukia, is another great unit that freezes the enemies a lot with awesome melt damage.

Spirit Warrior category team units in Anime World Tower Defense.

Those are the best, most solid teams you can run in the game. All of them have amazing units that perform well often even on their own. These teams absolutely dominate any rounds and waves with barely any fault.

Other Alternatives

But maybe you don’t have all those units. Or maybe you want to try something else in the game, so here are more great teams for this season:

  • Sword Master: What doesn’t let Sword Master right up there with the other 3 best teams is the leader, Mihawk. While he has a great leader skill, he’s not the greatest unit in the team. But otherwise, you have everything you need for every situation in this team which is why this is still a strong team to run!
Sword Master category team units in Anime World Tower Defense.
  • Flower of AWTD: The Flower category is about female characters, which means you’re guaranteed to have amazing units in the game. You have Ice Shinigami Rukia, Saber, Royal Girl Noelle, and more. Everything from pure raw power powerhouses, strong leaders, great support, everything.

Honorable category mention in the game that you can keep an eye on is the Corrupted Saviors. It currently has only 13 units dominated mostly by the red and purple units now.

The lack of diversity is the reaosn why this might not be the team for every situation. But where you can, definitely try this team out to get a feel of how powerful it is!

And that’s everything on the best teams you can run in Anime World Tower Defense for Update 13.5. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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