Best Thunderbolt Teams Guide in Dragonheir Silent Gods

Learn how to make the most out of the new Thunderbolt characters!

Best Thunderbolt Teams Guide in Dragonheir Silent Gods Featured Image

With the introduction of Season 2 of Dragonheir: Silent Gods comes new Thunderbolt epic champions. And, while Thunderbolt champions have a reputation for being some of the worst heroes in the game, there’s no question that having a synergized team can still deal big numbers in battle. 

Given this, we talk about the best Thunderbolt Teams in Dragonheir Silent Gods in this article.

Best Thunderbolt Teams

Holding off on the new legendary Thunderbolt characters, the rare and epic Thunderbolt characters can hold their own in a fight.



One of the more versatile Thunderbolt characters is the Thunder of Order, Perkunte. Thunderbolt heroes generally exist to apply the Electrocuted status on the enemy. 

Perkunte thrives on the field with his 30-stacks cap. The fewer enemies there are on the field, the higher damage output he’s capable of. This means that a team with Perkunte deals best against single-enemy bosses.

In a team, Perkunte serves as the main DPS. 

Best Thunderbolt Teams in Dragonheir Silent Gods


The King of Calamity, Shai’nachtan’s main perk in a team is his battle skill Shared Misfortune. This skill deals +200% attack and +2400% Enlightenment Lightning damage to up to 2 random enemies with a 75% chance of inflicting the Electrocuted status for 8 seconds. 

SIDE NOTE: Did you know that Shai’nachtan is featured as a boss in the 2024 Lunar Event? Check out our guide for the event as well for more details.


Hirvolm’s battle skill solidifies his place in a Thunderbolt team. Lightning Impact deals +320% Attack in Lightning Damage to enemies within range, with a 40% chance of inflicting the Electrocuted status for 8 seconds.


Manda serves as a secondary damage dealer in this team. Her turrets can be placed strategically on the battlefield to inflict ranged damage over time.

Combined with her battle skill, Flanking Maneuver, Manda and her turrets prioritize enemies that are not inflicted with Electrocuted

In addition, each time the hero and the turrets successfully inflict an Electrocuted status, each turret on the field gains an Attack Up to 10 stacks. Any new turret she puts down will inherit this Attack Up status as well, making Manda a great hero for passive damage.


While Aryasso doesn’t have much to offer in terms of battle skills, he’s a great addition to this team as a pseudo-tank. Moreover, he will allow players to take harder hits in a fight.

Team Dynamics

In a fight, this team is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage. With a constant Electrocuted status on the enemy, this team can keep even big bosses immobile for rounds at a time.

One downside of this team is that there won’t be a healer who can sustain the team. That being said, this Thunderbolt build prioritizes damage over anything else.

Manda’s turrets will deal most of the damage in this team, so placing them in further corners of the battlefield is key to winning a match. Without a healer, players who use this team will have to rely on huge damage in short amounts of time.

NOTE: The Rare heroes won’t be able to keep up with the other heroes. They will most likely die earlier than the other heroes in the team but should be able to put in decent damage until they do. 

You can avoid this problem by upgrading them with the new artifacts and gear this Season 2.

And that sums up this guide on the Best Thunderbolt Teams in Dragonheir Silent Gods. This team does have its cons, but if you’re a player who likes a high-damage team, this is one to try. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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