Best Units Tier List in Anime World Tower Defense (Update 13)

The complete best unit tier list for the latest update in AWTD.

With the recent update 13 drop, Anime World Tower Defense has seen a change in the season meta. With new game modes, bonuses, characters, and powers, players of the AWTD see a need to rebuild teams and see what works.

Here, we drop the whole comprehensive list of all the units and how they fare this Update 13 in this Best Units Tier List in Anime World Tower Defense.

Best Units Tier List

Below is a complete tier list for every unit so far in Anime World Tower Defense. The tier list goes from the S-Tier to E and discusses the general rationale behind these rankings.

All the information on units was found in the AWTD wiki, and units without information did not have information indicated on the wiki as of now.

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These characters belong in the S Tier because of their high damage output, and high synergy kits. They work well in most team compositions and can generally carry a team.

  • Lord Sombra
    • Shadow Event – 120% Attack
  • Reverse Captain [BW]
  • Visionary [Imagine]
  • Unlimited [Honored]
    • Spiritual Sensitivity – +80% Attack +10% Range
  • Tamer Fuko [Divine]
  • Fallen Angel
  • Smiley String
  • Maky
  • Koji [Curse King]
  • Ice Shinigami
  • RedHair
  • Sorcerer Killer
  • Ruffy [Emperor]
    • Pirate – + 100% ATK + 5% RNG – 10% SPA
  • Falcon Eye
  • Ruffy [Snakeman]
  • Dark Hollow [Segunda]
    • Arrancar Category ATK +80% RNG +5%
  • Uchigo [Mad]
  • Atarante [Alter]
  • Yukka
    • Love Pressure ATK 120%
  • King of Knights [Alter]
    • Sword Master ATK +80% RNG -10%
  • Himo [Sacrifice]
  • Besto Friendo
    • Team Force ATK +70%
Units in Anime World Tower Defense


These units are considered good units due to the ease of their kits while still being able to deal respectable amounts of damage and support. While not in the meta, these units can still get you through challenging levels if used correctly.

  • Pegasus Knight
  • The Explode [Volt]
  • Dog Captain
    • Master Technique ATK +70%
  • Gravity Admiral
  • Hoku [Inf]
  • Berserk Mecha
    • Rage: + 120% ATK
  • Sakura Captain
    • Nature’s Fury – +80% Attack +5% Range
  • Fear Symbol
    • League of Villains +70% ATK
  • Brute Captain
  • Dragon Eyes [Disaster]
    • Determined Dreamer ATK 60% SPA -10%
  • Kroly
  • Tides Queen
  • Kriezer [Full Power]
  • Zombie Pledge
  • Pumpkin Witch
  • Permeation Hero
  • Super Star [Volt]
  • Veshita [Majin]
  • Mist Pillar Mui
    • Silent Sentinel Category ATK +90%
  • MageChild
  • Kongkun [SSJ3]
  • NewYork-Jo
  • Konghan [SSJ]
  • Lion Heart
  • Lobos [Res]
  • Evil Kai
  • Ghost Speech
  • Cotaro [Awaken]
  • HunterKid [Rage]


This tier is dedicated to support units that are currently in the meta. These units provide excellent buffs to support your damage units and boost their efficiency in battle. 

  • Shining Star Idol
    • Pure Heart- +100% ATK -20% Cost
  • Power Reaper
    • Youth +120% ATK
  • Denis
    • demon hunter ATK 70%
  • Flower Magician
  • Ado [Dream Knight]
  • Peem
  • Monako Osho
    • Reaper: + 120% ATK
  • Father
  • Red Archer
    • Precision Category ATK +80%, RNG +5%
  • Shielder
  • Dark Flame Lover
    • Power of Friendship +100% ATK +10% RNG
  • Blossom [Seal]
  • Leader
    • +70% Atk -20% Cost Youth
  • Dark Flower [Salter]
  • Witch Knight
  • Halloween
  • The World
    • Devil Power – +100% Attack +10% spa
  • Kujaku Demon [Awaken]
  • Arrogante
    • Darkness Incarnate ATK 70%
  • Umu
    • Bright-Burning Warrior – +70% Attack +30% DOT DMG
  • Spooky Pera
  • Darkbeard [Emperor]
    • Darkness Incarnate – +100% ATK +5% RNG -10% SPA
  • Shadow Collector
    • +100% Darkness Incarnate
  • Death Surgeon
  • Ultimate Kawaii
  • Portal Stallion
  • Slime Lord
  • Padoru
  • Silent
  • Metal Alchemist
  • Investigator


This tier is for support units that don’t particularly stand out but have kits that you can slap on to your team if you’re relatively new to the game. 

  • Skelly
  • Lady Emperor
  • Pink Hair Boy
  • String Mage
  • Green Jewel
  • Royal Girl [Water Armor]
  • Cat Burglar
  • The Glutton [Volt]
  • Golden Wind


The D-tier consists of units that are great for beginners. These units have relatively simple kits and are low-cost to acquire and level up compared to the other units in this tier list. They’re great for early game challenges.

  • Phantoms Fool
  • Tamer Suguro
    • +100% Power of Friendship
  • Card Fighter Yui
  • Bloody Brother
    • +100% Atk Sibling
  • Kongkun [FSSJ]
  • Grand Summoner Pinky
  • Virtual Swordgirl [Angel]
  • Half Elf
  • Tobara
  • Vuno [Spirit]
  • Freedom
  • Dark Swordsman
  • Arter [Half Demon]
  • Salo


This last tier is dubbed the “trash” tier for exactly that reason. These units don’t offer much benefit in terms of anything and aren’t worth investing in at all. It’s best to avoid these units if the gacha allows it.

  • Muda Boy [Ultimate]
  • Hoka
  • Sleepy Thunder
  • Franken Lady
  • Hidden Mist Demon
  • Supersonic Ninja
  • Veshikun
    • Fierce Fighter – + 110% ATK – 10% SPA
  • Light Admiral
  • Scarlet Knight
    • ‘Great Knight’ Category +90% ATK
  • Quincy King

And that’s the complete Best Units Tier List in Anime World Tower Defense. This list shows these units and their overall performance, but if you’re looking for something specific, we have a tier list for the best story, raid, and abyss units in AWDT as well.

This list may be long, but it covers all the possible units available in the game as of this update. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have a different opinion on our list!

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