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Fruit Tower Defense Roblox

Starting all over again can be quite difficult sometimes when you’re trying out a new game like Fruit Tower Defense. The meta is different along with the rest of the mechanics, your units perform in a suboptimal manner for obvious reasons, you fail to clear a map, the list just goes on.

It doesn’t always have to be a pain though, you have the internet. And more importantly, you have us who happen to have a tier list waiting for you. If you want to know what the best units are in this Roblox game then keep on reading the Tier List below!

Best Units Tier List

There’s different units in Fruit Tower Defense, that part is quite obvious. Each of them will have their own strengths and weakness along with overall usefulness.

What you’ll see below are the units that are ranked according to that usefulness no matter where you bring them.

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Fruit Tower Defense Best Units Tier List

S Tier

These are the absolute best units you can have in your roster. Some of them can be obtained by doing an insane amount of matches. Others however, can only be bought with Robux.

  • Lat
  • Broon
  • Shiny Nami
  • Winter Nami
  • Lightning Nami
  • Shiny Dabo
  • Winter Robyn
  • Shiny Roro

A+ Tier

All the units here are well worth your money. You can get away with winning a match with a unit that only costs as much as $200 yet is able to do all the heavy lifting.

  • Luffy Gear 50
  • Pink Dragon
  • Shiny Hawk
  • Hanks
  • Faido
  • Yamat

A Tier

The units here are pretty decent all around, but not decent enough to go all the way to Meta S tier. Mainly because the price you pay for them is not really that worth it.

  • Kaido
  • Boa
  • Doflamingo Legendary
  • Zebec
  • Hanks

A – Tier

Most units here will be Legendary Units you can get from quests. Each will have their own requirement that can be viewed on your quest tab. The best unit here so far will be Gear 40 with his whopping group DPM of 4,200,000.

  • Gear 40
  • Light Beard
  • Danji
  • Marco Phoenix

B+ Tier

Probably the first B+ Tier where you’ll get an Exclusive, which is Hanks. Most of the units here have good AoE and are quite affordable given what they’re capable of.

  • Phoenix
  • Marcus
  • Sobe
  • Hanks

B Tier

What you’ll be seeing in this tier will have the worst legendary units by far in the game. They’re still pretty good depending on what you summon, but you’re better off with other units if you’re strapped for cash.

  • Eustass Kid
  • Sid
  • Sanji
  • Gol D. Roger
  • Zoro Legendary
  • Roro

B- Tier

This tier contains units that are primarily single target units. However, both units deal 1500 damage and also have the same amount of DPS.

  • Perona
  • Pera

C Tier

  • Blackbeard – Blackbeard is worth carrying around during easy and normal modes due to his good AoE. With 800 damage, you’d want to have him with you to cut through waves easily.
  • Marco Phoenix – Not a bad choice, but he doesn’t really have a good damage output overall.
  • Buggy – Has a really fast SPA. With that said, he’s only a single target unit, so you won’t get much help from him when clearing waves.

D Tier

Most units starting from here are looked over due to their overall low damage output. That and they’re also pretty common.

  • Big Mom
  • Doflamingo

F Tier

Units down here however, should be replaced immediately. Not only are they common, but even the ones you get from events are bad in general.

  • Katakuri
  • Luffy
Fruit Tower Defense Quest Page

And those are the best units in Fruit Tower Defense. Some of the names look like they’re trying to dodge legal issues, and they are!

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