Black Clover M: Complete Rill Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

A strong debuffer that helps your team deal more damage!

Black Clover M: Complete Rill Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

Rill Boismortier in Black Clover M is a Debuffer character that you can use to debuff your enemies. With his unique skill set, he can provide many often debuff effects that can fit him into many different teams. In this guide, we will show you a Rill Guide covering his Skills, Gear, Talents, Skill Pages as well as some good Teams that you can use with him.

Complete Rill Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents



First, let’s learn about his Passives. His Unique Passive gives him the following effect:

  • Upon using [Skill 1], inflicts [Extend Debuff Duration by 1 turn] to an enemy. This skill is useful to help him maintain his debuffs on his opponents.

If you ever decide to enhance the character, you will unlock the Enhanced Passive:

  • Grants 7% [Increased DMG Dealt] when attacking a Defender.

This Enhanced Passive isn’t considered to be very useful on this character since he is not a damaging character, but a support debuffer. The second thing is that it narrows his damage increase to only against Defender characters, which makes the passive less useful in other situations.

If you go into PvP and you know that the enemy team has a lot of Defender characters, then the Passive will prove to be more effective. However, the change isn’t very significant.

Rill Passive Skills Black Clover M

1st Skill

His first skill is Design. After dealing damage to an enemy, you will gain a MATK buff if you have 4 or more Special Points.

2nd Skill

The second skill is Paint, which is an AoE damaging ability. The skill reduces the defense against all enemies for 2 turns by 60%. There is also a 50% chance to remove 2 buffs from an enemy.

With the Paint Skill, this makes him a great Debuffer Support that can shred enemy defense. He is also very effective against enemy Supporters or Healers with his Buff Removal effect.

Make sure you max the Paint Skill first since at Lv. 4 and Lv. 5 your Remove Buff chance will increase by 10%. This totals up to a 20% increase, making the chance 70%.

Black Clover M Skill 1 & 2

Special Skill & Combined Attack

His Special Skill is Spring of Restriction. He will deal damage to all enemies and inflict the following debuffs:

  • Increases Damage Taken By 50% all on enemies for 2 turns.
  • 40% to Stun an enemy and make them lose their turn for 1 turn.

The Combined Attack of the character also has an 80% chance of inflicting the [Buff Block] effect, making your enemies unable to obtain buffs.

Black Clover M Special Skill

Skill Pages

For his Skill Pages, it is best for you to go with his Blooming Talent. The Skill Page will give you a 60% chance to reduce a random enemy’s defense by 10% for 2 turns after using a Special Kill.

Other options are:

  • Cunning Commander: Has a 25% chance to apply 2/10% [SPD Reduction] to an enemy for 1 turn(s) upon attacking. This Page is good for PvP.
  • Rose’s Thorn: Has a 35% chance of applying 10/20% [Reduced CRIT RES] to an enemy for 2 turn(s) upon attacking.
  • Silent Stone: Applies 30/50% [Increased DEF] and 10% [Increased Endurance] to yourself.
Black Clover M Rill Skill page


For your talents:

  • Red: Increased MATK and Ferocity/Battle Frenzy.
  • Blue: Increased DEF and Endurance.
  • Green: Increased DMG RES and Mage’s Blessings/Swiftness.
Black Clover M Rill Talent


For his Gear, you’ll want to go for the set effects instead since the other stats don’t really matter. Ideally, you’ll want to go with an SPD set like Secret of The Deep Sea. This set will give you all the SPD stats you need to increase your ability to inflict debuffs.

You can also consider going with The Great Merchant’s Collection set to increase your survivability thanks to the defense increase.

For the normal stats, go with Magic Attack. For other stats, consider having some HP and Defense to boost his survivability.

Black Clover M Rill Gear

Team Recommendations

For team building, you’ll want to have a character that can deal damage, usually the Attacker type. They can deal great damage while utilizing his strong debuffs.

Since you’ll primarily build MATK on the character, he can be very squishy. This is why you’ll want to also have a Defender or Healer on the team to help him survive.

Some good teams for Rill are:

  • Rill, Julius, Lotus, Mars. This team is decent for both PvE and PvP.
  • Rill, Julius, Charmy, Mars. You can run this team in PvP.
  • Rill, Mimosa, Noelle, Rades. This team is also good for both PvE and PvP.
Black Clover M Rill Teams

That’s how you can start using Rill in Black Clover M. His powerful debuffs make Rill a decent character choice for both PvE and PvP content. Some of his debuffs even apply in a team-wide AoE, making him even more busted as a character.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!


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