Black Clover M: Complete S8 Luck Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

A DPS character that revolves around the Counterattack mechanic!

S8 Luck in Black Clover M.

Black Clover M‘s newest Season 8 comes with the addition of the SS8 Luck Character. This is an Attacker character type that can add a lot of damage to your team, especially in PvP. In this guide, we will show you all the abilities information of his kit. After that, there will be more information about the builds for the character as well as some recommended team comps to use with him.

Complete S8 Luck Guide & Build


First, let’s take a look at his Passives. His Passives utilize the Counterattack buff. You can obtain these buffs by using the Spark Ability.

  • If he has the Counterattack effect present, he will gain 10% Increased Damage on his attacks.
  • With Counterattack present, he will also have a 70% Reduced Damage Taken buff.

With him being a squishy character, having the damage reduced can really increase his overall survivability.

Luuck Passives

His first ability is Lightning Edge. After dealing damage, you will apply the Electrocute Debuff on an enemy. When the enemy has the effect, they will take damage equal to 20% of your ATK and M.ATK. Attacks after that can also remove the Barrier buff from your opponent.

The second ability is Spark. This is an AoE skill that you’ll want to prioritize using since it applies the Counterattack effect to all allies for 1 turn. This is a skill you want to use often since your passives benefit greatly from the effects.

His Special Ability is Lightning Stomp. This is a skill that you’ll ideally want to use when you are having the Counterattack effect present on all your allies.

When all of your allies have the Counterattack effect, the skill’s damage will be increased greatly depending on the number of instances of the buff.

The last ability is the Combined Attack effect. You’ll want to pair this character with other characters that have the Continous Damage effect, or whenever you have the Electrocute debuff present.

Luck Ultimate Skill

Skill Pages

For your Skill Pages, you can use the character’s Skill Page, which is Battle Maniac’s Hunger. This will have the following effect:

  • If Counterattack is present on self, there is a 55/100% chance to attack after granting a 20/40% Increased All ATK buff.

You will also have an upgrade on your Spark ability. It will now apply the Electrocute effect along with the other buffs.

Black Clover M: Luck Info & Showcase Skill Page


For your talent, go for the basic 2/2/2 Talent build that the game gives you. This Talent build provides you with the ATK, DEF, and SPD that you need for Luck.

Black Clover M Talent Luck

Team Suggestions

Overall, SS8 Luck isn’t a Nuke Character, but a DPS that deals damage consistently over time. This is because his kit has a lot of damage over time effects. Some of his good teammates can be:

  • Charmy (SS2/3): She is a great healer who can protect Luck T he is ramping up his damage.
  • William Vangeance: He’s a great support character who can provide great damage buffs.
  • Charlotte [Clover Academy]: She is also another great support character who can offer great ATK buffs. Moreover, she can also provide the Counterattack effect on allies. Since Luck’s special ability scales based on the number of instances of the effect, Charlotte is always great to have on the team.

Once you have all the buffs ready, Luck can start to do insane damage to opponents and help your team win the match.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M Team Suggestions Luck

That’s everything that you can learn about Luck and how to build him in Black Clover M. Overall, he is a decent DPS character that you can use along with many other supports. Since he is one of the characters that use the Counterattack effect, it makes him very special compared to other Damage characters.

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