Black Clover M: How To Counter Julius in PVP

Rock paper scissors but with extra steps!

Black Clover M Rades Spirito

If you’ve been trying to farm the Global Red Boss a few weeks ago with Julius, you’d know that he’s the perfect pick due to the stun and decreased stamina he applies. The only thing you have to make sure of is he stays alive long enough so he can make use of his second skill.

All of those changes, however, when you’re the one pitted against him in Black Clover M. The same moves you used to take on countless of bosses? Yeah, all of them are now being thrown back at you, and it’s not a good feeling. Find out how you can work around all of that with the guide below!

How To Counter Julius in PVP

One of the many things you need to look out for when facing Julius is his second skill. That gets rid of your stamina rather quickly. And after that, it’s only a matter of time before you have half of your HP reduced.

Rades Spirito is your golden boy whenever you face Julius in PvP. What you’re looking for is his ultimate, which grants you Status Ailment Immunity.

This in turn, prevents you from getting stunned. So, make your Rades even more effective by checking out the build guide we have for him!

Black Clover M Rades Spirito Skills

Team Composition

Bringing in only Rades of course, is far from ideal. You can also have you own Julius in your team along with Valtos and Noelle. Julius has good single target damage, but that’s about what he has going for him once you buff up Noel.

If the opposing team has a Noel of their own then you’re going to have to kill her first. Save Julius’ AoE skill if you ever get hit with Reduced Mobility on the first turn. What you can do is immediately use his ultimate on Noel to have less targets to worry about.

Black Clover M Character Lineup

Wait for another turn if you wish to use Julius’ second skill. Remember, you’re still suffering from that debuff your opponent inflicted on you.

When it’s your turn again, use Rades to grant a Status Ailment Immunity for your entire party.

With Rade’s ultimate skill, you’re guaranteeing your parties survival for at least two turns. What you do in those two turns will depend on how much damage your Julius and Noel will do.

Black Clover M PVP Match

And that’s how you can counter Julius in Black Clover M (PvP). Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Just hope for better initiative than your opponent if you want to survive until the next turn!

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