Black Clover M: Should You Summon Yuno & Langris? (Pass Or Pull)

Should or should you not?

Black Clover M: Should You Summon Yuno & Langris? (Pass Or Pull)

The latest hyped characters in Black Clover M are Yuno and Langris. But is it really worth it to pull these characters? Preferences aside, we’re going to talk about why you want them and not. And how to make the most out of these characters if you decide to get them.

Should You Summon Yuno & Langris?

A quick summary here is Yuno and Langris are good if you like PVP gaming. For the next few seasons at least, Yuno is among one of the best characters to run in PVP matches.

However, they are not the best for PVE content. On top of that, Black Asta which is coming next banner, is another great future character to get.

Yuno (Golden Dawn) Pros and Cons

Yuno from this banner is a Power-type Debuffer. His skill revolves around buffing himself Mobility while inflicting Silence and Total Silence. And because of his specific skillset, Yuno can have very high uptime with his silencing skills.

  • Skill 1: Sylph’s Gentle Breeze. This skill can grant 20% Increased Mobility buff at a 50% chance whenever an enemy is silenced.
  • Skill 2: Swift White Bow. This skill has a 50% chance at Lv. 5 to Silence for 2 turns, an AoE skill that targets everyone. With his signature Skill Page, he additionally inflicts SP-1 on the enemy.
  • Special Skll: White Spear. This single target skill inflicts Total Silence, Taunt, and 36% Reduced Mobility at Lv. 5.
  • Combined Attack allows him to inflict Total Silence for 1 turn on an enemy.
  • Yuno’s passive grants him SP+2 every time he inflicts Silence or Total Silence. In full Power-type team, he gets 30% Increased Mobilty.
Yuno Golden Dawn in PVP.

Verdict: He’s very hard to counter in PVP and revolves around keep the enemies silenced so they can’t use their skills as many times. Worth it if you’re that in love with PVP, but in PVE, he’s not the guy you’ll use a lot.

Pass if you’re a PVE-only F2P player. But if you do pull him, here’s a guide to build Golden Dawn Yuno.

Langris Vaude

For a few seasons now, Sense-type Attacker Langris Vaude is S-tier in both KR/JP server for PVP and A-tier for PVE. The reason is because very few does their job as good as Langris with his high SP uptime on top of his damage.

Langris Vaude in action in PVP
  • Skill 1: Space Magic Bullets. Grants himself SP+1 buff and deals damage to a single target.
  • Skill 2: Pride of House Vaude. Sacrifies ally’s SP to give himself SP+2 (SP+3 with his signature Skill Page) buff and Increased SPD Lv. 3 for 2 turns. There’s 13% chance to inflict 20% Reduced Healing Received to said ally. Can be dangerous, use carefully.
  • Special Skill: Space Destruction Barrage. Guaranteed Block HP Recovery and Reduced HP Recovery Lv. 3 on a single target for 2 turns. Grants all allies 20% Increased Favored DMG dealt and Debuff Immunity to self for 2 turns. All of these in a single ultimate skill!
  • Combined Attack allows him to remove a barrier and then deal damage.
  • His passive is just a simple, but amazing SP+2 buff at the start of a turn. He also gets Immortality for a turn when his HP drops below 30%.

Verdict: Langris is similar to Yuno in terms of having such a high uptime. But Langris is especially good in dealing damage to favored enemies and preventing them from getting healed.

He’s okay, but if you’re stuck between this and Black Asta, maybe a skip is better. And if you do decide to, we’ve got a build guide for Langris.

And that’s our thoughts on the Yuno and Langris Vaude banners in Black Clover M. With Black Asta being the next banner,


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