Black Clover Mobile: Best Mages Tier List (Dec, 2023)

The best of the best might actually surprise you.

Black Clover Mobile is a mobile game that has just recently been released to the public. As you might guess, it is based on the Black Clover anime and manga, with popular characters from the anime and manga appearing on the game.

While not all of them are present in the game yet, we can definitely find some of the early characters in the game. But not all of them are going to be great.

In this tier list, I am going to show you the best mages you can use right now in December 2023 before more characters get added to the game, or the game gets some nerfs or buffs.

Best Mages Tier List

Bear in mind that this list is opinionated. You may agree or disagree on some choices here, and that’s fine.

This is 100% based on what the global community thinks, thus it’s why they are placed as to where they are. Without further ado, check out the tier list here:

Black Clover Mobile tier list.

S+ Tier

  • Charlotte Roselei – Charlotte is a Debuffer that actually does a lot of good debuffing.
    • One of her skills, Thorn Garden, does damage to all enemies while also applying a Reduced DEF Lv. 2 debuff on them, allowing for more powerful and high DPS characters to deal damage and end the battle quickly.
  • Yami Sukehiro – Yami is a Attacker that can do massive damage and other buffs on himself.
    • If you utilize the Dark Cloaked Lightless Slash skill, you will be able to give an increase of CRIT Rate for 2 turns to other characters or yourself, as well as having a 60% chance to inflict Bleed on an enemy that can last for 2 turns as well.
  • Lotus Whomalt – Lotus is another Debuffer with an amazing ability to increase a debuff duration on an enemy that already has a debuff. It makes dealing with bosses much easier, as you can extend harmful debuffs like the Reduced DEF debuff or the Bleed debuff on an enemy.
  • Mars – Mars is a Defender that can also double as a Debuffer due to one of his skills. That skill is called Mineral Assault, as it will be able to inflict Reduced DEF Lv. 3 if they are inflicted with Stun.
    • However, the skill does have a 40% chance to inflict Stun, so it increases the chances. He also has a skill called Laevateinn that can grant himself Fortify Lv. 3 for 2 turns.

S Tier

  • Asta (Clover Academy) – Asta is a powerful Attacker, but not enough to be up at S+. He does, however, still do amazing damage with his skills.
    • His only problem is that he doesn’t deal any Magic Attack, which is fine because other characters can do the job for him. But he already has a great Attack stat that it’s a shame he isn’t able to do Magic Attack.
  • Finral Roulacase – Finral is a Supporter that primarily increases stats of himself and his allies. He is able to grant all of his allies Increased ATK Lv. 2, even being able to extend an allies existing Increased DMG Dealt for 2 turns if they already have Increased CRIT Rate.
    • He doesn’t do much damage, which is logical as he is a supporter, so don’t expect him to deal high DPS at any time.
  • Licth – Litch is an Attacker who can deal a lot of damage. In fact, most of his skills are not only so good at dealing damage, but they can also buff some of your allies and himself.
    • The reason why he’s not up at S+ Tier is because his Attack stat is very low compared to his Magic Attack, making him a good attacker only if you need magic.
  • Mimosa (Clover Academy) – Mimosa is the best Healer the game has. She is able to bring back allies’ health and more, as she can also grant an Extend Buff Duration for 1 Turn if she casts the Flower Garden skill.
    • However, as Healers, they don’t do a lot of damage and tend to be great support in fights for Attackers and Debuffers.
  • Nebra Silva – Silva is a Debuffer that’s only really useful with her Mist Spider’s Thread skill, as it can inflict Reduced DEF Lv. 4 on any enemy.
    • However, she’s not really useful for much else as other Debuffers like Charlotte and Lotus can do more. Her other skills don’t provide much compared to her Mist Spider’s Thread skill.
  • Rades Spirito – Rades is a great Defender due to his skills being able to buff allies and debuff enemies. One such skill is the No.3 David, which grants all allies Increased DEF Lv. 2 for 2 turns.
    • His other skill, No.1 Carl, grants all allies 140% of their Magic Attack as Barriers for 2 turns. However, he does not have any standard Attack stat, which makes him S Tier.
  • Rhya – Rhya is an Attacker that primarily focuses on being able to buff himself all the time. Most of his skills, if he has any kind of buff, will allow him to get even more buffs or do extra attacks on the enemy. He does not, however, grant that same kind of advantage to his allies.
  • Fana – Fana is an Attacker that deals a lot of fire damage. Most of her skills can inflict Burn on enemies, like the Playful Salamander that has a 60% chance to inflict Burn on an enemy and deal damage for 2 turns.
  • William Vangeance – William is a Supporter that actually has the best skill when it comes to buffing allies.
    • His The Beating of the Magic Tree skill grants a whopping Increased ATK Lv. 4 and Increased SPD Lv. 4 for 2 turns, and also has a 60% chance to grant an ally 10% Increased Mobility on top.

A Tier

  • Asta – Asta, unlike his Clover Academy variant, is a Defender. His skills primarily deal with helping ensure that your allies survive, as he can remove up to 3 Debuffs from an ally and himself while also granting 30% Increased DEF for each Debuff removed for 2 turns with the Downward Strike skill.
    • However, his stats aren’t all that great, which makes him A Tier.
  • Mimosa Vermillion – Mimosa is still a Healer like her Clover Academy variant, but she is noticeably much weaker in terms of stats. Her skills are all quite fantastic, but it won’t really matter because her stats will certainly get her killed in battle faster if she is targeted.
  • Noelle Silva – Noelle is a Supporter character that has a couple of useful skills like Combine Attack that grants Increased ATK Lv. 4 to your partners attack, as well as the Sea Dragon’s Lair that grants a Barrier equal to 180% of Magic Attacks and Increased DEF Lv. 3 for 2 turns to all allies.
    • However, that’s about it when it comes to her useful skills. Other characters in S and S+ Tier have better skills with better stats than her.
  • Sally – Sally is a Supporter character that has some good skills that provide buffs to herself and other allies, which makes her great to have.
    • What really holds her back is her stats, which aren’t all that great. If she were to get a bit of a buff that really earns her that SSR ranking, then she might get bumped up to S Tier, maybe even S+ Tier.
  • Vetto – Vetto is a Defender, but ironically, he has better attacks than skills. Most of his skills aren’t all that great and are only useful in certain situations, like his Savage Onslaught skill that requires his HP to be 60% lower to get a 50% Lifesteal and 20% Increased DMG Dealt for each fallen ally.
    • However, his base stats are what really earns him his spot on A Tier.
  • Fueoleon Vermillion – Fueoleon is an Attacker that also has great stats but poor skills. His only good skill is the Leo Rugiens skill, which is able to deal Burn on an enemy. Even then, it’s still not enough to finish off an enemy.
  • Rill Boismortier – Rill is a Debuffer that has some pretty good skills that can help in making his allies much easier to attack and defeat enemies quicker.
    • However, the skills aren’t all that great when you have other Debuffers from the S+ and S Tier. In fact, if you have those characters, Rill is noticeably much weaker compared to them. Rill is only considered if you have no other Supporter characters.  
  • Vanessa Enoteca – Vannesa is a Supporter character that is only here for her special skill, Guiding Thread, which grants all allies Total Defense for 2 turns. If she didn’t have this skill, she would most likely be bumped down to B Tier.
  • Charmy Pappitson – Charmy is a Healer that can do the job well, but has really bad stats. Attack and Magic Attack are the same and her Defense is pretty laughable for an SR character.
  • Sol Marron – Sol is a Defender that does his job well, but that’s about it. His skills, while nice if you get him first, are pretty mediocre once you have higher tier Defender characters.
  • Solid Silva – Solid is an Attacker that has great skills, but the buffs are pretty mediocre. The skills can do some serious damage, but that’s just about it when it comes to Solid.
  • Yami (Clover Academy) – Yami is an Attacker that has the curse of having great stats but bad skills.
    • His skills, while not really super terrible compared to the characters in the lower tiers, are still pretty bad for an SSR character. His only saving grace is his Attack stat that can decimate an enemy with a hit or two.

B Tier

  • Leopold Vermillion – Leopold is an Attacker that has some pretty good skills and Attack and Magic Attack stats. In fact, he would be S Tier at best if his Defense stat wasn’t so low. It’s pretty much a glass cannon situation.
  • Theresa – Theresa is a great Healer… if you don’t have other Healers from the tiers above. She can get the job done with her skills, but because there are other Healer characters that do it better than her, it’s hard to see her maintaining a spot in A Tier, which is why she’s at B Tier.
  • Valtos – Valtos is a Supporter that only really benefits other characters that deal Magic Attacks. His Space Creation skill is able to grant an Increased M. ATK Lv. 3 for 2 turns, but only for one ally.
  • Yuno – Yuno is an Attacker that really takes the class seriously. His skills and attacks mostly benefit him in order to take down an enemy as fast as possible, which is great. But he’s pretty much a lone wolf in your party.
  • Gauche Adlai – Gauche is an Attacker that also benefits himself mostly. Same with Yuno, his skills and attacks only work with him and him alone.
  • Gifso – Gifso is a Supporter character that primarily does damage increase buffs. Which is great if you’re needing someone to constantly buff your damage.
    • But as a Supporter, it’s quite disappointing as he only seems to support one stat instead of all of them. He doesn’t even have any skills to remove debuffs on other allies.
  • Jack the Ripper – Jack is probably the weakest SSR Attacker on the list, and it’s because doesn’t do much damage. Sure, it gives you great effects, but what’s the point of having skills that do little to no damage as an Attacker?
  • Luck Voltia – Luck is another Attacker that bases all of his skills on, you guessed it, luck. If you want his skill effects to take effect, then you better pray because they have a percent chance to activate, some higher than others.
  • Nozel Silva – Nozel is a SSR Debuffer, so you know that he’s really bad if he’s at the bottom of B Tier.
    • His skills don’t do much damage and the effects on his skills don’t really benefit you in the long run. In fact, the only reason why he’s not at C Tier at this point is because he has good stats.

C Tier

  • Magna Swing – Magna is a Debuffer whose skills are not all that good. His skills only affect one enemy at a time, compared to other characters that at least has one skill that can affect all enemies.
  • Alecdora Sandler – Alecdora is an Attacker that has the worst skills for an SR Attacker. None of these skills benefit you in the long run at all.
  • Heath Grice – Heath is a Debuffer and a pretty bad one at that. Like most of the characters in C Tier, his skills are not that good at all.

D Tier

  • Baro
  • Geork
  • Lily
  • Neige
  • Shiren Tium
  • Catherine
  • Klaus Lunettes
  • Marx Francois
  • Gordon Agrippa
  • Revchi Salik
  • Salim de Hapshass
  • Sekke Bronzazza

All of the D Tier characters are downright bad. Pretty much avoid using these characters at all costs as they are not good at all.

That’s all you need to know for which mages are the best in Black Clover Mobile’s tier list. Did this tier list help you understand which mages you want to use? Maybe even helped you formulate your own opinion on these characters? Let us know in the comments below.

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