BLACKOUT: Easiest Progression Guide

Looting is the key!

The new open-world combat game Blackout has just been released. And it is already a good game with a lot of content. Since the game is fairly new, the players might find it difficult to figure out how to progress in the game.

However, it is not actually that hard to progress in the game and gain cash. In this Blackout: Easiest Progression Guide, we are going to talk about everything you need to know to level up in the game. Let’s get right to it!

Easiest Progression Guide

First of all, if you want to progress in the Blackout easily and quickly, you are going to need to purchase the Outlander’s Kit Game Pass.

We know that some players might not want to purchase game passes. But it is the easiest way to do it and it will only cost you 10 dollars to purchase enough Robux.

By purchasing the Outlander’s Kit, you can unlock MPS, M1911, TAC-14, and Katana. You will also get a modified MP5 and M1911, along with 25,000 cash in stash.

Outlander's Kit

After purchasing the game pass and getting your MP5, you should head to the military and defeat the guards there.

At the military base, you are going to find lots of crates you can loot. When you are beginning the game, these crates are essential for you to obtain good armor for yourself.

We do not recommend you use your cash to purchase armor in the game. The crates you are going to find will have stronger ones. Avoid using your cash for something that you can get without money.

BLACKOUT: Easiest Progression Guide

Your main goal at the military base is looting the crates for valuables and killing the guards to obtain key cards. The main and most important key cards you need are the orange and purple ones.

Orange key cards will enable you to get inside the secret bunker. Then, you are going to need to use the purple key card to get out of the military base.

BLACKOUT: Easiest Progression Guide

The secret bunker is located near the military base. Before heading there, as we mentioned, you need an orange key card to get inside.

Along with that, you are required to bring two gas masks with you. If you do not do that, you are going to suffocate and die.

You are going to need at least three people with you when you are entering the secret bunker.

Unfortunately, you cannot do this solo as you need two people to open the gates. However, we would not recommend for you go solo even if you could.

Military Crate

The items you are going to find in the secret bunker will be extremely good. Thus, you should try to loot everything you can.

If you know the people around you, you can make a deal and you can loot while they are fighting with the guards around there.

However, be careful if you do not know these people, they might get annoyed that you are not helping them and leave you to die.

Looting is the most important step of progression. If you are not sure how to lockpick in the game, we recommend you take a look at our BLACKOUT: Easy Lockpick Guide.

Orange Bunker

Once you hear the sirens while you are in the secret bunker, you need to run and leave the bunker immediately.

You cannot do anything else; you just need to get out of there as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might die and lose everything you just looted from the bunker.

NOTE: Remember that you need three key cards to get to the secret orange bunker. Two to enter and one to leave.

BLACKOUT: Easiest Progression Guide

After leaving the bunker, you should go to the computer room and use two Red Key Cards to get inside. There, you are going to find a red crate that will give you a legendary weapon.

This is basically how to progress in the game. If you really do not want to purchase a game pass, you can try to find or purchase good weapons before heading to the military base.

However, defeating the guards around there will definitely be a lot harder when you do not have the items from the game pass kit.

BLACKOUT: Easiest Progression Guide

We hope that you enjoyed this Blackout: Easiest Progression Guide, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

We would like to thank AnOverpricedPumpkin for sharing this information. Do not forget to check out his channel as well!

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