Blade Ball: Complete Freeze Ability Guide & How To Get It

They won’t know when you unfreeze the ball!

Blade Ball: Complete Freeze Ability Guide & How To Get It

Blade Ball is a skill-based game that tests your reaction by making you deflect the ball that’s flying at you.

To help you increase your chance of winning, the game lets you choose one unique ability from the game’s many available skills.

The Freeze Ability is one of the better options for a cheap price. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Freeze Ability.

Complete Freeze Ability Guide & How To Get It

To get the Freeze Ability, you’ll want to use 2,000 coins and purchase it from the game’s store. This is an Ability that is considered to be worth buying due to its cool effect and cheap price.

Blade Ball: Complete Freeze Ability Guide & How To Get It

Upon using the Ability, you will freeze the ball for a short duration. The ball can continue moving by having one player hit it or simply when the duration ends.

Blade Ball Freeze

When the ball is flying towards you, you’ll want to use the Freeze Ability. To further increase its effectiveness, you’ll want to use it when the ball is flying quickly at you and the distance between you and your opponent is quite close.

Then, Freeze the ball and wait for a short while to confuse your opponent. Since the ball is fast, the distance is close, and you get to decide when to unfreeze, your attack will be unexpected.

Blade Ball Freeze Deflect

When fully upgraded, the Freeze ability will let you increase the speed of the ball after you hit it. This makes your attack even harder to deflect for the opponent.

That’s how you can get the Freeze Ability in Blade Ball. Using the Ability may sound simple, but it may actually require you to do a little bit of practice. Once you know how the Ability works, you can confuse your opponents easily and achieve your wins.

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