Blade Ball: How to Get Frog (Admin Dot Sword)

Can players acquire this unique and limited sword skin nowadays?

Blade Ball is releasing yet another update, this time with more shiny new loot locked behind what is essentially a slot machine. One of the things that will become obtainable in this latest patch is the Frog (aka the Admin Dot Sword), which is a skin that used to be exclusively for developers and a select few people they chose to give it to. Here is how you can get it!

How to Get Admin Dot Sword

The unique sword skin that is basically just a frog on your shoulder is finally going to be obtainable through a limited time event that will require a bit of luck and skill to participate in.

Basically, a new Frog Gacha spin will become available in the lobby once the update rolls out. The Dot sword, which is now simply known as the “Frog” has a 0.1% drop rate from the limited spin.

Not only that, it also works in a progressive reward system wherein you will likely have to unlock the previous other prizes first before you can even get the Frog. This is still being tested at the moment, however, so we don’t know for sure how it will be once it’s live.

If the mechanics are how it appears to be in the private test servers, then you will probably have to get lucky and get the Blaster and Dual Blasters first through the Frog Gacha. It has a pity system that will guarantee that they drop after a certain number of spins.

The rewards before the Frog thankfully have a higher drop rate. Unfortunately, “higher” isn’t saying much as it is still seemingly going to be under 1% if the test version of the spin is anything to go by.

Blade Ball frog gacha machine with the blaster at the center

How Do You Get Spins?

Simply put, the main way to get spins for the Frog Gacha is by spending Robux. It costs 99 Robux for a single spin, while a set of 10 can be bought at a discounted price of 799 Robux.

For people who are willing to spend real money to get it, the recommendation is to buy the 10x spin due to its 20% discount. Seeing as how the rates for the Frog and Blasters are very low, you’re going to be spending a lot.

Blade Ball 10x spin result showing various possible rewards

Players who do not want to purchase Robux for spins can also get some for free by completing certain objectives every day. There is a limited number of free spins that you can get per day, though we are unsure how many this will be.

For example, you may be tasked with getting a certain number of eliminations or winning a bunch of games in order to earn one free spin. This doesn’t exactly give you many chances to get the Frog, but it’s completely free to try!

Take note that, unless the developers change their mind, you can only earn free spins a couple of times each day. Based on our observation, you get fewer free spins the further down the progressive reward tree you get.

Blade Ball frog gacha showing the rates for the Frog and other rewards

Frog / Dot Sword Appearance

The Dot sword or Frog isn’t really even a blade. While there is going to be another unique blade skin called the Frog Sword, this is an entirely different thing from the basic Frog itself.

It is quite literally just a cute little frog that sits on your shoulder, and it has an animated idle pose where its head bounces around as the little guy looks around.

If you thought it didn’t get any cuter, the little guy even uses its tongue to throw the ball at other players and it croaks at the same time. While it isn’t the flashiest skin out there, it is certainly special in its own way.

The Frog Sword, which is one of the other unique skins you can get, looks like your more traditional blade and has a flashy green glow around it. This appears to be a reward you can get at a much higher rate (around 21%) than the actual Frog.

Blade Ball inventory showing the two new skins

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to getting the Frog skin, also known as the Dot sword. While you’re waiting for the update to drop, check out our article listing down the working codes for Blade Ball to get some free loot in the meantime!


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