Bleach Revival: All Shikai Revealed & Showcase

What are all of the different Shikai currently in the game?

As of writing this, Bleach: Revival is still under development, but testers have already shown us some of the content that the game has in store for us.

While nothing is final yet, the different types of Shikai currently implemented in the game has been shown online, and we’ll briefly go through each of them in this article.

All Shikai Revealed & Showcase

Again, the game is still being worked on, so these may not necessarily reflect what these Shikai versions will be like once the game is released.

With that said, there is a wide variety of Shikai already in the game with rarities ranging from common to epic, and they each have three abilities that will likely receive VFX and animation updates in the future due to community feedback.


First up is Ash, which is one of the several common types of Shikai in the game right now. The following are its three skills:

  • Ash Slam – Throws your target in the air and then slams them to the ground.
  • Ash Trace – The user charges for a few seconds before slashing enemies in front of them.
  • Ash Release – The user does a spinning slash that deals several ticks of damage after the animation.
Bleach Revival ash


Next for the common ones is Mirror, which appears to be a bit undertuned in its current state. Regardless of that, here are its three abilities:

  • Mirror Flash – Forms a barrier of mirrors spinning around the target. It is unclear what this ability does.
  • Parallel Ambush – Summons a pair of mirrors that your character slashes through, and this causes the target to get knocked back.
  • Mirror Dome – The user surrounds the target with a dome of mirrors that deals minimal damage to the enemy.
Bleach Revival mirror


Water is another common that, as the name implies, has aquatic themed skills that have bright blue particle effects. Its abilities are the following:

  • Flowing River – Slashes the target multiple times and knocks them back.
  • Grand Wave – The user sends out a giant wave that pushes enemies back.
  • Sea Blessing – This activates some sort of temporary mode or aura for the user, though its exact purpose is unclear. Presumably, this reduces damage taken.
Bleach Revival water


Shock is also a common Shikai that has electricity themed skills. It has a relatively simple kit, but it does provide some versatility due to its temporary mode.

Here are its abilities:

  • 30% Smash – A charged punch that knocks the target back.
  • 15% Vortex – The user spins and forms a vortex that sends enemies up into the air.
  • 5% Flow – Activates a temporary mode that changes your basic M1s into ranged attacks.
Bleach Revival shock


Ink is the first uncommon in this list, and it seems to share some animations and particle effects with previous entries, albeit with a different color.

The following are its three abilities:

  • Ink Splatter – A spinning slash attack that hits the target twice.
  • Ink Swirl – The user spins and sends an enemy into the air, then slams them onto the ground.
  • Ink Puddle – Forms a puddle of ink under the target. What this does is unclear at the moment.
Bleach Revival ink


Paper is another uncommon Shikai, and it has some decently hard-hitting moves, though one aspect of its kit is currently very vague. These are its abilities:

  • Paper Cut – The user knocks the target back, and they take several ticks of damage for a few seconds.
  • Paper Mache – This ability forms some sort of barrier around the target, though nobody seems to know what it does.
  • Paper Dolls – Summons a pair of dolls that constantly punch your target for a decent amount of damage.
Bleach Revival paper


The first epic Shikai on this list is Fire. As the name implies, it has fire-based skills and it adds flames to your sword. Here are its abilities:

  • Fire Dance – A spinning attack that sets the target on fire, dealing a bit of damage over time.
  • Blazing Blossom – This is a fairly cinematic attack wherein you launch the target into the air and slam them back down into the ground.
  • Day Breaker – Essentially the same as Fire Dance, but with an added knockback after hitting the slash. It also deals slightly more damage over time.
Bleach Revival fire


Another epic Shikai is Lightning, which makes electricity flow through your sword. It seems to be the go-to choice for people who prefer ranged combat.

These are its abilities:

  • Electro Orbs – The user opens up a portal that shoots out several electric projectiles that home in on nearby enemies.
  • Thunder Lance – The user delivers a series of slashes that knocks the target back.
  • Rumbling Crash – Knocks your opponent back and makes you teleport behind them, followed by a free slash.
Bleach Revival lightning


Finally, the last Shikai currently implemented in the game is Ice, which is another epic. It adds a blue aura around your weapon. Its three abilities are the following:

  • Ice Floor – A basic slash that temporarily freezes your target.
  • Frigid Slash – Same as Ice Floor, but with slightly more damage. This also makes your target slide a bit to the side.
  • Icicle – The user throws an icicle that slightly knocks the target back on impact.
Bleach Revival ice

And those are all of the Shikai currently added to Bleach: Revival. They are likely going to add even rarer variants once the game is fully released, and a lot of these will probably get both visual and mechanical reworks as testers continue to give their feedback to the developers.

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