Bloodlines: Complete Rinnegan Guide

Let’s scoop some eyes!

Paid Roblox game experience Bloodlines emulates moves and powers players can use like the Rinnegan and we’re going to guide you through it. To get the Rinnegan, players have to go through quests and grind for a lot of items. We’ll show what exactly you need and who you need to talk to.

Complete Rinnegan Guide

There are mainly two methods to get the Rinnegan. The first method is the more brute force method, albeit risky. It takes guts and literally, a spoon. Second one has more grinding but might just be the easier way to do it. Anyone from any clan can use both methods to gain Rinnegan.

Stealing From Other Players

You can always steal Rinnegan from other players. You need to be an Uzumaki with the Extraction Seal or a player with the Extraction Spoon. Scoop the eyes of your opponent when the time is right.

How to steal and implant Rinnegan.

If you fail, you’ll lose the spoon and will have to wait the player to age once before doing it again. Bring the eye to Kabuto (Crabuto) and as him to implant the eyes. Note that you can also fail the procedure and lose the eyes. You also must not have any other special eyes on you.

Grinding For Rinnekyou

The other method is Rinnekyou grants you a pair of Rinnegan after you fulfill its requests. You need:

  • A scooped Mangekyou Sharingan. Get yourself 3 Tomoe Sharingan, then do around 30+ Grips and 45+ Tomoe Sharingan Activations. Find a friend who has 3 Tomoe Sharingan who’s also never gripped you.
How to get Mangekyou Sharingan.
  • Let them carry you on their back for 15 seconds while you’re knocked. And while his Sharingan is active, let someone hit and then grip them. Stand close by with your Sharingan on while they are gripped to get your Mangekyou Sharingan.
  • Hashirama Cells. Let’s get cooking. You need 1 Glow Weed (from Rooftop Balcony to Biyo Sea, spawns underwater), 3 Mashed-up Cells (requires Zetsu players to grip another Zetsu player or by trading), and 1 Life-up Fruit (Fruit Summoning spell, at Corrupted Chakra Points, or from killing bosses).
Cooking Hashirama Cells.
  • 50 sins.

Now, you need to find Rinnekyou. Start from Sorythia Town and head straight towards the Expanse, past the Windy Plains, into the Catacombs. Take the right path in the Catacombs and then hug the left wall.

How to reach Catacombs.

Eventually, you’ll end up at a button that you can press. Once you press that, head back the way you came from by hugging the right wall. Keep going until you can see this torch across the gap (mind the gap!). Jump over and get that button as well.

Buttons to unlock boss area in Catacombs.

Once you do, go back to the first button’s location. Behind it is the boss area, but we’re not looking to fight the boss. Jump behind the steel bars here and you can be safe from the boss while killing it slowly. Alternatively, you can just skip him.

Go through the portal here and you’ll be in a new place. Follow the only pathway here to the end, but don’t jump down yet if the floor is all lava.

How to get to secret area with Rinnekyou.

Carefully jump to the small opening in the corner here. If the floor is lava, you can employ the help of an Obito user with Kamui skill. Have them get there on their own, warps back to Kamui, and then warp both of you there.

Small opening where Rinnekyou, Rinnegan NPC is.

Speak with the NPC Rinnekyou and you shall get the Rinnegan you want. Those are the two methods you can use to get Rinnegan in Bloodlines that anyone can use in this guide. Aside from Bloodlines, we’ve also added a tier list for Bloodline in Shindo Life for PVE.


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