Blox Fruits: Best Stat Points Guide

Use your stats efficiently!

Stats are a vital element in the game that improves the player’s overall strength in Blox Fruits. If used properly, it can help you become one of the top players in the game. For this reason, in this Blox Fruits Best Stats Points Guide, we are going to talk about the best and most efficient ways to use your stat points.

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Best Stat Points Guide

Stat points are one of the game’s most essential aspects, increasing your damage, health, and stamina. Every time you level up, you gain three stat points that you can use to improve one of the five stat point categories.

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Blox Fruits Best Stat Points Guide

Every time you invest one stat point into melee, all fighting styles deal an extra 0.5 damage and you get five energy. Each time you invest one stat point into defense, you receive an extra five health. Along with those, whenever you put one stat point into the sword, gun, or block fruit, they do an additional 0.5 damage.

You can only max out three of the five stat fields. But the defense and melee sections should always be maxed because defense provides health and melee provides stamina. That leaves you just one more section to max up.

Maxing out three stat fields.

In order to make it more clear for you to understand, take a look at the list below.

  • Increase Defense = Gain Health
  • Increase Melee = Gain Stamina

You need to increase these two stat sections to make it more efficient. After you do that, you can choose one more stat section to max out as well.

Choosing which stats to max out.

How to Distribute Stat Points

To begin, if you are still grinding levels and are still not at max level, you are most likely using fruit as your primary damage source. Unless you are working with Buddha, your stat points will look like the ones shown below.

Stats section in Blox Fruit.

However, if your major damage is coming from a sword rather than a fruit, your stat points would be as follows.

Using stat points to focus on sword in Blox Fruit.

And if your primary weapon is a gun, your stat points would look like this.

Using stat points to focus on gun in Blox Fruit.

Some of you may be asking, “But I already use all of my weapons, fruits, guns, and swords, so how do I use my stat points?” The last thing you want is for your stat points to get mixed up and divided, resulting in something like this.

Using stat points to focus on mixed up damage choice in Blox Fruit.

First, determine which weapon does the most damage for you. You can use a sword for movement, a gun for hunting adversaries, and a fighting style for damage.

In this scenario, your main damage is obviously the fighting style, therefore focus your stat points on melee and defense until you switch to a different weapon.

Determining the damage style in Blox Fruit.

However, if you use all of your weapons equally and they all deal the same amount of damage, you must choose your major damage.

Using four weapons for main damage is a bad idea. Because you are dividing your stat points across all parts, each weapon is unlikely to achieve its maximum damage potential.

Distributing stat points in Blox Fruit.

So we would suggest simply deciding what you want your main damage to be.

  • If you only use a gun to group up enemies, there is no need to invest stat points in it.
  • You just use a sword for mobility and damage on occasion = There is no reason to invest stat points in it as well.
  • You use a fruit solely for its Logia effect or transformation = No need to invest stat points in it.

So, perhaps, this will help you determine which weapon is your primary source of damage.

How to Organize Stat Points

If you are grinding levels, we recommend focusing your damage on Blox Fruits. Now, if you are PVPing and do not know what stat points to use, it relies on your combos, and most combos include stat points. You can also consider which weapon you use the most in the combo and what deals the greatest damage.

There is no need to put stat points into fruit like Ice to shock your adversaries and a rifle like Soul Guitar to life steal while you are low and stunned. If the sword will be the primary source of damage, you should allocate stat points to it. So that is how you organize stat points.

Organizing stat points in Blox Fruit.

How to Prioritize Stat Points

Let’s now discuss how to prioritize them. This is how to prioritize when to assign stat points to the three categories you are using:

  • Put a few stat points into the defensive category anytime foes get you particularly low, which is about every 50 levels.
  • If melee is your primary damage source, allocate all of your stat points to it when you level up. In that case, prioritize it first.
  • If not, invest stat points in it when you run low on stamina. Once you have gained a few thousand stamina, you should never run out, therefore prioritize it the least.
Prioritizing stat points in Blox Fruit.

Every time you level up, prioritize your major damage source, whether it is a gun, sword, or Blox Fruit. Place all stat points in that category unless you require health or stamina. When using stat points, follow this order of priority:

  • Main damage first, then defense, and then melee.

If melee is your primary source of damage, prioritize melee over defense. Prioritize melee over defense for some fruits, such as Buddha or Kitsune, because you will not be hit very often, hence more endurance is preferable to health.

Which stat section you should max out first and which one is last in Blox Fruit.

Stat Refunds

Now, let’s say you are not happy with your stat points distribution and want to change it. In that case, there is a game mechanic that lets you refund your stats. You can earn Stats Refunds in the following ways:

  • Using certain codes.
  • Buying one from the Plokster for 2500 Fragment.
  • Buying one from Death King for 150 Bones (Ghost Event).
  • Buying one from Magic Elf for 100 Candy (Christmas Event).
  • Buying them for 75 Robux each.
  • Trading.
Using stats refund feature in Blox Fruit.

This is it for our Blox Fruits Best Stat Points Guide. We hope that this guide has helped you understand this game mechanic in a better way. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to leave a comment below.


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