Blox Fruits: Dragon Value | What People Trade For Dragon

Don’t trade it for less!

Knowing the price and value of your item in a video game, especially in an MMORPG where there’s trading is important.

You don’t want to get suckered in by a bad trade, you need to know what your items are really worth! There’s a lot of games out there that focus a lot of trading and there’s even more in Roblox!

In Blox Fruits you can have a lot of different fruits, and players trade them often for better fruits or for fruits that are equal to the value.

Of course, you can see the price of the fruit on the image of it but usually it’s not that accurate. In this guide we’ll show you what you should sell your Dragon Fruit for in Update 21!

What People Trade For Dragon | Dragon Value

So, you want to see what a Dragon Fruit can get you. Since it’s a mythical, it’s original value is $3,500,000 and 2600 Robux. However, it has a whopping physical value of 55,000,000.

Well, as of the moment (Update 21), it’s currently one of the highest value fruits in the game. Especially since its rework is right around the corner. Here are the trades that you’d want to go for:

  • Kitsune for 2 Dragons – Currently W Trade (Although keep in mind that Dragon rework will cost 10m) – 9.5/10
  • Leopard for Dragon + Dough – W Trade
  • Dragon for T-Rex – Currently W Trade (But it won’t be after Dragon rework). – 9/10
  • Dragon for Dough + Strong AddsAvoid trading with Dough with bad adds like Gravity and Love.
  • AVOID: Dragon for Mammoth – 3/10 Trade, Mammoth value doesn’t come close.

If want to read more about fruits and their values, make sure to check out our guide on All Fruit Values & trading list in Blox Fruits!

Trading Dragon Update 21

Congratulations you now know what to trade your Dragon Fruit for in Blox Fruits. Now, go out there and try to get that great deal! You should never settle for less unless you really need it!

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  1. Well I guess this post is made before upd 20 SO I could tell you a thing or two. Now the 1st and one of the most important thing , Time the best time to trade dragon would be a week before the update cause then it will be hyped the most and who knows you may get a Big W 2nd thing Value currently the dragon fruit rework is like 1 month and a couple of days away and still right now it’s getting dough so I suggest you not to trade it right now and the last thing you need is basic trading value which you can find from the Fandom web

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