Blox Fruits: Gravity Value | What Do People Trade For Gravity

“Shinra Tensei” – Pain from Naruto Shippuden

Blox Fruits: Gravity Value

Have you seen the power of Pain in the Naruto Series? This Fruit is just like that power. The Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits enables the player to manipulate the surrounding and create meteors like a God. Its Mythical rarity makes it hard to get and is expensive when you buy it in the shop.

In this article, I will show a list of possible fruits that can be traded for the Gravity Fruit. Some players might trade it for a better one, while others will only use this fruit as an add-on for the trade to increase the balance in trading.

What Do People Trade For Gravity

Not much can be traded for the Gravity Fruit, despite its rarity and price. Players would likely use this fruit as an extra item for trading to increase the balance of the trade. However, I have listed a few fruits that are powerful and can be traded for Gravity Fruit. If someone offers you these fruits, you can lock in the trade or try your luck for something better. Here is the list of the fruits:

  1. Phoenix Fruit + Random Fruits – This is a big win for you if someone offers a Phoenix Fruit, plus some random fruit that can be useful for trading with others.
  2. Rumble Fruit – At this point, consider this a big win since the Rumble Fruit is better in terms of overall mobility and immunity against other fruits in PvP.

As I said, players don’t really want to trade with the Gravity Fruit. But, considering that some are willing to give up their Rumble or Phoenix Fruit is still a big win for you or the trader. Speaking of the Phoenix, here is a guide that can help you have a fair trade with the Phoenix Fruit. Maybe you can get lucky with the gravity and get a great bargain with other players. Keep trying!

Where Do Players Trade In Blox Fruit

Players in Blox Fruit cannot trade where ever they want to. There is a certain place where all the players can trade, chill, and chat with each other. That place is called the Cafe. It is a safe haven for everyone since PvP is disabled inside the vicinity of the Cafe. It can be found on two islands. The Kingdom of Rose and the Floating Turtle Island. However, we will focus on the Kingdom of Rose found in The Second Sea. I recommend this place since it doesn’t require a player to be Level 1,000.

  1. Spawn in the docks of the kingdom. The dock is where you can buy a ship or park your ship after you travel to this place. Look around and you will see the village with the large mansion above the ground. Blox Fruits: Gravity ValueBlox Fruits: Gravity Value
  2. You will see two walls separated by a large castle-like structure in the middle. Behind that structure is the Cafe. There are 3 ways to get to the Cafe. But the most efficient way is going to the right side entrance. Doing so will likely save you the time of jumping many times to cross from the mansion. I suggest that you follow this path. Blox Fruits: Gravity ValueBlox Fruits: Gravity Value
  3. Finally, turn left and keep going until you see a yellow building with green doors and windows. When you find the Cafe, go inside and look for this table with the 2 chairs as shown in the picture below. That is the trading area, where players will sit and exchange their fruits.

In conclusion, there is still not much to offer for Gravity Fruit. Players would likely use the fruit to add value when trading with other players. Although it is fun to use, it is not ideal for PvP, especially against players that have airborne abilities like flying. It does remind me of the power of Pain in Naruto Shippuden.

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