Blox Fruits: How To Get 30M Bounty Fast

PvP may not be easy, but you can always practice!

Blox Fruits: How To Get 30M Bounty Fast

In Blox Fruits, there is the Bounty/Honor system that rewards you based on how much Bounty you have. The rewards come in the form of stat increases when it comes to PvP.

This is one of the in-game systems that many players rely on to become stronger. In this guide, we will show you one method that you can apply to get 30M Bounty in around 2 weeks.

Blox Fruits: How To Get 30M Bounty Fast

This first method is expected to help you get 30M Bounty in 2 weeks as long as you have the items. First, you will want to use the Portal Fruit and any Sword of your choice. To further boost your damage, you can add the Pale Scarf to your build.

The Pale Scarf is a Legendary Accessory that gives you the following stats:

  • +15% Blox Fruit/Sword Damage
  • +2 Instinct Dodges
  • x10 Instinct Vision Range

The stats of the Pale Scarf is great for extra Fruit & Sword Damage. It also provides you with stats that greatly assist you in PvP.

Blox Fruits: How To Get 30M Bounty Fast Sword

Next, you will want to find people or players. Teleport to any islands that have people and chase them.

With the Portal Fruit, you will be extremely mobile, so it will be easy for you to chase people. Make sure you use your best sword to maximize your chances of winning fights against players.

Blox Fruits Bounty

You can also choose to go for other more passive approaches like AFK Baiting (Pretending you are AFK and suddenly attacking players), or even begging players for Bounty points.

Begging sounds like a bad method, but it has actually worked sometimes!

Blox Fruits Gameplay

If you want to have a different build, here are some recommendations for you:

  • Race: Cyborg, Shark, Angel.
  • Swords: Dragon Trident, CDK, Dark Blade, Midnight Blade, Shark Anchor, Spikey Trident, Yama, Jitte, TTK, Soul Cane.
  • Guns: Soul Guitar, Abucha, Serpent Bow.
  • Fighting Styles: Godhuman, Superhuman, Sanguine Art, Sharkman Karate, Death Step.
  • Fruits: Portal, Rumble, Leopard, Kitsune, Quake, Ice, Flame, Sand, T-Rex, Mammoth, Spirit, Dragon (Soon to be Reworked), Venom, and Light.

Here are more 12 useful tips that you can apply to do the PvP content more effectively. Some of them may sound simple but they are things that we may actually forget as we play the game.

  1. Time Investment: Playing frequently allows you to fight more and gain more rewards.
  2. Use No-Brain Fruits: Fruits like Portal, Rumble, and Kitsune are great fruits that you can use to fight your opponents. If you are not a skilled player, these are very beginner-friendly to use. Here’s a list of the Best Fruits For PvP so you can start getting some kills.
  3. Join Servers With Less Experienced Players: You can consider joining servers with low-bounty players. This means that they do not have much experience when it comes to PvP, making it easier for you to win.
  4. Use Your V4: Using your V4 can help you win your games more easily.
  5. Try To Be Unpredictable: You are fighting with actual people and they can learn your patterns and counter your movements. This is why you’ll want to be as random as you can with your movement and attacks to win more.
  6. Ping Matters: Pay attention to your Ping so you can dodge attacks and land attacks more easily.
  7. Get A Good Build: You can use the Build that we mentioned above or any builds that you are comfortable with.
  8. Flashsteps: This is a useful ability that you can use in PvP since it lets you teleport and be much more unpredictable.
  9. Play On PC: If you have a computer, it is best to do PvP on that device type.
  10. For Mobile: Consider using the Leopard, Ice, Kitsune, Flame, T-Rex, and the Mammoth Fruit.
  11. Avoid Teamers: Teamers are incredibly hard to defeat if you are on your own so avoid them if you are playing solo.
  12. Limit Your Playtime: Make sure you are always in the best physical and mental states whenever you are playing. In the end, you need to be in a good state to concentrate and fight opponents effectively.

That’s some of the ways you can start obtaining more Bounty in Blox Fruits. In the end, the Bounty system is still designed for PvP. This means that people can be a lot more unexpected. The best thing you can do is to practice and equip yourselves with the best gear to win more.

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