Blox Fruits: Phoenix Fruit Value | What Do People Trade For Phoenix Fruit

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Blox Fruits: Phoenix Fruit Value

Blox Fruits has one of the coolest fruits you can ever have, and it is called the Phoenix Fruit. This fruit has the ability to turn you into a majestic Phoenix. A bird that possesses the ability to ignite its enemies and regenerate life as the battle goes on.

In this article, we will focus on what people trade for the Phoenix Fruit, its value, and where we can trade them in Update 21.

As one of the coolest fruits in the game, it can be challenging to find the right person to trade with. That is why we’re here, to show you the list of fruits you can barter with the other players.

What Do People Trade For Phoenix Fruit

Ideally, people look for the same value as the fruit when it comes to trading. They look for the same rarity, price, and overall power of the fruit.

Phoenix Fruit Physical Value as of Update 21: 2,250,000

But some are willing to trade in their fruits for something they don’t have or is popular today. Some Blox fruits like the Shadow Fruit and Buddha Fruit are popular in trading. Here is the list that can help you pick what fruit you can trade for the Phoenix in Update 21.

  1. It has decent value – same as Sound, Spider, Pain, Rumble and Love.
    • You’d want to trade 2 Phoenix or combine it with the two other fruits mentioned, to get a higher value fruit like:
      • Control, Spirit, Shadow, Portal, Buddha, Mammoth, Venom, and Blizzard.
  2. It can also serve as add to the “higher value” fruits mentioned above, in order to get the highest value fruits like DragonLeopard Dough, even T-Rex and Kitsune.

These are by far the only fruits other players are willing to trade in for their Phoenix Fruit. However, you can still search for players that are willing to give you the Phoenix by giving other types of fruits that are not listed above.

Also, fruits not mentioned in the list most likely have lower value than the Phoenix Fruit, which means you should be asking for adds or bulks when trading with them.

If want to read more about fruits and their values, make sure to check out our guide on All Fruit Values & trading list in Blox Fruits!

Where Do You Trade In Blox Fruit

If you’re already an experienced player in Blox Fruits. You know there are only two places to trade with other players. In the Second Sea and the Third Sea. For new players, you need to increase your level to unlock both areas. In the Second Sea, you will go to the Kingdom of Rose. For the Third Sea, you will go to the Floating Turtle Island. I recommend that you go to the Second Sea first since it is easier to unlock.

  1. Spawn in the Kingdom of Rose in the Second Sea. Head towards the Area 1 Quest NPC which is located by the road leading to the village with the mansion above the ground. Blox Fruits: Phoenix Fruit Value
  2. Now the fastest way to get to the cafe is by either going to the left or right side of the Mansion. I recommend you go to the right side since the cafe is near that area. Blox Fruits: Phoenix Fruit Value
  3. Go to the right entrance and go left until you see an orange building. Just keep going left and you’ll see it eventually. The orange building is the Cafe where players chill and trade with each other. You can also get quests or bounty hunting from the NPCs inside. Blox Fruits: Love Fruit Value

Thats it! All you need to do is have a decent level to unlock the Second Sea, carry enough fruits with you for trading, and make sure that you trust the player you want to trade with. I suggest that you try the Kingdom of Rose first, since the Third Sea is like the end-game area and requires the player to have at least level 700 – 1,000 to unlock.

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    • Hello there, DragonYT! Combining the physical value of both fruits (2,250,000 + 1,000,000), you get a 3,250,000 total value, which is what you should be using when deciding which fruits to get.

      I recommend Portal + Add, or Buddha or Shadow (Best Trade, you may have to add another fruit/s). For just your Phoenix, you can get Rumble (very good demand rn)

      AVOID: Gravity, Pain (doing bad rn)

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