Blox Fruits: Pole V2 Update Guide

Learn to work your way around the pole!

Blox Fruits Pole V2

Sometimes certain weapons in Blox Fruits are deliberately slept on due to the needless amount of effort required to be able to work it properly. That or people just forget that certain weapons exist since they’re too busy trading for fruit.

Well, it’s the New Year so it’s time to switch things up a bit. Besides, getting Pole V2 is easy, as long as you have the correct fruit for it.

If you want to find out how to easily get this weapon, then go ahead and read the updated guide below!

Pole V2 Update Guide

The only fruit you’ll need to make full use of Pole Second Form is Rumble. You’ll also need the 1st form from Thunder God located in the Upper Skylands in the First Sea.

Then, you’ll need to Awaken your Rumble Fruit, you can do that if you have a total of 19,500 Fragments lying around.

You can become even more effective with other fruits by checking out our best fruits Tier List as well.

Blox Fruits Rumble Fruit

Once you get the Rumble Fruit and the first form of the Pole, you’re going to have to do some grinding. Do this in order to unlock all of the moves, not to mention awaken them too.

If you’re starting from the First Form, then you’ll need to achieve 180+ Mastery for it. Get the Rumble Fruit and awaken it, going all the way to 250+ Mastery.

You’ll also need to complete five Rumble Raids. Make sure that you have the Rumble Fruit fully awakened before completing a sixth Rumble Raid.

After all that torture, you’ll be teleported to an island in the sky. This is where the Thunder God is residing, he’ll offer you the Pole 2nd Form for 5,000 Fragments.

Blox Fruits Thunder God NPC

The 2nd Form has two movesets apart from your basic M1. You have Hand of God which deals a base damage of 4581 and a 9 second cooldown.

There’s Electric Prison as well, which has 4757 base damage along with a 13.5 second cooldown. Overall, it’s a weapon that’s fit for any build as it has very good combo potential.

Blox Fruits Pole V2

And that’s the Pole V2Update for Blox Fruits. Try and get the weapon for yourself without going too crazy on Robux!

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