Blox Fruits: Portal Fruit Value | What Do People Trade For Portal Fruit

I can travel the Multiverse!

Blox Fruits: Portal Fruit Value

Have you seen the Portal Gun in Half-Life? then grab one of the Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits. It gives the players the ability to teleport at a given distance and make the enemies fall in a never-ending loop when spammed.

We will focus on the Portal Fruit Value as this article goes on. I will give you ideas on what people trade for their Portal Fruit and where you can trade them in Update 21.

What Do People Trade For Portal Fruit

In Blox Fruits, the Portal Fruit value is Legendary in Rarity and its shop price of a whopping $1,900,000, some players are willing to trade it for fruits with a lower rarity or value.

Portal Fruit Physical Value as of Update 21: 5,000,000

The Portal Fruit is fun to use, but some players think it’s only useful for its Teleportation technique that gets you to your desired location.

Portal Fruit is great for fast traveling and just goofing around with other players. All in all, its damage output is not the best if you’re a Fruit Main. Here is the list of fruits that players Trade for the Portal Fruit in Update 21.

  1. The Portal fruit has very good value at the moment, in the same level as the following:
    • Control, Spirit, Shadow, Buddha, Mammoth, Venom, and Blizzard – You can:
      • Trade it with the mentioned fruits or
      • Combine its value with them to get the highest value fruits below.
  2. Highest Value Fruits: Kitsune, Dragon, T-Rex, Leopard, and Dough.

Fruits that are not mentioned have lower value than the Portal Fruit, so only consider if there are adds.

These are the only fruits that can be traded for the Portal Fruit. Considering the Shadow Fruit can be traded for the Portal Fruit makes this trade a good bargain. But you can always try and use different types of fruits in trading. You might get lucky. Better Stock up on all the fruits.

If want to read more about fruits and their values, make sure to check out our guide on All Fruit Values & trading list in Blox Fruits!

Where Do People Trade in Blox Fruits

The game requires the player to at least be Level 700 to trade with other people. That is because the trading area or Cafe is located in two places only, the Second Sea and the Third Sea. To unlock the Second Sea, players must be Level 700, while the Third Sea requires you to be Level 1,500. Let’s focus on the easiest one, the Cafe in the Kingdom of Rose.

  1. First, spawn in the Second Sea or Kingdom of Rose. Once you have spawned in the docks, head up until you see the first NPC that will give you the first quest. That will be the first landmark. Blox Fruits: Portal Fruit ValueBlox Fruits: Portal Fruit Value
  2. Once you found the NPC, you will see the mansion above the ground. on either side of that mansion are large entrances on the ground. Both are Arched entrances that will lead to the Cafe entrance. Blox Fruits: Portal Fruit Value
  3. You can go on either side entrance, but the closes to the Cafe is entrance 2 as shown in the picture above. When you locate the Cafe, go inside and wait for players that will do some trading. Others may just be there to AFK or get quests from the NPCs inside. Blox Fruits: Portal Fruit ValueBlox Fruits: Portal Fruit Value

In conclusion, players need to grind for a while to reach the required level for trading. Although you can start farming different fruits while waiting to get to Level 700.

Farm the fruits I have listed above in order to make a successful trade with the other players. I suggest you go to the Cafe found in the Kingdom of Rose since it’s hard to have access to the Third Sea.

Feel free to ask below if you’re not 100% sure if your trade is a W, F or an L.

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