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Bluetooth VS USB Wireless Keyboard – Which Is Better?

Find out the winner of Wireless Keyboards!

With the rapid increase and technological advancements in the hardware world, people are often puzzled as to what types of devices are better. The most frequently asked question is about cableless keyboards and their usage.

In this article, we will discuss the Bluetooth and USB Wireless Keyboards and reveal to you which one is better to use. Let’s get started.

Which Is Better – Bluetooth VS USB Wireless Keyboard

To be able to understand which one is better, we shall go over the many differences between them first.

Key Differences Between Bluetooth & Wireless Keyboards

There are several fundamental distinctions between the two kinds of devices, despite the fact that they both use a wifi technology to link the item in question by means of a communication signal that may go in both directions.

Connection Method

Wireless keyboards are referred to as USB-RF keyboards (Radio Frequencies). The connection will be established after you have plugged the receiver into the USB port on the PC.

In contrast hand, Bluetooth keyboards may connect and communicate to other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and don’t need the user to put in a USB dongle in order to do so. This allows them to connect to a wider range of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Connection Speed

Even while some USB transmitter keyboards are slower than Bluetooth, the connection rates of the finest USBRF, or wireless, choices are noticeably quicker than those of Bluetooth.

Additionally, some manufacturers have developed it such that their technology functions on an exclusive bandwidth. This removes the possibility of interference from other sources as well as stray signals.

Connection Range

The distance that may be traveled without the Bluetooth connection being lost is one benefit that the technology offers. Bluetooth can function normally up to roughly 20 to 30 feet away (9 meters) from the device that it is linked to on average. A radio frequency (RF) wireless keyboard has a range of around 10 feet (3 meters).

Stable Connection

Another important element to take into consideration is the possibility of interruption to already established wireless connections.

If you use any devices that are Bluetooth-enabled, there is a strong possibility that your connection may be impaired. Signal transmission may be momentarily hampered when there are a large number of Bluetooth devices in the immediate vicinity. Although this might be a personal experience because newer Bluetooth keyboards don’t seem to have this issue.

Connection Compatibility & Damage

Even more difficult is the wifi Adapter dongle that you need to utilize in order to make the connection. If you utilize USB plugs on a frequent basis, there is a greater chance that they may get damaged or misplaced. You will need to purchase an entirely new device given that adaptors cannot be used in conjunction with other types of hardware.

Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with devices that have Bluetooth communication, so you can use it with just about anything. In addition to this, you do not need to be concerned with the model or the manufacturer of the product. We can say without a doubt that using Bluetooth Keyboard connections is less complicated than using other wireless technologies since this innovation is more suitable than those other wireless technologies.

Ease Of Acess & Linking

Bluetooth is a feature that has been around for a very long time but is now available on almost all laptops and mobile devices. Keyboards that connect over Bluetooth are easy to set up and use. If you have an older laptop you will just need to download a Bluetooth adapter and that’s it.

You will never again have to be concerned about bringing a USB dongle close to your computer in able to link your Bluetooth keyboard. Users of laptop computers, for example, often have a limited number of USB ports available to them, making the built-in Bluetooth functionality extremely helpful for them.

Sometimes though, the linking can be quite a problem with Bluetooth. For example, you will link up a Wireless Keyboard once and you can use it for a lifetime. With Bluetooth, you shall need to sometimes disconnect and reconnect over and over again. This is much rarer with the newer laptops but with the older ones, this issue still exists.

On the other hand, the newer Bluetooth keyboards are so easy to work with and you can link up to many different devices with just an application and change them up as you go.


It must be said that the overall price for the Bluetooth keyboards is way more expensive than wireless ones. So if you’re on a budget you can go for the wireless keyboard.


Without a doubt, we can definitely say that the Bluetooth keyboard is the way to go and the winner.

The only benefit that you might have with the wireless one over the Bluetooth keyboard is the connection speed which is extremely difficult to notice if you aren’t gaming for example.

Other than that the Bluetooth keyboards offer way more than the wireless can. Today they are becoming much more frequent and you can use 1 Bluetooth keyboard to link to all the devices that you have at your home.

Can I Use Wireless/Bluetooth Keyboard For Gaming?

Yes, you can certainly use wireless keyboards for gaming.

If you are a laidback type of gamer you can play all sorts of games with the easily accessible keyboard possibly placed on your knees or even on your belly. You shouldn’t be having any types of issues, especially in single-player and non-competitive games.

When competitive and multiplayer gaming comes into question, for example, Valorant, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and so on, we would definitely recommend that you stay far away from wireless keyboards. Get a mechanical gaming keyboard that you can change and add on gaming types of keyboard keycaps to allow yourself a better overall success and win rate.

That should be about everything that you need to know concerning the Wireless and Bluetooth Keyboards. Even though Bluetooth keyboards are better, you can still function very well with a Wireless keyboard too.

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