Caliber: Best Tips & Tricks

Hold your pistol sideways!

Have you ever experienced getting sniped by a pistol from more than a hundred meters away while barely exposing yourself through the corner you were peaking?

Or have you tried spraying someone point black and missing every shot because you squeezed the trigger too tightly?

Any player would be susceptible to mishaps like these when playing Caliber as it is a third-person shooter, which makes it difficult to move around since you have your entire body to worry about.

Have a look at the tips and tricks provided below and bring your operator along with the rest of your team home in one piece!

Best Tips & Tricks – Caliber

Some things in the game are quite difficult to see, like the faint grey circle surrounding your crosshair or the way it turns yellow when you point the business end of your firearm toward something that can explode and ruin your day along with your eyesight.

You didn’t notice that?

You were probably too busy trying not to get shot at, but that’s okay.

#1 Prioritize Your Skills

When you get to a certain rank with each operator you can unlock actual skills that you can use for every other operator that’s currently available to you.

Equip your best man with up to four skills as you go on the lower left side of the screen that best suits your needs, if aiming is an issue then get Precision Rifling for yourself to reduce the bullet spread of your weapon.

If you need to make a very long tactical retreat and need to run longer distances then go for Respiratory Training to increase your stamina recovery speed.

#2 Revive the Medic

Your teammates can only revive each other once, after that, it lights out forever.

The medic, however, can revive up to six times and also heal so you can already tell how important his role is when push comes to shove.

Don’t be a hero and try to take on everyone with your Twitch handle floating above your head, the medic comes first!

#3 Pay Attention to Your Skills

If you haven’t noticed the timer that’s next to you and your team’s health bars now are the time to do so.

That’s their cooldown for the skills they have, so if you have a medic on your team and notice that they aren’t doing anything for you at the moment take a look at their status to see if they’re waiting or if they’re occupied with something else.

#4 Showdown

This is the main PvP mode of the game, where everything goes down if you may. Be sure to keep an eye on your ammo and stamina reserves as they don’t regenerate every round.

Ammo boxes only come back online after 15 minutes, so maybe don’t use them after you’ve only expended one magazine.

Don’t sprint around too much with your stamina as well since you need that for your skills, this goes double if you’re playing as a medic again.

#5 Flank Your Enemies

Our ancestors first thought of this as dishonorable in the field of battle, thankfully that changed down the line when chivalry stopped being held in high regard and it’s now a popular method of winning a fight.

Learn the map and know where your enemies will pop up. Once you do, take the road that’s less traveled and come at them from an angle they wouldn’t expect.

No one will report you for having good map knowledge, if they do then take it as a compliment!

#6 Keep an Eye on Your Targets

The game holds your hand by letting you know of your target’s presence even if they show up at the corner of your screen for a split second. When this happens you will automatically call them out and let your entire team know that there’s someone that needs to be shot nearby.

Keep in mind that this goes the same for your enemy, so if either one of you sees the other secrecy will come flying off the table.

Ping your enemy’s position to your mates to make sure they stay on your screen for longer.

#7 Check Your Dailies

Not a set of words you would usually hear from a shooter, but tick off some of your assigned dailies every once in a while to get extra credits you can use for your operator upgrades.

#8 Play PvE

Hone your skills without having to worry about other players ruining your stats, practice in PvE mode with the operator that you plan on using for the long term, and get used to handling the weapon that comes with him.

Some of your daily missions can also be easily done here, so it’s basically free money for shooting down bots.

#9 Hold Out When You Can

Getting gunned down in a match is normal, such is life. What isn’t normal is you hiding behind a wall and not providing your team with the information needed about your shooter.

Regardless if help is coming or not you might as well stay in their sights to keep your team informed of their whereabouts, they have a high chance of not finishing you off if they’re occupied at the moment so stay there and keep pinging what you can.

With these tips in mind you will definitely see some improvement in your next games, try them out and let your friends know that you’re getting better so they’ll want to play with you again!

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