Call Of Duty MW3 (2023): Hitchhiker Trophy Guide

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There are some interesting trophies in Call of Duty MW3 (2023) that players can unlock when playing the Campaign. These trophies require them to achieve their objectives with unique objectives or methods. As a result, players can use their creativity and problem solving to get rewarded with achievements.

The Hitchhiker Trophy is one such trophy. In this guide, we will show you how to get this trophy as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this way, you can quickly move on to the rest of the mission, or work your way towards the other trophies. Let’s dive in and catch a ride!

Hitchhiker Trophy Guide

You can get the Hitchhiker Trophy as part of the Gora Dam mission. The mission will start with a cutscene where you are right above the Dam.

After the cutscene finishes, you will need to jump off a dam and start defusing bombs on multiple trucks throughout the map.

The Hitchhiker trophy requires you to defuse a bomb while on a moving truck.

You can actually get this trophy immediately after jumping from the dam. When the cutscene finishes, immediately jump and deploy the parachute.

After that make your way towards the right. There is a small curving road, where a truck will arrive as you steadily make your way down.

Jumping off Gora Dam in Call of Duty MW3 (2023).

When you start approaching the road, the truck will turn a corner and you will be able to see it.

After that, you can cut and deploy your parachute as you see fit. Doing so will allow you to land accurately on the moving truck and you can adjust your position accordingly.

Once you are above it, land on the truck. Make sure you aren’t too high or you will take damage, or even die.

Landing on truck in Call of Duty MW3 (2023).

After that, the process is fairly simple. Make your way towards the back of the truck and hold the Defuse button.

Now, crouch while you do so just in case to avoid gun fire. After that, you should be able to complete the Defuse process without any interruption. 

The truck will continue moving as well, which is the main requirement for this trophy. Once you have hacked the bomb, you will get the Hitchhiker Trophy immediately.

Imagine the look on that truck driver’s face when he hears the countdown stopped working!

Defusing Gora Dam bomb in Call of Duty MW3 (2023).

That’s everything you need to do to get the Hitchhiker Trophy. You can technically get this trophy in other ways too, as the requirement is to defuse a bomb on a moving truck. However, this is by far the quickest way as you are able to land on a moving truck right after the start of the mission. Just make sure your aim is right when you are landing!

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