Call Of The Wild The Angler: Lake Trout Fishing Guide

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Call Of The Wild The Angler Lake Trout Fishing Guide

Fishing games have always been a niche but striving genre of gaming since the old days. I still remember playing Bass Tournament in the Game Boy Advanced and now we’re here with games like Call Of The Wild The Angler keeping the fishing game genre alive. Games back then were different though and was more like arcade games while fishing games these days are going for a more simulation approach with different rods, baits and tackles to use as well as different kinds of fishes and places to catch them. In this guide we’ll show you where to find Lake Trout in Call of The Wild The Angler.

Lake Trout Fishing Guide For Call Of The Wild The Angler

Before you go fishing, you’ll first need to go get your tools. A great rod to use in getting Lake Trout is the Very Heavy Virtuoso. The attachments should be considered as well and for the Virtuoso the best ones is the Mediator for the Reel, 20kg Braided for the Line and then a Hook Size 1 Spinner for the Lure. The lure can be hook size 4 but you’ll mostly only get gold and silver Trouts using that, for anything higher you’ll need the hook size 1.

Source: KpShamino – YouTube

The Lake trout can be found, surprisingly, in a lake. I know it’s quite a shocker, but the best place to go fishing would be the Southwestern part of the map where you’ll find a large lake there. Just go there and get on your boat, the deeper waters the better. Don’t worry about time since you can get the Lake Trout in either day or night.

Source: KpShamino – YouTube

Once you get to a good spot you’ll need to get to the bottom, as you can see in the image below the spot is 33.72 meters deep so you’ll need to get your line as deep as you can get. That’s where the Lake Trout usually chill out.

Source: KpShamino – YouTube

Now to catch the actual fish you’ll need to continuously do a Stop and Go. That’s why the Virtuoso is a great rod for fishing here since it has an Extra Fast Action stat. Just do Stop and Go’s until you get a bite.

Congratulations you now know how to get Lake Trout in Call Of The Wild: The Angler. Now go out there and catch those fish! Many thanks to KpShamino for showing everyone how to catch this particular fish in the game. If you need more information on the technique then go check their video out here: Call Of The Wild The Angler, How To Catch Lake Trout Guide – YouTube

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