Can You Play Payday 3 Offline?

What if I want to play alone?

Payday 3 Can You Play Offline

With the rise of online-only games, there’s always that lingering question that every new release gets. Can you still play those games offline? A decade ago, that would have been a silly question, but these days it’s a more common one. With the release of the always-online Payday 3, you have to wonder if you can still play it offline. Especially with players who are having problems with connecting to a game.

So, can you play Payday 3 offline? Is there a way to do it, and can you progress through the game normally? Let’s find out if you can still play this game offline like the previous titles.

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Can You Play Offline?

In the previous titles of the Payday series, like Payday 2, you were able to play offline in the game. Not only that but you can play offline solo or with bots depending on your preference.

Of course, the game adjusted spawns and mechanics so that it’s fair for solo or offline with bots players. So, is there a way to play offline with the new Payday 3?

Offline Mod

Luckily for you, there is a great solution to this problem, and that’s with the use of a mod! There have already been some pretty basic mods for Payday 3. The developers haven’t been clear if mods are allowed in this always-online game, so make sure you understand the risks.

If you want to play the offline mod then go check it this Solo Mode mod by Florens. The instructions are quite simple as you’ll only need to extract some files to the game directory. The catch with this mod is that you can’t use deployables or progress in the game.

Payday 3 Offline – Official

At the time of writing, there is still no “official” way you can play Payday 3 offline. You will always need a connection to the internet to play any of the game modes. But don’t worry, there’s still something you can try.

This can be quite a problem since most players are having trouble connecting to games and not being able to play. Hopefully, in the future, they add a way to play offline before the majority of the players quit!

Payday 3 Offline

Unfortunately, you can’t play Payday 3 in offline mode officially. Good thing we have modders to save the day. Hopefully, they’ll add a proper offline mode in the game in the future!

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