Can You Play with Left Hand in CS2?

Is it possible to switch perspectives?

Counter-Strike 2 is finally out, and it’s the long-awaited successor to the wildly successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With how popular it is, it shouldn’t be surprising that it has a very diverse playerbase, and part of that includes left-handed individuals who may want to switch where the weapon model is placed. With that said, is it possible to swap the positioning of hands in CS2?

Can You Play with Left Hand

Unfortunately for left-handed gamers and those who saw an advantage in switching away from the default right side weapon positioning, Valve removed this option in CS2.

Previously, in CS:GO, players could use the “cl_righthand 0” console command to move the weapon model to the left. As of writing this, the command no longer works in CS2, as it doesn’t exist in the game anymore.

Counter-Strike 2 console

Players who wanted to squeeze any advantage they could out of the game would also bind certain keys to switch from right to left and vice versa to adjust how much they could see while holding angles around the map.

Only time will tell if Valve will add a setting that will let you play with a left-handed model, or maybe somebody will make a mod that achieves the same effect.

For now, though, you’ll just have to cope with the fact that everybody is stuck with the default right-handed view.

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