Catnap Boss Fight Guide & Blue Battery Location in Poppy Playtime Storymode Chapter 3 Roblox

Find the Blue Battery and get rid of this cat once and for all!

Chapter 3 of Poppy Playtime sees the Catnap boss. This boss is the third antagonist of the third chapter in the game and is one of the more formidable bosses you can encounter. Embark on this horror adventure and explore the horrors that await in the facility. In this chapter, you also have to find the Blue Battery to progress to the Catnap fight. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to fight Catnap and where to find the Blue Battery.

How To Fight Catnap | Where To Find Blue Battery

After you make your way through the Counselor’s Office and get chased down by Catnap, you will go through a flashback sequence that takes you through what happened at the facility. There won’t be anything to do here, so just let it play out.

Once you wake up, you’ll wake up to Catnap’s voice telling you to leave Playcare. From here, I’ll guide you on where to find the Blue Battery and how to deal with Catnap once and for all.

Find The Blue Battery

When you wake up, you will find the Green Battery on the floor in front of you. Pick it up and bring it to the next room.

This is what the green battery looks like.

There will be a socket on the right. Put the green battery in here to open the door to the next room. The next room will have another socket for the green battery, so you have to reach in and extend your arm to grab it so the door doesn’t close behind you. 

Extend your arm just like this.

Put the battery in the socket and enter through the newly opened door behind you. Go into this corridor to trigger the autosave and enter the next part of the stage.

Head to this corridor.

Here, Ollie will say that you must grab the cord from the Counsilor’s Office and plug it underneath the statue. You’ll find the cord here (pictured below) to the right of the entrance. Head to the staircase underneath the statue and plug it in to this wall.

This is where you can get the first cord.
This is where you need to plug the cords in.

Once you’ve done this, head back out and go to the staircase leading upwards. Don’t enter the yellow-lit room, instead take a right from the top of the stairs to the blue wall lit by white lights.

Head to this wall for the second cord.

Open the fuse box and pull the cord. Go back under the statue and plug it into the previous wall socket. This will charge the blue battery enough for you to take. Take the blue battery and bring it to the Gas Production Zone.  This can be found at the left corner of the room with the wall socket.

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This is what the Blue Battery looks like.

Gas Production Zone

With the battery in hand, you can go to the red-lit room leading to the Gas Production Zone. 

This is where you need to go after the blue battery.

At the end of the corridor, you’ll find the blue socket beside another green socket. When you put the blue battery in its socket, this will trigger Catnap to enter and a Catnap chase scene will begin.

Catnap Boss Battle

Escape from the Gas Production Zone through the elevator. Catnap will follow you upwards by climbing the walls but you should be safe inside the elevator.

At the top of the floor, you will see a room filled with green sockets. There will be multiple green batteries scattered around the room. You can find them around so make sure all the sockets are filled with batteries. 

Plug the blue battery in here.

The red gas in the room is making you hallucinate Catnap. This means that the Catnap that you see wandering the halls could be a phantom. 

The key to this fight is to have a fast reaction time. If Catnap is coming from the right hallway you need to open the gate by switching to your green hand, grabbing the charge, and slapping it onto the corresponding gate. 

If you get it right, you should hear Catnap scream if it was the actual Catnap. 

When Catnap is in the left hallway, you need to switch to your purple hand and leap up to the higher level. Grab the charge from across the room and slap it onto the switch there. 

Get the charge from here on the second level.

Keep switching these and stalling, and at the end of the battle, Catnap will make his way into the room. You can charge and then kill him with one blow. 

This is the ending scene for the Catnap battle.

A hook will come down from the ceiling and take Catnap away. This will conclude the battle. 

The hook will take Catnap away.

And that’s everything on how to fight Catnap and find the Blue Battery for Chapter 3 of Poppy Playtime. This chapter has been giving players a run for their money, so hopefully, this guide helps you get through the worst of it.

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