Clover Retribution: Best Magic Tier List (Updated)

Find out where you favorite Magic is placed on our ranking list!

Clover Retribution: Best Magic Tier List (Updated)

It’s not going to be Clover Retribution without the magics or grimoires that you can use to fight with other players in the game. It features a variety of Magic that you can use which offer different playstyles, utilities, and design. Knowing which Magic is the best will be vital if you want to come out on top. In this tier list, I’ll rank all the magics in Clover Retribution from best to worst, so you have a clear idea on which one/s you should use to become the best mage in the game!

Best Magic Tier List (Updated)

So far, there’s a total of 14 Grimoires or Magic that you can use in Clover Retribution. As mentioned above, they vary in terms of design. So, in nature, they’ll also perform differently from each other. Needless to say, some magics are simply better than the others. While rarity plays a huge role in deciding the power of a Grimoire, it’s not always the case – some grimoires of lower rarity can be better than a higher rarity grimoire. I’ll show you what I think is the current ranking of all the magics in the game in terms of overall power.

All magics in Clover Retribution ranked in a list from best to worst.

S Tier (Expect

  • Blood – First up, in my opinion, Blood grimoire as a Mythic magic is absolutely broken and is the most powerful magic in the game right now. Moreover, it has a lot of auto-track moves that can’t be dodged like Crimson Hydra and Crimson Pursuit. With the addition of Blood Bleed, the grimoire deals tons of damage, especially if you have the Eye thingy trait.
  • World Tree – As a Mythic magic, World Tree is also a very powerful magic in the game. The World Root is spammable as heck, which isn’t a common feature in the game. Moreover, it has 3 other moves that can trap other players.
    • Moreover, it has lots of utility like hella lots of traps with variations like spikes, shields and heals (when you reach 4-clover) on top of your potions. All-around, it’s pretty nasty grimoire which gives Blood a run for its money. So, if you think it’s better than Blood, you may have a point.
  • Time – Next, Time grimoire as a Mythic magic is much better than Void in terms of combo-ing and stunning the targets. Moreover, it has range moves, especially if you have clovers up on them, it performs really well.
  • Void – Now, the Void grimoire as Mythic magic arguably has the highest DPS in the game right now. However, combo-wise, Void is nothing crazy and is outperformed by other magics of the same tier.
  • Spatial – It’s the only travel grimoire in the game which lets you teleport to selected waypoints on the map, nothing much to explain. Moreover, it lets you go to the pocket dimensions like Library or an Alchemist’s Laboratory (your friends can also join your pocket world which is pretty cool).
    • In the Alchemist’s Laboratory:
      • You can craft potions at much cheaper prices (Ingredients and success chances remain the same as with Potion Maker NPCs)
        • Minor Healing Potion
          • Price: 25 Gold
        • Minor Mana Potion
          • Price: 8 Gold
        • Elixir of Renewal
          • Price: 875 Gold
        • Healing Potion
          • Price: 50 Gold
        • Greater Healing Potion
          • Price: 125 Gold
      • You can also craft potions that are exclusive to the Spatial Mythic grimoire.
        • Supreme Healing Potion
          • Ingredients: 15x Grass, 1x Greater Mana Crystal, 5x Blue Lily
          • Price: 250 Gold
          • Success Chance: 30%
        • Berserker’s Bane
          • Ingredients: 25x Grass, 15x Fire Lily, 1x Greater Mana Crystal
          • Price: 250 Gold
          • Success Chance: 30%
    • In the Library:
      • You can reset your class
      • You can train your Spell Mastery for 500 Gold (4 times cheaper than normal which offers lots of utility).
Blood Magic Hydra in Clover Retribution.

A Tier

  • Water – In my opinion, Water magic is a very annoying and performs really well as a Legendary-type grimoire. Its 2nd ability, “Water Shield” pretty much makes you deal half and eats most of your damage to them for the entirety of the fight. What’s worse is once their shield expires, they can just pop another one.
  • Flame & Wind – These two magics perform similarly in terms of damage potential and capability in combat. There’s not much to explain for these two to be honest, they’re pretty good grimoires.

B Tier

  • Lightning – Simply said, as an Epic grimoire, Lightning has lots of flaws. To explain it, its biggest AOE move can be blocked. It’s sad that the grimoire may have huge DPS but is easily countered by spamming the “block” button. Kinda nuts if you ask me.
  • Healing – As a Common-type grimoire, it performs really good and offers one of the best utilities in the game.
    • Fighting a Healing magic user can be very annoying with the amount of support it has (like endless healing on top of potions and there’s no counter to it). And once you get 4-clover, you’ll get access to Death Ward, which is a game changing ability when used correctly, it can turn around fights.

C Tier

  • Earth – To be honest, I don’t have that much idea about this magic as I haven’t seen many players use it. So, I’ll play it safe and place it in C tier as an Uncommon-type groumoire.
  • Dice – It has the same rarity as Slime, but not gonna lie, both are bad, but Dice is a bit better. However, only because it’s a tricky yet fun magic to use. The Dice grimoire is a unique and unpredictable form of buff magic which relies solely on your luck.
    • Also, it’s much capable of performing in fights due to its versatility, offering a wide array of effects based on each roll’s outcome. It provides buffs and DPS like enhancing strength, speed, protection, or other beneficial traits. Master and be familiar on what each roll does, and you’ll have yourself quite a powerful grimoire.

D Tier

  • Melody – As a Common-type Magic, Melody is definitely one of the worst grimoires in the game. Its damage is very weak, and it doesn’t have that much utility either. But hey, you can’t expect that much from a Common-type Magic, mate.
  • Slime – Now, we’re talking about a Rare-type Magic, which is unfortunately, an absolutely butt-cheeks weakest grimoire in the game. It’s focused on utility (like slows and the untargettable “can’t touch dis” ultimate) rather than damage, but it’s really not that helpful. It’s a waste of a rare Magic, really.

And that’s my opinion regarding which grimoires or magic are the best and worst in Clover Retribution. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can. Up next, why not check our complete guide on the Devil Update of Clover Retribution if you want to learn more about the game?


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