Clover Retribution: Best Magic Tier List

The ultimate guide to choosing the best magic in Clover Retribution.

Clover Retribution is a ROBLOX game mainly based on the Black Clover anime and manga series. Players can use their grimoire to unlock different types of magic spells from the source material. Additionally, you can also get armor and weapons, and add traits to your character. 

Best Magic Tier List

Because the main inspiration behind the game is a magical anime, the different types of magic play a central role in the game’s mechanics. Some types of magic are focused on dealing damage, and others have more of a utility role like healing. 

To make it easier for you to navigate your way through the magic system in the game, we’ve prepared a tier list containing the best magic you can use at each rarity. 

Clover Retribution: Best Magic Tier List

S Tier 

World Tree Magic

Easily the best magic in the game, World Tree Magic is a Mythic rarity type of magic which applies two status effects on hit: 

  • Rooted: Stuns enemies in place and makes every attack on them a critical strike. 
  • Weakened: The enemies deal less damage, have to spend more mana per spell and have a higher chance to be affected by a status effect. 


  • World’s Root (Mastery 10): Creates roots in front of your character that damage enemies and apply the Weakened condition to them. 
  • Arboreal Ascendancy (Mastery 25): Leaves a root landmine on the ground that stuns and damages enemies when they step on it. 
  • Verdant Vortex (Mastery 45):  Summons a wooden whirlwind pool that deals damage to enemies inside. 
  • Forest’s Embrace (Mastery 60): Similar to World’s Root, summons a damaging root that applies Weakened and Rooted. 
  • Great Tree Mistilteinn (Mastery 75): Creates a huge world tree, granting the player and their allies 15 Damage Reduction and 2% HP + Mana regeneration every 2 seconds. 
Showcases the Verdant Vortex ability from the World Tree Magic school in Clover Retribution.

Wind Magic

Another strong magic type in the S tier is the Uncommon rarity Wind Magic. It is primarily damage focused, with one ability that also has a shield function.


  • Gale White Bow: Create homing wind arrows that deal damage on hit.
  • Crescent Moon Sickle: An AoE attack that creates a “sickle” of wind dealing damage to enemies that it pierces through. 
  • Tornado: Summons a whirlwind tornado that pulls enemies in and damages them. 
  • Gale Vortex Veil: Creates a 25% HP shield around you, which explodes when destroyed, dealing damage and knockback to nearby enemies. 

Fire Magic

A very straightforward Rare rarity damage school with single target attacks, AoE and even damage over time abilities. 


  • Fireball (Mastery 5): Summons your typical wizard fireball that damages enemies on hit. 
  • Flame Scattershot (Mastery 5): Creates a flamethrower-like attack that stands still and damages enemies in the front. It can also explode for additional damage. 
  • Flame Thrash (Mastery 50): Similar to the Fireball, but also has a chance to apply Burning to enemies, which will damage them over time. 
  • Flame Thrower (Mastery 75): Summons a big tower of flames that damages nearby enemies. 

Blood Magic

Arguably the most disturbing type of magic from both the anime and this game is Blood Magic, a Legendary rarity school of magic with very high damage abilities. 


  • Wound (Mastery 5): A simple forward slash attack that damages enemies in front of you. 
  • Crimson Cataclysm (Mastery 20): Punch the ground and deal AoE damage in the area. 
  • Crimson Pursuit: Shoots out a blood bubble that homes in on enemies and damages them.
  • Crimson Hydra (Mastery 80): Summons a blood hydra that damages nearby enemies.   

Time Magic

Time Magic, speculated to feature time-stopping moves, is poised to claim an S-tier spot.

Showcases the Crimson Hydra ability from the Blood Magic school in Clover Retribution.

A Tier

Lightning Magic

Lightning Magic is an Epic rarity school of magic that has a bunch of storm-based attacks. Its attacks inflict the status effect:

  • Shocked: Enemies are more vulnerable to lightning damage, and this effect is stackable up to 5 times. 


  • Lightning Strike (Mastery 5): Summons a cloud that generates damaging lightning and gives enemies the Shocked debuff on-hit. 
  • Lightning Circus (Mastery 25): Summons a series of sparks around you dealing AoE damage to nearby enemies. 
  • Thunder God’s Attire (Mastery 75): Your whole character gets covered in lightning, increasing movement speed and increasing the damage dealt with Lightning Strike. 

Void Magic

As one of the Legendary rarity magic schools, Void Magic is very powerful and deals insane damage to enemies hit by its debuff:

  • Gloom: The debuff stacks 5 times, and at 5 stacks, the target explodes and creates a void vortex around itself. 


  • Worm Hole (Mastery 5): Surrounds you with Void energy and propels you forward, dealing damage to nearby enemies and applying Gloom to them. 
  • Depth Coil (Mastery 25): Summons a portal to the Void beneath you dealing damage to all enemies caught in it. Also has a chance to apply Gloom. 
  • Black Hole (Mastery 65): Summons a black hole AoE that deals damage to everything caught by it. 
Showcases the Depth Coil ability from the Void Magic school.

Water Magic

Although Water Magic was only recently released together with Earth Magic, it is already becoming one of the more popular types of magic in the meta. It is a Legendary rarity school of magic. 


  • Water Drill (Mastery 5): Summons a water drill which steals mana from targets hit by its projectile.
  • Water Shield (Mastery 25): Gives you a 5% damage reduction to self and to party members. 
  • Water Dragon (Mastery 45): Summons a Water Dragon that flies in front of you and steals mana from players.

Spatial Magic

Spatial Magic, likely to be introduced soon, earns an A-tier for its anticipated teleportation abilities.

Showcases a new ability from the Water Magic school.

B Tier 

Melody Magic

Melody Magic utilizes the power of sound to buff or debuff allies and enemies. It is a Common rarity type of magic. The abilities in Melody Magic can apply the following effects:

  • Melodized: A buff that reduces damage taken by 5%.
  • Dissonized: A debuff that increases damage taken by 5%.


  • Melody Blast (Mastery 5): Creates a projectile forward that deals damage and applies Dissonized. If cast on an ally, it will give them the Melodized buff. 
  • Melodic Amplifier (Mastery 12): Creates an additional blast attack when you cast other Melody Magic spells. 
  • Melodic Seascape (Mastery 25): Creates an AoE attack that deals damage and applies Dissonized to affected enemies and applies Melodized to party members in the same area. 

Healing Magic

A utility type of magic which has the Uncommon rarity. Healing Magic is useful for supporting yourself and allies in battle. 


  • Self Heal (Mastery 5): Heals you for a percentage of your health. 
  • Healing Link (Mastery 15): Forms a link between you and a target, healing them. If they go too far away from you, or your mana depletes, the link will break. 
  • Healing Field (Mastery 35): Creates a healing field that heals all players inside it. 
  • Death Ward (Mastery 45): Applies a buff to yourself and to allies. When they drop to 0 HP, they will get a heal which returns them to 25% HP. 

C Tier

Slime Magic

Although a Rare rarity type of magic, Slime Magic is very weak compared to most other types of magic due to the lack of situations where it could be useful, as well as the arguably worst debuff Slow effect. 


  • Viscous Blob (Mastery 5): Throws a damaging slime blob that also has a chance to apply Slow to enemies.
  • Viscous Strike (Mastery 12): Launches a ground slime projectile that slows and damages enemies. 
  • Viscous Floor (Mastery 25): Lets you turn into a slime puddle, which increases your speed and deals damage to enemies you pass through. 

D Tier

Earth Magic

As one of the newer magic schools, released on November 9th together with Water Magic, Earth Magic is an Uncommon rarity and only contains two spells. Both of the spells are not really outstanding in terms of usefulness, so for now they are in the bottom tier. 


  • Earth Wall (Mastery 5): Creates a breakable wall of earth in front of you. 
  • Quake (Mastery 25): Creates multiple circles of rocks around you expanding and dealing damage to nearby enemies. 

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Showcases the Earth Wall ability from the Earth Magic school.

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