Clover Retribution: How to Fight Apex (Toji)

Cheese him if you value your sanity, or just beat him up normally if you dare.

Although there has already been another huge patch since then, the devil update of Clover Retribution still has content that players can’t seem to wrap their heads around. In this guide, we will try to help you beat Apex, who bears a striking resemblance to Toji from a completely different anime and manga franchise than the one this game is based on.

How to Fight Apex (Toji)

Before you can fight Apex, you should know that he will only spawn if certain conditions have been met by a player. To be more specific, you must have the Heavenly Restricted status and be at least level 250.

After over eight hours of maintaining this trait, Apex now has a chance to randomly spawn while you roam around the map. You will get a chat notification that you are being hunted if he is about to spawn. Supposedly, you can also trigger this process by killing bosses.

Once he appears, be ready to block or dodge immediately, as he will be relentless with his one teleporting attack. It’s really the only move to watch out for, but he spams it a lot.

Other than having another player act as a healer for you, there is no easy way to beat him other than having the Mahari race and tanking him yourself with your adaptive defense passive. You just have to try your best to avoid his attacks while chipping away at his health.

Clover Retribution player getting attacked by Apex

Cheesy Method to Beat Apex

Some players have noticed that you can cheese Apex by standing beside a wall with your back against it, preferably from an elevated position so that he can’t reach you with his normal attacks.

This will prevent him from teleporting behind you, but the downside to this method is that you need other players to deal damage for you. Aside from that, you have to ensure that you get at least 30% damage contribution for the kill to count.

Because of this, it is probably better to fight him properly to avoid accidentally killing him without having sufficient contribution, which would be a huge waste of your time.

Also, you must not be in a party regardless of what method you’re going to use. He will despawn if you join one, or he just won’t appear if you’re already in a group. Other people can still help you if you’re not partied up, just keep your damage contribution high.

NOTE: If you are trying to get Divine Restriction, make sure that you are the target. Killing Apex when you aren’t his target will not grant you the Divine Restriction trait. You can still get drops, however, but you’ll need a high damage contribution for those.

Clover Retribution player fighting while using the divine restriction trait

And that is everything you need to know in order to provoke and fight Apex, also known as Toji. Check out our best race tier list for Clover Retribution to figure out what other races might be a viable option against Apex, just keep in mind that Mahari is the best when it comes to straight tanking him.


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