Complete Radobaan Guide in Monster Hunter Now (Attacks, Tips, & Tricks)

How do you take down a Radobaan in Monster Hunter Now?

There are many creatures to hunt in Monster Hunter Now, which is the franchise’s mobile entry that involves a lot of walking around in real life.

Among the monsters currently implemented in the game is the dreaded Radobaan, which is a spiny creature that loves to roll around like a giant sentient wheel. Here is a quick guide on how to deal with it!

Complete Radobaan Guide (Attacks, Tips, & Tricks)

The Radobaan can be found within the Desert and Swamp habitats, and its main element is Sleep. Its weaknesses are Ice and Dragon, though you will most likely be using the former since there isn’t a lot of the latter around yet.

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Its body parts that you can break are its head, body, hindlegs, and tail. The tail will require you to have a slicing weapon, as it can only be severed unlike the other parts.

Monster Hunter Now radobaan head critical

With that in mind, its main vulnerabilities are in its unarmored hindlegs and body. Occasionally, it will also tip over and fall on its back after some of its rolling attacks.

The main thing to really watch out for here are its rolling attacks, though we will go through its entire move set in the next part of this guide.

Monster Hunter Now radobaan fight

Radobaan’s Attacks & How To Dodge

Bones will fly out of its body whenever it performs most of its attacks, so you will always have to be careful when engaging one. Its roar will also temporarily stun you, leaving you open to other attacks.

It has a varied set of attacks that you should watch out for, and they are the following:

  • Attack #1 – Radobaan will recoil back and lift its head for a bit before slamming the ground with its jaw.
    • Dodge multiple times to the side to avoid this move.
  • Attack #2 – Similar to the previous move, it will lift its head and snap backwards before hitting the ground with its jaw.
    • Dodge to the side as well.
  • Attack #3 – Radobaan will lift its head and briefly roar before sweeping the ground with its jaw in both directions.
    • Dodge to the left and backwards.
  • Attack #4 – Whenever Radobaan takes a few steps back and turns to its side;
    • Dodge backwards as this telegraphs a tackle attack.
  • Attack #5 – The monster raises its tail and does a spinning sweep attack.
    • Dodge backwards at least twice to avoid this.
  • Attack #6 – Radobaan raises its head and curls up into a ball before rolling towards you. After this, it will roll once more and finish with a variation of Attack #1/2.
    • Dodge to the side.
  • Attack #7 – When Radobaan turns to the side and starts shaking its tail;
    • Prepare to dodge to the side several times as this telegraphs another spinning/rolling attack.
  • Attack #8 – Once you see it releasing gas, roll out of the way immediately as this is sleeping gas that will leave you vulnerable for a moment.
    • Its head is free to hit as it does this.
  • Attack #9 – Finally, Radobaan will sometimes step forward and roar. This move is followed by two slams that;
    • You can dodge by rolling backwards.
Monster Hunter Now head attack

And that concludes this guide for Radobaan in Monster Hunter Now. It can be pretty easy to take down as long as you avoid all the flying bones that comes out of it whenever it does anything!

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