Cooking Battle Guide in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Become a master chef in Eiyuden Chronicle with this condensed guide!

Years after launching what would become an insanely successful crowdfunding campaign, new JRPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has finally been released. At some point in the game, you will unlock a minigame wherein you have to cook for a panel of judges. In this guide, we’ll try to help you figure out how to win in the Cooking Battle activity.

Cooking Battle Guide

As you play through the game, you will eventually stumble into a chef named Kurtz. Once you have recruited him, you will be able to construct a restaurant back home where he will be hanging out in.

This will unlock the cooking battle minigame, which is also going to allow you to eventually recruit yet another character (Celia) if you choose to participate in it.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes recruiting kurtz the chef

How The Minigame Works

There are a few things you need to keep track of whenever you participate in the cooking battle minigame that will affect how a contest will play out. Mainly, you need to consider the following:

  • The judges that will be chosen – These are randomly chosen from the roster of characters that you have recruited so far, and each have their own preferences.
  • The recipes you have at this point – New ones can also be unlocked as you win cooking battles.
  • You will be making three dishes – Prepare to cook an appetizer, main dish, anda dessert. There is reportedly a penalty for cooking the incorrect type of dish.
  • There is a 45 second time limit
  • Judges will give you a score from 0 to 5 – They will be judging you with this scale for each dish.

The main roadblock to your success will be the judges’ preferences, and there are many ways you can figure this out. Trial and error can work, as you are allowed to rematch after a loss, but this is the most time-consuming way of learning.

Aside from the little hints that you might get through dialogue, one way to figure out what the different characters’ favorite food are is through the Divination Room. There, you can view your allies’ backgrounds and learn very specific details about them.

Finally, you have to wait around 10 minutes or so after each battle before you can start another one. Take this opportunity to do other activities, as there is no way around this cooldown as far as we know.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes speaking to tall fry after beating him

What Dishes Do People Like?

As the game has just released, thorough testing is still required to figure out the absolute best dishes that each potential judge will like. With that said, bits of information about their preferred dishes are out there, and to save you some time, we’ll be listing down what some of them are.

Just note that there may be other dishes that the characters listed below like, so these are not necessarily the only options that you can go for. These are basically their favorite dishes as well as maybe one other choice that might work too.

Strap in and get ready to search for specific names whenever you need to, because there are over 100 playable characters that can show up as a judge:

  • #1. Aire – Omurice and Nanban Fish
  • #2. Aleior – Star Fruit and Shell-on Shrimp
  • #3. Allaby – Chocolate Cookies and Spicy Hamburg Steak
  • #4. Alwe – Grilled Tutuva
  • #5. Aoi – Cream Dorayaki and Umeboshi Chazuke
  • #6. Barnard – Spiced Coffee
  • #7. B’baba – Shark Fin Soup and Sukiyaki
  • #8. Cabana – Strawberry Milk
  • #9. Caine – Corn Soup and Vegetable Milk Soup
  • #10. Carrie – Shrimp Doria
  • #11. Cassandra – Wine (specifically from Bronni) and Salmon Steak
  • #12. Chandra – Apples and Shell-on Shrimp
  • #13. Chron – Chocolate Medals and Sugar Toast
  • #14. CJ – Galactic Meat and Mega Katsu Curry
  • #15. Clarke – Herbal Tea
  • #16. Code L – Mint Chip Ice Cream
  • #17. Dalton – Onion Soup and Spicy Hamburg Steak
  • #18. Dijkstra – Anchovies and Tom Yam Kung
  • #19. Douglas – Pasta Carbonara
  • #20. Dr. Corque – Baumkuchen
  • #21. Durlan – Beef Jerky and Tom Yam Kung
  • #22. El Alicanto – Tlayuda
  • #23. Elektra – Shark Fin Soup and French Fries
  • #24. Enoe – Apple Pie and Bang Bang Ji
  • #25. Euma – Melon and Cherry Pie
  • #26. Falward – Stuffed Bell Peppers and Breton Galette
  • #27. Faye – Nanami Ice Cream
  • #28. Foxiel – Kiwifruit and Fruit Parfait
  • #29. Francesca – Fresh Spring Roll and Tomahawk Steak
  • #30. Frida – Lollipops
  • #31. Fume – Maqluba and Mabo Tofu
  • #32. Galdorf – Pineapple
  • #33. Galladur – Vegetable Juice, or any other stiff or cold drinks
  • #34. Garoo – Pavlova
  • #35. Garr – Pancakes with extra cream
  • #36. Gieran – Tomatoes and Pretzels
  • #37. Gigina – Pineapple Pork
  • #38. Glen – Mega Katsudon and Brew Bar Satay
  • #39. Gocteau – Steak with extra garlic
  • #40. Goldsmid – Pocket Whiskey and Tiger Salad
  • #41. Goldwyn – Raclette and Grilled Lobster
  • #42. Hakugin – Baked Flan
  • #43. Heinrich – Honey Tea
  • #44. Hildi – Sugar Toast
  • #45. Hiro – Chocolate and Tom Yam Kung
  • #46. Hogan – Salmon Steak
  • #47. Huang – Miso Soup with Clams
  • #48. Iris – Tea with Biscuits and Black Tea Cookies
  • #49. Isha – Red-Hot Tom Yam Kung
  • #50. Iugo – Salted Plums and Umeboshi Chazuke
  • #51. Ivy – Milk or specifically Strawberry Milk
  • #52. Janquis – Marinated Seafood
  • #53. Jorhan – Sauteed Lamb and Osechi
  • #54. Kallathor – Chopan Salad and Apples
  • #55. Kassius – Steak with Eggs and Moonvie Kebab
  • #56. Kerrin – Lemon Honey Pickles
  • #57. Kogen – Rice Balls and Pasta Carbonara
  • #58. Kuroto – Rabbit Stew
  • #59. Lakian – Green Salad and Vegetable Milk Soup
  • #60. Lam – Mee Siam
  • #61. Larla – Savarin and Avocado Sushi
  • #62. Leene – Nigiri Selection and Rabbit Stew
  • #63. Leon – Hot Sandwiches
  • #64. Lian – Spicy Hamburg Steak and Super Spicy Ramen
  • #65. Lilwn – Juice with Honey and Lemon Honey Pickles
  • #66. Mandie – Spring Rolls and Vegetable Juice
  • #67. Mariette – Cherry Pie
  • #68. Marin – Mushroom Risotto and Gazpacho
  • #69. Marisa – Herb Chicken
  • #70. Markus – Apple Cider Soda and Champagne
  • #71. Martha – Omelet and Moonview Kebab
  • #72. Maureus – Sauteed Chicken Breast
  • #73. Maxim – Roast Beef
  • #74. Mellore – Cream Cake and Chocolate Cake
  • #75. Melridge – Duck Soup
  • #76. Mihlu – Shrimp Doria and Blueberry Pie
  • #77. Milana – Piping Hot Hamburg Steak and Bang Bang Ji
  • #78. Mio – Sasa Dango
  • #79. Momo – Strawberry Parfait and Coconut Water
  • #80. Nell – Cream Cake
  • #81. Nil – Glazed Carrots and Blue Impact Curry
  • #82. Nowa – Any Type of Meat Dish
  • #83. Ormond – Omelet
  • #84. Paquia – Steamed Bread
  • #85. Pastole – Brew Bar Satay
  • #86. Perrielle – Tomato & Cheese Sandwich
  • #87. Pieter – Pretty much anything is delicious for him
  • #88. Pohl – Pot-au-feu
  • #89. Prunella – Duck Soup and Lamb Chops
  • #90. Quinn – Raclette
  • #91. Reid – Scallop Lunch Set and Asparagus Wrapped in Meat
  • #92. Reyna – Hamburg Steak
  • #93. Riufan – Spring Rolls
  • #94. Rody – Pretzels
  • #95. Rohan – Nigiri Selection and Salmon Meuniere
  • #96. Rudy – Spicy Soybean Soup and Deluxe Gyoza
  • #97. Sabine – Spicy Pig’s Ear and Dried Fruit
  • #98. Scarlet – Spring Rolls and Chili con Carne
  • #99. Seign – Poached Eggs
  • #100. Selbineth – Marinated Seafood and Eyeball Gummies
  • #101. Shixeen – Chopan Salad and Sandwiches
  • #102. Skyd – Avocado Rolls and Ceviche Tostadas
  • #103. Squash – Spinach Quiche
  • #104. Stadler – Chili con Carne
  • #105. Sumire – Cheese Fondue
  • #106. Syd – Cream Cheese on Crackers
  • #107. Valentin – Dark Chocolate Cake or Bitter Chocolate
  • #108. Viesskin – Chocolate Pizza or Gratin
  • #109. Vorrdice –  Mashed Potatoes and Roast Beef
  • #110. Wayve –  Lollipops and Caramel Bars
  • #111. Wyler – Vegetable Juice
  • #112. Yaelu – Blueberry Pie
  • #113. Ymir – Vegetable Juice and Chopan Salad
  • #114. Yuferius – Avocado Sushi
  • #115. Yulin – Maron Glace and Tlayuda
  • #116. Yume – Fried Eggs and Rolled omelet
  • #117. Yusuke – Charred Hamburg Steak
  • #118. Yuthus – Ramen and Spicy Chicken
  • #119. Zabi – Bean Soup and Tiger Salad
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes player participating in a cooking battle

What Do Your Opponents Cook?

Finally, players have noticed that the rival chefs that you will be facing throughout the different battles use the same dishes every time for each course.

Because of this, you can take advantage of the data below to roughly estimate how the random judges will be scoring them.

Battle NumberOpposing ChefAppetizerMain CourseDessert
1Tall FryPancakesRamenMiso Soup
2GoemonUmeboshi ChazukeFried EggApple Cider Soda
3TerranceSpinach QuicheCheese FondueHerbal Tea
4PescoeNanban FishScallop Lunch SetMarinated Seafood
5CarneRabbit StewSteakMoonview Kebab
6DinahOmeletPot-au-feuBaked Flan
7SimmereDuck SoupCold PhoLemon Honey Pickles
8ForregerSpicy Hamburg SteakBlue Impact CurryShell-On Shrimp
9SearsRoast BeefShrimp DoriaDark Chocolate Cate
10TreyTomato SandwichDragon DoriaTriple Burger
11RyuTiger SaladPineapple PorkShark Fin Soup
12WaftChili con CarneTom Yam KungSpiced Coffee
13Culinary Golem 1.0Apple Cider SodaDeluxe GyozaCream Cake
14QuinceApple Cider SodaChocolate PizzaSasa Dango
15TreyTomato SandwichDragon DoriaTriple Burger
16Masked Woman (AKA Celia – Recruited after beating her)Sauteed ChickenMaqlubaGolden Zucotto
17ChairmanMarinated SeafoodNigiri SelectionCherry Pie
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes player taking on the chairman in a cooking battle

Scroll of Heaven – Cooking Battle Against Trey (#10)

Before I let you go, there is one other thing that you need to know. When you first face Trey, the tenth opponent, you are going to lose no matter what due to him somehow getting perfect scores all the time.

This is because he possesses an arcane scroll that makes him almost completely unbeatable. What you need to do is search for the Scroll of Heaven that he alluded to in order to even the playing field.

The Scroll of Heaven can be found in the Seaside Cavern, specifically in the southwest corner highlighted in the map below. Just look for a glowing item on the ground and that should be it.

With the scroll in your hands, you can now come back and beat Trey. Keep in mind that the Scroll of Heaven may not appear until you face him for the first time, so do that first before looking for it.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes map showing the scroll of heaven location

And that is everything you need to know in order to participate in and complete the many cooking battles in the game, which will also lead to you recruiting two playable characters. While you’re here, consider checking out our guide on how to Recruit Wyler in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes as well, so you can (maybe) feed him some vegetable juice!


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