Core Keeper: How To Craft The Oracle Deck

Find out how to craft the oracle deck!

Core Keeper is an amazing game that has survival mechanics. The game requires you to strengthen your character, obtain resources, explore the map, and fight enemies. The game has interesting items, such as the Oracle Deck. If you want to know how to craft the Oracle Deck, stick with our guide, and we will show you that.

How To Craft The Oracle Deck – Core Keeper

Source: Serroh from YouTube

There are nine different Oracle Cards that you need to obtain to get the Deck. When Oral Deck is equipped, it adds 48 points of maximum life and 1.7 health regeneration every sec. So, here is how to obtain all nine Cards to form the Oracle Deck.

• Aura Card – To obtain the Aura Card, you can do that from the digging spot in Dirt Biome. Also, it can be obtained in Clay Caves and Forgotten Ruins.

• Brilliance Card – This card can be obtained in the Stone Biome by destroying pots and containers.

• Entity Card – You will go to Stone Biome and defeat the Malugaz the Corrupted boss. This is the only way of obtaining this hard, and it is one of the most challenging Cards to be obtained.

• Inspiration Card – This card can be dropped by defeating the Caveling Scholars, who are located in Forlorn Metropolis. The card can be also obtained by opening a chest in cities in Forlorn Metropolis.

• Metropolis Card – The card can be purchased from a vending machine located in Forlorn Metropolis, and it costs 3988 Ancient coins.

• Wisdom Card – The Wisdom Card can be found in a chest in City Sewers in the city Forlorn Metropolis.

• Temperance Card – Head to Desert Biome and find a body of water. After that, cast your fishing rod until you find the card.

• Radiance Card – Dig in the Digging Spot in Desert Biome and obtain the card.

• Endurance Card – Head to the Lava Area and destroy Wooden Crates, and you will obtain the card.

Source: Serroh from YouTube

Once you have obtained all the cards, you will head to Desert Biome and find something that resembles the eye on the map. There you will find walls, and you will destroy the walls with bombs. Then, destroy the turrets and dig up the Thread of Fate item. Right-click on the item and all the cards will disappear from your inventory, and the Oracle Deck will get into your inventory.

So that is all you need to know about how to craft the Oracle Deck in Core Keeper. A big thanks to Serroh from YouTube for providing information about the Oracle Deck. If you want more information, you can check the video here: How to craft the Oracle Deck! | Core Keeper

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