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Roblox brings to you an open world RPG game where you can embark on adventures, craft items, gather materials, have sword battles and much more. You can travel the world in Critical Revengeance to unlock its secrets, test out weapon playstyles and even discover unexplored lands!

Have you decided which guild to join, yet? If you’re ready to join hands with the mages to unleash your magic abilities, head over to the Mage Guild. Only if you are a true mage can you find this guild, so let us help you discover it. 

Mage Guild Location

Hidden Library in Critical Revengeance.

You’ll find the Mage Guild hidden within a vast seemingly never-ending hidden library. If you venture into the library far enough, you can come across the glowing blue seals in a dimly lit room with a mage standing in the middle. 

Before you head over to the mage and get ready to join this guild, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Mage Guild Stats

Remember to be wise and certain in making your decision on which guild you’d like to join because the game doesn’t let you hop between guilds that easily. The leaving requirement for the Mage Guild is 1000 Rep and 5000 Gold.

So, if you don’t want all of that money to go down the drain, it’s best you evaluate whether this guild is right for you. So, you don’t have to change your mind later on. Here are the stats to consider:


  • +55 MAGIC
  • +200 MANA
  • x1.15 damage in all magic damage
  • +1 Magic every 50 mana you have


  • -150 dmg

Additionally, the level requirement for this guild is Level 25. If you’ve reached level 25 and are certain that this guild is right for you, let’s get started on how to find it. 

Here’s how to reach the Mage Guild

First head to the Forest of Stone in Critical Revengeance.

Forest of stone in Critical Revengeance.

You will eventually need to find ladders in this forest because without them you cannot progress upwards. When you get to a ladder, use it to go up. Keep doing this until you’re on the top with another similar forest. 

From there, you look for platforms where you jump on them to get higher. Then, continue the search for more ladders that will lead you all the way to the top. 

Ladder in Critical Revengeance.

You’ll know you’re at the right place when you see gates. You’ll find this gate all the way at the top after climbing multiple ladders (around 5 ladders, give or take) to get there. 

Go deeper into the forest and enter into the gates.

Gate in Critical Revengeance.

 You’ll be greeted with massive flowers that are triple the size of your characters. 

Mage Guild location in Critical Revengeance.

Reach the end of this forest where the wall is and from there head left

Mage Guild location in Critical Revengeance.

When you head left, you’ll see another dead end where you can potentially fall. Once you reach the near end of this road, take a swift right

Mage Guild location in Critical Revengeance.

When you do that, you’ll see an obvious and mysterious dark opening in the wall. Enter the cave because you’re almost there. 

Hidden Library in Critical Revengeance.

When you go inside it, you’ll see that what everyone thought was presumably a cave is not actually your typical old cave but a sophisticated library. This is called the Lost Library. It has a purple-ish lighting. 

Keep heading forward, take a right and then a left

Hidden Library in Critical Revengeance.

Keep walking forward and skip the path to the left, instead keep going straight. 

Hidden Library in Critical Revengeance.

At the end, head right and a swift right again the very next second. 

Walk forward, go left, skip another pathway on the left and keep going forward. Then, turn right and you should see a dark room at the end with glowing blue lights.

Hidden Library in Critical Revengeance.

Keep walking forward and with each step, you should see the blue lights becoming more prominent and the room getting closer.

Mage Guild in Critical Revengeance.

When you enter this part of the library, you should see a mage named Dez standing in the middle, ready to greet you and welcome you into the guild!

Joining the Mage Guild 

To officially join the club, all you have to do is approach Dez and he’ll encourage you to join.

Mage Guild in Critical Revengeance.

When you join this club, you should get the perks mentioned in the stats above. When you join guilds they give buffs like passives, but they don’t take up a slot. So, it’s perfect for some additional upgrades. 

Now that you’ve officially joined the Mage Guild, you can now be declared as a mage and proudly use this title as a badge. You can even go around telling all your friends of your accomplishments in Critical Revengeance!

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