Critical Revengeance: Plaguebringer Guild Guide & Location

Why is everything so green around here?

Critical Revengeance Plaguebringer Guild Guide & Location

There are a lot of games these days that have modern game design conveniences like maps, markers, and quest guides. We often get used to games having these quality-of-life mechanics that when they’re gone in other games we get lost.

In Critical Revengeance, they don’t give you a map for exploration. You need to go around and learn the map yourself and some players don’t have the time or resources to do this. This can be annoying if you’re looking for hidden guilds like the Plaguebringer!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can join the Plaguebringer Guild. We’ll go through where you’ll need to go to join them. Now, let’s see where this guild is!

Plaguebringer Guild Guide & Location

There are a lot of different guilds in Critical Revengeance that you can join. Some of them can offer you bonuses as well as debuffs if you join them. The thing is you’ll need to find the guilds first before you can join them, and it’s more difficult than you think!

SIDE NOTE: The game recently had a magic update, so go check out our guide on the complete magic update for more information!

To join the Plaguebringer Guild, you’ll want to start from the very start of the game. Go through the starting path and go past the Tutorials and Rules board. From there, head to the left as shown in the image below and go through the Plains of Initia.

Critical Revengeance Plains of Initia

Continue going straight until you reach the Forest of Stone and get past the fallen tree as shown below.

Critical Revengeance Forest Of Stone

Go up the ledges and onto another fallen tree, after you get past that head to the left up some more ledges.

Critical Revengeance Fallen Tree

Go straight then head to the left of a small tree to the stone area.

Critical Revengeance Small Tree

Then, go straight to the big tree trunk and use it to jump to the right and get to the top of the rock area. You can use the image below as a reference.

Critical Revengeance Big Tree

Once you’re up the stone area, you’ll see a rectangular hole on the wall nearby. You’ll want to go inside and drop down.

Critical Revengeance Hole In The Wall

When you reach the bottom, you’ll be blinded by this sea of bright green. From there, you’ll have to jump from platform to platform reaching the very end of this Obby. Don’t fall off!

Critical Revengeance Plauge Bringer Obby

Once you’ve reached the end of the Obby, you’ll find a couple of NPCs, interact with one of them to join the Plague Bringer Guild!

Critical Revengeance Plague Bringer Join

That’s how you can join the Plague Bringer Guild and where their location is in Critical Revengeance! Now, go out there and try to join the guild yourself. Want to try out another class in the game? Check out our guide on the Necromancer class location for more information!


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