Cursed Arena: Hakari Domain & New Choso Character Info

Hakari’s Domain Expansion is just pure insanity!

Cursed Arena: Hakari Domain & New Choso Character Info

One of the many free to play games offered by Roblox is Cursed Arena. This game is famous for its various fighting styles which are inspired by the famous anime Jujutsu Kaisen. The developers are always trying to add new fighting styles to the game.

Cursed Arena just got a huge update recently which added the long-awaited Domain Expansion skill of Hakari. The developers also released Choso in this update on the basis of early access. A couple of other important changes were also made in this update. Check this post out for all the information you need.

Hakari Domain Expansion & New Choso Character Info

Complete information on all the changes made in the game are given at the end of this post. So, do check that out if you want more info about the update.

  • Hakari (Lucky Fighter) Domain Expansion
  • Choso
  • QoL Changes

Hakari’s Domain Expansion

The developers finally added Hakari’s Domain Expansion from Jujutsu Kaisen to the game. It is part of the Lucky Fighter fighting style. You can get Lucky Fighter from any of the bosses as a drop reward with a drop chance of 12%.

This move is available after using Hakari’s awakening move called Gambling. Hakari’s Domain Expansion sends all the enemies caught in it to a dimension with a huge red poker chip with an enormous slot machine in the middle. You will also notice giant poker cards revolving around the poker chip. This Domain Expansion is clearly inspired by Hakari’s gambling theme.

Hakari’s Domain Expansion can have different effects depending on chance. In this image below, the Domain Expansion heals the player.

Domain Expansion 1 - Cursed Arena: Hakari Domain & New Choso Character Info

The other effect of Domain Expansion we got to see is shown in the image below. In this, bullet trains rain down from the sky causing massive amounts of damage.

If you’re interested, here’s a detailed guide on how you can get Hakari Moveset in Cursed Arena!

Domain Expansion 2 - Cursed Arena: Hakari Domain & New Choso Character Info

Info About Choso

We also got to see another fighting style added to the game which is in early access right now. This fighting style is inspired by Choso from Jujutsu Kaisen. Two moves are currently available to use.

Compressed Shot

In Compressed Shot, the player causes a powerful air blast in front of them blowing away the enemy.

Choso first skill - Cursed Arena: Hakari Domain & New Choso Character Info

Clotted Fury

In Clotted Fury, the player executes a close combat combo and finishes it by launching the enemy into the air. The enemy experiences a blood explosion in the air afterwards.

Choso Second SKill  - Cursed Arena: Hakari Domain & New Choso Character Info

Complete Update Info

Following is the complete list of all the changes introduced in the recent update:

Hakari Release:

  • Hakari’s fighting style was renamed to “Lucky Fighter”.
  • Can be obtained from all the bosses with a drop chance of 12%.
  • New move was added to the awakening kit of Hakari (Domain Expansion).
  • Palm Barrage and Fortune Flare have finishers now.

New Early Access Character:

  • He has two moves right now (Compressed Shot and Clotted Fury).
  • Two finishers.
  • Unique M1 animations.

Combat Changes:

  • Downslam has been improved.
  • Uppercut has been improved.
  • Dashes have been given a new animation.
  • Hakari’s base has been nerfed.

GUI Changes:

  • New GUI for the awakening bar.
  • New GUI for the top icons.
  • New GUI for the shop.
  • New GUI for gifting.

Other Changes:

  • The camera has been reworked.
  • The dashes have been reworked.
  • Getting flung back animation has been reworked.
  • You can now wear more than one cosmetic.
  • Downslam has a new sound effect.


  • The 2x emote slots gamepass is now fixed.
  • The front dash going through people who are blocking is now fixed.
  • Fixed being able to block Yuta’s Beam.
  • Fixed Gojo’s Collapse strike freezing you in a place when you got close to it.

This completes this post on the latest update of Cursed Arena.

If you enjoyed reading this post then we suggest checking this Cursed Arena guide afterwards: How To Get Every Character. It covers how to get most of the fighting styles in Cursed Arena. Give it a look!


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