Cursed Arena: Max Blue Gojo Ultimate Guide, Combos & Showcase

Just pull your enemies in for a combo!

Cursed Arena Max Blue Gojo Ultimate Guide, Combos & Showcase

Mastering a new character you haven’t tried out yet can be a bit daunting. In Cursed Arena, there are a lot of different characters you can get and sometimes they even get reworks. That means you’ll need to relearn some new moves!

With the recent changes in the game, Gojo now has a bunch of new moves and some of his old ones have been changed. You’ll want to know what the moves are if you want to master this character in the game.

Now, in this guide, we’ll show you all of the moves Gojo in Cursed Arena has as well as some combos to get you familiar with playing this character. Now, let’s see what this one has to offer!

Max Blue Gojo Ultimate Guide, Combos & Showcase

One of the biggest new reworks for Cursed Arena is Gojo or as the game calls him, The Strongest Sorcerer. Not only does he have new moves, but some of his old moves have been changed as well. Here are all the new and reworked moves, as well as the combos for Gojo!

SIDE NOTE: If you don’t have Gojo yet or any of the characters in the game, then go check out our detailed guide on how to get all characters!

New & Reworked Base Moves

New M1 Attacks

One of the most basic attacks for Gojo has been reworked and that’s his M1 attacks. It now has better-animated moves and more flare to it!

New Air Reversal Red Variant

This move has seen some new additions and now there’s an aerial variant. Just jump before using the skill to see the new move!

Collapsing Strike

The backhand attack has now been changed to Collapsing Strike where it’s a series of super-fast attacks. The move ends with you punching the enemy and sending them flying to the side.

New & Reworked Awakening Moves

These are the moves that you get for Gojo when you activate your Ultimate mode using the G-key. You’ll get a cool animation as well as these moves listed below.

New Crimson Flare Attack

Even with the new addition of the Max Blue, the Crimson Flare attack that is supposed to replace via progression still got a new animation!

Max Blue

This is the biggest change for Gojo with this new move that you can get by replacing Crimson Flare. You summon a large blue ball that pulls enemies towards it, and you can move it around with your mouse!

New Domain Expansion

Not only did we get a new move, but Gojo’s ultimate move, Domain Expansion, has also changed. Now, when you activate Domain Expansion it can catch multiple enemies inside the domain. While inside they’ll be frozen, and you can freely attack them!

Gojo Combos

Now that you know how the moves work for Gojo here are some basic combos for you to try out. There aren’t any good combos for awakening since it’s best to use your Domain for easy hits.

  • M1 x3 + Uppercut + Reversal Red + Lapse Blue + M1 x2 + Galeforce Palm + Backlash Strike – This is a simple combo that you can do that ends with the enemy ragdolling.
  • M1 x3 + Uppercut + Forward Dash + Lapse Blue + M1 x3 + Down Slam + Air Reversal Red + Collapsing Strike – This is a more advanced combo that needs you to dash away and back to your enemy to continue the combo.

Those are all the moves and some combos that you can use for Gojo in Cursed Arena. Now, go out there and try this character out!


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