Cyberpunk 2077: All Quickhacks Ranked Tier List | Update 2.1

Best hack to bewilder your enemies.

Cyberpunk 2077: All Quickhacks Ranked Tier List | Update 2.1

Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077 allow you to play the game in ways more than just shooting and running over your enemies and this is a tier list for all of them. Some of them allow you to get super fancy in your guerilla tactic and others, if you’re a stickler for stealth games.

All Quickhacks Ranked Tier List (2.1)

Players can easily find Quickhanks from different sources, mainly from Sammy but also lootable around the world depending on the tier you’re in. Sellers also regularly refresh their stocks, so you can jsut check them out every now and then. Once you’re done buying all of them, they won’t be sold anymore.

There are currently 18 Quickhacks that you can use, some cheap to use and others require pretty costly materials to unlock. Some Quickhacks also proc well with certain weapons and other Quickhacks.

Below is the tier list for Quickhacks after Update 2.1 dropped for Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077: All Quickhacks Ranked Tier List | Update 2.1

And you can read more down below on the reason why certain hacks just perform a lot better than others.


Synapse Burnout

Synapse Burnout extends Overclock at kill, deals decent damage on its own, and reduces RAM consumption per kill, up to -6 RAM. It is best used to proc with Overclock because Overclock doubles the damage of Synapse Burnout.

Synapse Burnout deals the most damage in the shortest amount of time. Not to mention it has a combo that can be consistently used in an extended fight.

Memory Wipe

Memory Wipe, as the name implies, removes the enemy’s memories but it has to be Tier 4 minimum to make subsequent hacks untraceable. Tier 5 forces all enemies to exit combat mode but is extremely costly at 32 RAM.

Tier 4 is the best choice at only 10 RAM to do everything we want with Memory Wipe. It is the hack you want to pair with Sonic Shock and basically, any stealth build you have.


Feels like exploding an entire group and dealing actual damage? Contagion is your answer. To be exact, Contagion with Burn or Overheat will work absolutely amazing to clear out groups in seconds.

Each tier brings even more numbers to the total damage, especially from Tier 4. Proc this with Overheat or burn effect to cause powerful explosion to the group. The only con is that there’s no way to play this in stealth mode nor does it affect drones and mechs.

Sonic Shock

Sonic Shock is still Untraceable though subsequent hacks no more receives the same effect. If you can get the Iconic Tier, the RAM costs only 2 and you get the whole package: deafen, scrambles comms, and cloaks enemy.

Sonic Shock specifically works with Memory Wipe and Reboot Optics where it’ll cause those affected to lose consciousness. In short, you have System Collapse at a cheaper cost and even better

Sonic Shock various tiers.

The total cost with Tier 4 Memory Wipe, Tier 2 Reboot Optics, and Tier 5 Sonic Shock is 18. Or if you have the Iconic tier, only 14.



When it comes to DoT hacks, Overheat trumps them all. Overheat deals more damage the higher tier you, dealing maximum 120 thermal damage per sec at Tier 5. And it costs only 9 RAM at most, 3 RAM at Tier 1.

At Tier 4, this also melts their armor and at Tier 5, you deal extra thermal damage from hitting them. Overheat can be anything from being your main DPS to a support DPS at Tier 4 to combo with your other hacks like Contagion. Or pair this with Biotech Sigma MK.4 for that extra DoT and Monowire damage.

Cyberware Malfunction

Cyberware Malfunction is nearly a must-have hack because of how good it is even at Tier 2. You can deal 5% more damage with this at 3 RAM cost. Further tiers only increase the cost to 4 RAM, making this such a flexible hack to pair with anything.

Two stacks allow you disable the enemy’s cyberware with Tier 3. Three stacks deals extra Electrical damage at Tier 4. And at eight stacks, deal a powerful cyberware overload damage at Tier 5. Iconic Tier increases all damage by 15% instead of 5.

Short Circuit

Short Circuit can be such a powerful Quickhack if you have Cyberware Malfunction. It gets better because You can apply Cyberware Malfunction several times before using Short Circuit. You can also proc this with other control hacks as it extends the duration by 3 secs.

Short Circuit with Cyberware Malfunction.

The combo with Cyberware Malfunction begins at Tier 3 and increases the cost to 5. With Iconic Tier, you get a whooping 25% extra damage for each stack, extra EMP damage, and then another 20% extra damage for below High level threat enemies.

Cripple Movement

Cripple Movement can be insanly cheesy because it literally prevents the enemy from moving. Using the Monowire with is insanely overpowered with this as it buffs melee damage from Tier 3 onward.

Cripple Movement prevents the boss from moving.

Tier 4 and above costs double the RAM, which is still at 6 per use. And with Iconic Tier, you can recover 4 RAM and 10% of your health per melee Finisher!


Blackwall Gateway

The process to get this particular Quickhack is one of the most convoluted process that involves crucial decision-making process. It also doesn’t cost a lot of RAM, but if you’re planning to get this, you’re going to have to invest in building it.

You can use Overclock which means you also need Blood Demon and gears that help you with healing like the Biomonitor. You can combine this with Reboot Optic and Synapse Burn. You don’t have as many Quickhack slots with this deck so creating an optimum build with this is limited.

Uploading Blackwall Gateway.

You must side with Reed in the Fire Starter Mission, loot Militech Canto Mk.6 from the hiding area in Somewhat Damaged Mission, and the Behavioral Component from the Cerberus Mech.

Finally, craft the Militech Canto Mk.6 Cyberdeck which costs the Erebus after “This Corrosion” Mission. It is the only deck that allows you to use the Blackwall Gateway.


How about making your enemies do your job? Cyberpsychosis enemies will begin attacking their allies and there’s nobody to attack, they’ll kill themselves. At Iconic Tier, pairing this with another Quickhack increase duration and damage dealt.

Mech on Cyberpsychosis.

You can also use this on Mechs which are powerful. But they stop functioning after finishing the battle.

And you can also use Cyberware Malfunction to reduce the cost by 6 RAM. Or an EMP effect like from the Yinglong SMG also reduce the cost.


Ping is very straightforward and simple to use. At Tier 3 you get increased lock-on speed, then at Tier 5, the skill highlights devices that you can hack through walls. It’s a great Quickhack for the best stealth missions.



This hack has a pretty unique prerequisites, one might say. The 24 RAM cost makes this nearly not as effective and efficient as System Collapse. But similarly, you can drop the cost but via doing melee Finisher. Higher tiers lets you heal after killing an enemy after using the skill.

But the skill cannot insta-kill bosses.

System Collapse

While System Collapse instantly knocks out an enemy but very punishing in RAM consumption unless you reduce trace progress. System Collapse uses 28 RAM, but it can be reduced by 12 RAM after reducing trace progress, up to -24.

Memory Wipe hack works with System Collapse.

Which means you need either the Shadowrunner perk which reduces trace progress by 100% after Takedown or using Memory Wipe. If you have them, you can have a fun, insta-kill hack skill, but it’s still considerably overpriced.

Request Backup

Request Backup can be a fun Quickhack to basically crowd control your enemies. This will call out enemies to gather in one place when paired with Bait at Tier 5, up to 5 people with Iconic.

Earlier tiers allow you to only attract one enemy to another enemy’s location.

Reboot Optics

Reboot Optics at early tier isn’t as good as most Quickhacks where it simply reduces enemy’s accuracy or to allow you to stealth past them easier. But at higher tiers, you get more and more benefits to help support your gunplay.

Reboot Optics Quickhack.

You can also equip this in your Monowire and can be used at lower tier to match with other Quickhacks.

By Tier 3, you get increased headshot and weakspot damage. And by Tier 5, you also recover Ram with kills which also spreads the Quickhack to nearby enemies.



Bait is fun as an idea and if you love being stealthy, this might be your favorite perk. But in practice, Bait is sub-optimal at best because of how the mechanic works in the game. You need a direct line of sight to be able to use Bait.

Tier 3 lets you to make an enemy out of their cover, but in practice, this doesnt’ always work due to the pathing problem. Tier 4 lets you hack a camera to lure enemies to the video instead of you. You get to cancel the Bait with Tier 5.

Weapon Glitch

Weapon Glitch causes the enemy unable to use their weapons properly, stunning them at best, but simply rendering them using their best weapon at worst. It can be combined with certain Relic perks for more optimum performance or the Paraline.

Weapon Glitch stopping enemies from shooting.

It does have 5 different tiers. Tier 3 and above lets you extend the duration. Tier 5 lets you increase your Crit Chance and at Iconic tier, you can have up to 60% Crit Chance boost.

Detonate Grenade

Detonate Grenade is one of the most expensive Quickhacks in the gme, costing 24 RAM on all tier. At Iconic tier, you can have -15 RAM via exploding one object.

Casting Detonate Grenade.

Detonate Grenade combos well with the Contagion and Burn effect. But even at max potential, Detonate Grenade deals nearly neglible damage to the enemy and is particularly useless at its current state.

And that concludes the explanation for our Quickhacks tier list in Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 2.1. Trying out Engineer? Here’s how you can level up your Engineer fast in Cyberpunk 2077.


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