Dandy’s World: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to play the new Dandy’s World with these easy tips!

Dandy’s World is a relatively new mascot horror game on Roblox that is quickly gaining popularity with every passing day, and because of that, fresh newbies are hopping on wanting to learn how to play. If you have heard of the game Dead by Daylight before, then this should feel very familiar to you. In this guide, we will be giving you a few tips on how to get started and how you can succeed in each floor!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

Simply put, your main objective is to use all of the ichor machines scattered throughout each floor. The catch is that you will have monsters known as the Twisteds chasing you down all throughout every level.

Once you find one of these machines, you will have to approach it and start extracting ichor. During this process, you will be faced with a skill check at random intervals, and when these occur, you must press the space bar when the red line is over the white box.

In the event that you fail a skill check, you will alert nearby Twisteds. When this happens, stop extracting and hide. Wait for the Twisted to come and investigate and start extracting again when they leave.

NOTE: These ichor extraction machines will have a red light on them if they haven’t been done yet. Otherwise, they will have a green light if the ichor has been fully extracted.

Dandy's World player about to attempt a skill check

One handy tip is to leave the machines near the elevator for last. Once all machines have been extracted from, the elevator will open for a few seconds, and anybody who doesn’t make it back in time will die.

By leaving the machines that are near the elevator for last, you will give yourself a better chance at successfully getting away. There will also be a white arrow guiding you towards the elevator when all machines are done.

Dandy's World player fully extracting the last machine in the floor

Floors & Map Types

There are several different map types, though they all essentially function the same and are not guaranteed to be the exact same layout every time.

What you need to keep in mind are the number of floors that you have completed in a single match. The further you go, the harder it gets as you will need to extract from more machines. On top of that, tougher enemies will start appearing.

At the moment, there is only one special event that can occur in any map, which is the Blackout. This will render the entire map dark, making it difficult to see anything. The odds of this happening in each level can be checked by pressing T and checking the “BlackoutChance” modifier.

Dandy's World modifiers menu open with blackout chance highlighted

The Different Twisteds & How to Deal With Them

Each floor will have a certain number of Twisteds roaming around, and as mentioned earlier, they will become more challenging as you progress through the different levels. The numberof Twisteds also scales with how many players are still alive.

In order to deal with them, you must break line of sight for a certain amount of time by running loops around objects in the map until they drop aggro and leave. Some of them have special mechanics to keep in mind, which we’ll go through in the following sections.

Common Twisteds

The enemies under this category have no special abilities and can be avoided by simply staying out of their line of sight or breaking aggro by running around stuff, as you normally would.

  • Twisted Boxten
  • Twisted Poppy
  • Twisted Shrimpo
  • Twisted Toodles – Noticeably faster speed when chasing somebody, but otherwise, it has no special abilities.

Uncommon Twisteds

  • Twisted Brightney – Has a distinct red glow that makes her easy to spot from a distance. Her ability is that she increases the chance of a Blackout in the floor.
  • Twisted Razzle & Dazzle – This is a stationary enemy that must be avoided. If you run within its range, it will activate and you will take damage. It will go back to being dormant after a while.
  • Twisted Rodger – Another stationary enemy, this one will disguise itself as a fake research capsule (it won’t have a roll of film around it like the normal one). If you try to pick it up, it will charge a beam attack that deals one heart’s worth of damage if you are hit.

Rare Twisteds

  • Twisted Goob – This enemy type has large blue and pink hands that it uses to grab players. To counter this, break line of sight or juke him so that his grab will hit an object instead.
  • Twisted Scraps – This cat-like enemy will use her tail to attack you from a distance. This is countered the same way as Twisted Goob’s grab attack.

“Main Character” Twisteds

  • Twisted Astro – Whenever it is alerted by a failed skill check, it will approach the machine that caught its attention and reduce its progress by half. This is proportional to the machine’s current progress, so it has a more noticeable effect on one that is almost finished.
  • Twisted Pebble – This is essentially a large cat-like enemy that has very distinct footstep sounds and technically does not have an ability. It basically has an incredibly fast movement speed, so it is best not to alert it, or else you’ll have to try your best to break aggro.
  • Twisted Vee – Vee has a computer monitor for a head, and she will constantly send pop up ads to every player’s screen if she is present in the floor. These can be closed by clicking on the X button on the upper right.
  • Twisted Dandy – The titular character, Dandy will only spawn if every player still alive does not buy from the shop for a total of three floors in a row. His attack will instantly kill you, but he will stop spawning if you buy from his shop.
Dandy's World player standing near a fake capsule, which is highlighted

Dandy’s Shop & Tapes

On that note, if you would like to avoid making an enemy out of Dandy, his shop will spawn in the elevator right before an even numbered floor. This means that the first time you will encounter him is just before you start floor 2.

Each time he appears, the shop will offer three random items that you can buy using a currency known as tapes. Here are the different ways you can earn tapes in a run:

  • Tapes can be found scattered all around the ground on each floor.
  • A player will earn 10 tapes upon fully extracting an ichor machine.
  • 5 tapes are awarded to you upon encountering a unique Twisted per floor.
  • Using items will also give you a small number of tapes.

Here is a list of items that you may find in Dandy’s Shop, along with their prices and effects:

  • Stopwatch (18 tapes) – Temporarily makes skill checks easier by increasing the size of the marker.
  • Gumballs (20 tapes) – Boosts a random stat for a few seconds. Can be used three times.
  • Chocolate (22 tapes) – When consumed, you will gain a temporary max stamina and walk speed boost.
  • Pop (25 tapes) – When consumed, you will recover 45 stamina.
  • Instructions (40 tapes) – Will significantly increase extraction speed for a few seconds when used.
  • Protein Bar (45 tapes) – When consumed, you will get a significant stamina regeneration boost for around 15 seconds.
  • Speed Candy (45 tapes) – When consumed, increases your walk & run speed for a few seconds.
  • Bandage (60 tapes) – Recovers one heart when used.
  • Jumper Cable (65 tapes) – When used while extracting from a machine, you will gain a ton of progress instantly.
  • Bottle o’ Pop (85 tapes) – When consumed, your stamina will instantly regenerate to full.
  • Health Kit (100 tapes) – Recovers all of your hearts when used.
  • Eject Button (150 tapes) – When used, you will gain stealth for 3 seconds. You will also gain a temporary walk & run speed boost.
  • Smoke Bomb (175 tapes) – When used during a chase, the Twisted will break aggro for a few seconds.
Dandy's World elevator with dandy's store currently up

Card Voting

On the flip side, prior to each odd numbered floor, the team gets to vote on cards that will provide various bonuses throughout the run. For each voting session, you can pick one out of three randomly chosen cards.

They have varying effects that can be helpful depending on what is currently happening in the game. As such, we won’t be ranking them based on usefulness. Here are each of the cards and their effects:

  • First Aid – Will heal one heart worth of damage to each player, assuming you have been hit.
  • Blind Grab – Each player will receive a random item as long as they have a free inventory slot.
  • Spare Change – Each player will receive 25 tapes.
  • Frugal – All of Dandy’s offerings in his shop will now have a 10% discounted price.
  • Decency – The elevator timer will now have an extra 5 seconds, giving you slightly more time to escape each floor.
  • Sparkplug – Players will now be slightly brighter whenever there is a blackout.
  • Well-Paced – Each player will get 10 bonus max stamina.
  • Electrician – Decreases the chance of a blackout occurring.
  • Suppression – Very slightly slows down the movement speed of all Twisteds during “Panic Mode”
  • Tech Savvy – Decreases the amount of time needed to fully extract from a machine.
  • Avaricious – Makes rare items appear more frequently in Dandy’s Shop and in floors. This is the only one that we would consider a “must have” regardless of the current situation.
Dandy's World players voting on the Tech Savvy card

The Different Toons & Stats

Finally, we’ll quickly be going over the different toons in the game, which are the playable characters that you can unlock. They each have their own stats and unique abilities, so here is a quick rundown of each:

  • Boxton – Balanced stats and has the Wind-Up ability, which increases his extraction speed by 6% for every other player still alive. This bonus caps out at 48%.
  • Poppy – Balanced stats and has the Panic Pop ability, which gives her a 50% movement speed boost whenever she is hit.
  • Shrimpo – 1-star stats across the board and incredibly low stealth due to his passive. Should not be chosen unless you are looking to challenge yourself for whatever reason.
  • Toodles – Slightly slower extraction speed but high stealth. Has the Beginner’s Luck active ability, which gives her a 15% boost to a random stat. This has a 25 second cooldown.
  • Vee High skill check and extraction speed, but 2-star stats elsewhere. Has the Mic Check ability, which allows her to highlight every Twisted in the floor (1 minute cooldown). The nearest uncompleted machine will also be highlighted for the Vee player.
  • Scraps – 5-star stamina and has the Crafty Grapple ability, which allows her to pull herself to another player’s location. This has a long cooldown and requires direct line of sight to work.
  • Rodger – Decent stats and the Detective passive ability, which doubles the amount of research that he can gain from capsules and encountering a Twisted.
  • Brightney – Decent stats except for stealth. Her Night Light ability can make Twisteds shine during a blackout. This ability has a cooldown of 45 seconds.
  • Razzle & Dazzle – Balance Stats and the Comedy/Tragedy passive ability. In an odd numbered floor, they gain faster movement speed. While in an even numbered floor, they gain faster extraction speed.
  • Astro – High stealth stat and the Well Rested passive ability, which gives him 50% faster stamina regeneration. His Nap Time ability lets him recover 50% stamina to every nearby ally.
  • Pebble – Very high movement speed and the Survival Instincts passive, which boosts his stamina and stealth when he has one heart left. His Fetch ability temporarily highlights nearby items when activated.
  • Goob – High stamina and movement speed. He has the Hug ability, which allows him to pull another player to his location (basically the opposite of Scraps’ ability).

As for stats, feel free to explore the specifics of each toon’s stats on your own time, as these can change over time as the game gets updated. If you need some help understanding what they do, however, here is another summary:

  • Skill Check – If this stat is high, you will have less frequent skill checks and it will be easier to complete them.
  • Movement Speed – This affects both the walking and running speed of a toon.
  • Stamina – The higher this is, the more maximum stamina a toon will have.
  • Stealth – Having a high stealth stat will make you less likely to be targeted by a Twisted if there are other players within their range.
  • Extraction Speed – This merely dictates how fast you can extract from an ichor machine.

Based on these stats, you will have different roles within a team. For example, if you have toons with fast extraction speeds, you will want them focusing on machines, while those with a high movement speed should go and distract Twisteds and keep them away from the others.

Dandy's World player extracting from a machine while using Vee

And that is pretty much everything you need to know as a new player in the game, which is still very early in development and subject to a lot of changes in the future. If you are looking for a similar experience on Roblox, consider checking out our full walkthrough of Poppy Playtime: Forever as well!


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