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In Daybreak 2, one of the primary roles is The Killer. Every round, a different player is chosen to be the killer. Your ultimate objective as the killer is to assassinate everyone before the survivor or survivors manage to escape or stop them from activating the exit gates.

While doing that, there are some tactics you can try, such as counter-looping. In this Daybreak 2: Counter-Loop Guide, I will talk about looping and how to counter loops as Killer!

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Counter-Loop Guide

Stats & Abilities

Knowing how to properly use your killers’ abilities to gain an advantage while engaging in the chase is important. Understanding your killer’s capabilities can help you use their kit more efficiently.

All Characters Killer in Daybreak 2

Survivor Stats & Abilities

Knowing what ability you are playing against can change the way you approach the chase. Waiting for others to activate their abilities before swinging can prevent them from tanking a hit. Recognizing what players do when they might use their abilities can help you catch them.

Players can become invisible by using certain abilities, so it can be useful to know how to counter them. Statistics are another factor to take into account when pursuing survivors.

When being pursued, survivors with low chase stats frequently use mental tricks. Because of that, it is important to have some prior knowledge about the survivors.

You might want to take a look at our dedicated tier list for the Best Survivors in Daybreak 2, so you can learn more about the stats of the survivors!


Map Knowledge

Understanding which loops and vaults are connected to one another can help you predict the survivor’s next move.

There are some areas where, if you know what to do, you can usually score a free down. A great example of this is the wastewater edge of the map.

To the right of the vault is a dead end, and their only option is to come to you or to the vault. You can try to push them to the edge for an easy kill.

Dead end

Vaulting As The Killer

Vaulting can be useful in many situations, as it allows you to gain ground and occasionally catch survivors off guard.

You can expect the vault, as survivors frequently rely on vaulting. You should expect the survivor to vault if you are aware of their low stamina.

Some inexperienced players might lose some stamina in a panic when faced with a split-second decision.

One thing you should be aware of is not to vault too much, as it might be too obvious and survivors might guess your next move.

As they try to pause and see if you vault, you might also be able to gain more ground by simply running them down instead of vaulting.

It is best to vault when people are not expecting it, so walking backwards into a vault may catch some players off guard.


Be patient when following a survivor in a straight line. The main way that survivors use their stamina is in short bursts. Once they start sprinting, they can frequently outpace lunges, even the faster ones.

Something you can try doing is timing your lunges with their sprint bursts. Start lunging when you expect their burst to end.

When in a desperate situation, many survivors will try to bait a vault. Some players might see the survivor run back into the vault and start spamming space to vault back.

This is something that you should not do. You can put them in a worse situation just by being patient.


Wall Hugging

Something that newer players do not do much of is wall hugging. Many players just follow the edge of a loop when chasing.

Many loops have unclear, weird hitboxes. Making wall hugging a little more difficult in some areas. It will become easier the more you engage in chases.

Daybreak 2 Wall Hugging

Through Wall Hits

It’s basically when your swing hitbox clips through a wall and hits the survivor’s hitbox. Registering a hit. If you can master how to use it, it can annoy a lot of players, and you can easily get kills.

Stand in front of the wall that the survivor is hiding behind, and use the wall hit to take them down easily. It is easier to get these hits with some killers such as the Ghost and the Idol.

However, this move is a little bit dirty and might be considered as unethical at times.

Wall hits Daybreak 2

Survivor Stamine & Vault Tracking

Keeping track of the survivors’ approximate stamina as well as the number of vaults they have used is important. Vaults block off after three vaults.

For survivors with less than 5 stamina, this number will be four.

Also, if you are at a dead end, you can force a player to use their last vault into the dead end and get a free hit.

Daybreak 2: Counter-Loop Guide How to Counter Loops as Killer

Mind Games

  • Vault Mind Gaming: In order to play a mind game on a player, you should be able to predict when the survivor will vault.
    • Generally, people vault to gain distance or give stamina a chance to regenerate. If you are keeping track of the players’ stamina and know they are low on it, you can try to go for a mind game.
      • Another time when you can assume a player wants to vault is when they stand still on the vault, waiting for you to get close. If you can properly bait them into vaulting, you can put them in a bad position.
  • Red Stain Mind Gaming: Your red stain is the big red light that shines in the direction you are facing. It can allow survivors to know what you are doing and where you are.
    • To use it to your advantage, you can make survivors think you are going in the opposite direction and catch them off guard. You can do this whenever the survivor’s vision of you is obstructed.
Daybreak 2: Counter-Loop Guide How to Counter Loops as Killer

This concludes our Counter-Look Guide, as well as how to counter Loops as the killer in Daybreak 2. We hope that this guide has helped you. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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